3 Free Video Downloading Apps on the Android Platform

Free Video Downloading Apps for Android Platform

With the users of mobiles phones or tablets on the rise, there is an urge to install a YouTube downloader on the Android platform. Let us now explore some of the popular video downloading apps on the Android platform


For downloading YouTube videos this is a popular video downloading app. In the popular App stores it is one of the frequently searched apps. As a user you can download the videos directly on to your mobile phones at bottle neck speed.  Not only from YouTube it supports has video downloaded from various social sites.

It is also a better option to download video directly as a MP3 file if you crave for audio and not video. When you install this app on to your Android phones you have to be cautious about the permissions it asks as safety is an important point to consider.

Once you are planning to download this app you have to be careful as this app is not there on Google play store. Though there are a lot of fake’s sites on the internet you need to download it from the official site. After downloading install the Apk file on to your device.


The video downloading is fully dependent upon speed and the number of videos you are downloading at the same time. Vidmate is one of the few apps in the market that has climbed the popularity charts within a short passage of time. You can figure out the number of videos being downloaded by checking on the notification bar on your device. Even the status can be figured out from within the app itself.

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Once you have gone on to launch the app the download process is expected to be displayed on the right hand corner of the screen. If you click on the icon it is going to show you all the videos that are currently being downloaded. You can pause and restart them as per your needs. Even it is possible to remove them from the line. Finally the speed would also depend upon the internet connection


From the simple interface of the app it is easy to figure out that this app is easy to use. It is fairly organized and in spite of the numerous ads there it goes on to provide you with a good user experience. The expectations are straight forward and anyone use the app for the first time would have no trouble. It goes on to do a good job when you are planning to capture videos from different formats or resolutions.

This app is fast, secure and light in weight as it is possible to download multiple videos at the same time with varied levels of resolution. The official app store is Uptodown so you can download this app from the site.

One of the major talking points about this app is that it has an in built browser that allows you to steam videos from supported sites. A short cut is provided to access viable contents.


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