5 Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Sump Pump

Right Time to Do Sump Pump Replacement

Perhaps you have heard about the famous saying that April showers bring May flowers. However, there is one thing that I know you have not heard people say. They don’t tell you that the same showers cause a lot of havoc on your home’s basement. Many homeowners experience basement flooding during this time and they wonder what could be the problem with their basement.

Most homeowners assume that just because their home’s basements have been dry for the entire year it cannot let them down this time. However, that is not all things on the ground. Homeowners are advised to prepare for the winter by repairing or replacing their sump pumps. There are many signs that can show that your sump pump will let you down soon. When you see these signs, consider doing something about them.

1. Old Age.

One thing about sump pumps is that they don’t have a long time span. Most of them have a lifespan of not more than ten years. So, if it has been more than ten years without replacing your sump pump, you can be sure that it is letting you down on one thing or the other.

There are many things that affect the lifespan of pumps;

  • The quality.
  • How often it is used.
  • Length the pump carries water.
  • The source of electricity.

After the sump pump installation, note somewhere when it will expire. When it nears its inspiration date, contact an experienced professional to come in replace it. You don’t have to wait until your pump causes destruction in your home so that you can replace it.

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2. Absence of Water in Sump Pit.

If your sump pump runs even where there is no water in the pit, then there could be some issues. One could be that the sump pump installation is faulty or it is not connected perfectly to the drainage system.

This is because drainage systems are supposed to work in harmony with the pump carrying water to the pit.

Another issue could be that the drainage system is blocked or sometimes just doesn’t exist. Whatever the case, if your pit doesn’t have any water, you should disconnect your pump and call a professional to inspect it.

3. Blocked Switches and Pump.

If your sump pump doesn’t have a lid, then there are high chances that your pit is attracting debris and dirt inside it. This leads to accumulation of such dirt and debris hence causing clogs that can slow down or the worst stop it completely.

There are various ways through which your pump can get clogged;

  • Debris and dirt accumulation in the sump pit.
  • Dirt in the mechanical parts.
  • A float switched that has jammed.
  • Tangled switches( usually occurs in low quality models)

To solve this problem, you would want to buy a new lid so that more debris and dirt doesn’t get into your sump pit. You may also call a plumber to inspect the pumps and tell you if there are repairs needed or even complete sump pump installation.

4. Noisy Pump.

This is the main problem that many homeowners report. While it is usual that any mechanical device would make noise when operating, you should be vigilant to detect any grinding, gurgling or rattling of your pump.

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If you detect any unusual sounds, it may mean that the motor has some problems. The best thing is that if the problem is in the motor, you do replacement of your motor without interfering with the entire system.

Should you detect something strange in your pump, first disconnect the main power supply. Inspect the sump pit to identify the cause of the problem. You may want to check at the valves or other mechanical parts of the pump. If you cannot solve this problem, call a plumber.

5. There Is No Power In Sump Pump.

There are many things that can happen and lead to loss of power. Here are some;

  • If the sump pump is unplugged and it is not plugged back.
  • When the fuse on the circuit blows.
  • If the back-up battery doesn’t have power.

To avoid this kind of problem, always ensure the power is connected and switched on and install a secondary pump.


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