4 – Bathroom Tiles: Which Option is the Healthiest and Why?


Your bathroom is a piece of a canvas where you can paint your unique style and give it a highly functioning outlook at the same time. While there are thousands of furnishing items to decorate the bathroom in the modern interior business, tiles are becoming a new sensation. But then again, choosing tiles for the bathroom is not only about being trendy. It is also about safety, sustainability, and healthiness, as bathrooms profoundly affect our mental and physical wellbeing. This blog is all about 4 – Bathroom Tiles: Which Option is the Healthiest and Why?.

As per a study by the Centres for Disease and Prevention, around 234000 people over fifteen suffered from several injuries in the bathroom, requiring emergency medical attention. If we consider the bacterial infections, the cold and sniffs, and grumpy moods, the number is sure to be multifold. Choosing the healthiest bathroom tiles can protect against most of these issues.

Porcelain stoneware tiles: your healthiest shower floor solution

Porcelain stoneware tiles are the safest option for bathroom floors and walls. They are made from unique, compact, and no-porous stoneware material. Furthermore, the 0.2 per cent water absorptions formula makes them waterproof, an ideal choice for bathroom flooring. Not to mention the variety of floor tiles options, offering different graphics and textures that makes them the best consideration in the aesthetic context. Most importantly, their innovative manufacturing methods ensure numerous health benefits for the user, which are:


Slip and fall resistance

The non-porous material contained by the porcelain tiles makes it fully waterproof and ensures high resistance against slip and fall. Thus, choosing the porcelain tiles for your bathroom will reduce the risk of unexpected severe accidents from accidental falls.

Antibacterial material

Porcelain stoneware floor tiles contain antibacterial properties which absorb moisture and prevent the growth of microorganisms such as fungi, mould, bacteria, and viruses on the floor. Thus, it ensures a healthy atmosphere.

No allergic content

Porcelain stoneware does not contain any formaldehyde and doesn’t absorb any dust, which can cause headache, nose, eye and throat irritation, asthma, and other allergic disorders.

Maximum hygiene

Porcelain stoneware tiles do not absorb humidity and unpleasant odour, enabling them to foster good air quality in the bathroom. Hence, it keeps your shower area an oasis for fresh breath by guaranteeing absolute hygiene.

Superior cleanliness

It’s not enough to clean your physical self, especially if the area isn’t clean. Thankfully, stoneware tiles are super easy to clean, requiring nothing more than a bit of soap and water. Hence, keeping your shower free of germs is rather effortless with these bathroom tiles.

Healthy environment

Any responsible person knows that properties like plastics are harmful to the environment. As stoneware tiles are 100% PVC-free, they make an excellent option to ensure a better environment for the living world.

With so many health benefits, porcelain stoneware tiles reign supreme to ensure the users’ physical wellbeing. At the same time, the variety of aesthetical solutions – ranging from the most soothing to most invigorating – make them perfect for ensuring their mental wellness.