InterOnlineGifts: 5 Solutions to Concerns About Gift Cards


If you’re like many gift-givers, you’ve often forgotten about a birthday, couldn’t come up with a great gift idea, or just didn’t have time to go shopping – let alone spend time trying to make those perfect wrapping paper corners. A quick solution may be to tuck a gift card into an envelope, but that’s cheating, right? Think again! There are many good reasons to overturn the misconception that gift cards don’t make great gifts. Take a look at some of the truths about this type of gift and a few tips for creating a gift that will be popular and appreciated.

What’s Behind Gift Cards’ Unpopular Reputation

For some time, there has been a general belief that gift cards were the lazy-givers’ way out of finding meaningful gifts. However, when you take a closer look at the reasons behind traditional misgivings, it’s clear that gift cards from InterOnlineGifts can be just what your loved one wants:

  • Receivers are too busy to use the cards.
  • Receivers couldn’t find anything they wanted to buy.
  • Gift cards get lost easily.
  • Most gift cards just don’t get used.
  • Gift cards are too impersonal.

If you want to give a gift that pleases the receiver, you can’t just ignore these issues. It’s time to consider some solutions.

1. Too Busy: Target Receiver Buying Habits

You may have a friend who really loves to read, so you might think that a gift card to a favorite bookstore is a great idea, and it could be fantastic with the following considerations:

  • The gift card amount is enough to buy a book.
  • The bookstore is located in an area where your friend shops.

If the card amount is too low or the store isn’t convenient, it’s probably best to buy a book instead.

2. Nothing To Buy: Stick to Familiar Vendors

Does your friend love online gaming? Maybe your loved one enjoys sitting down to television shows at night. Gift cards from InterOnlineGifts are perfect when they are a specific match to the interests and passions of the receiver. Your kids may really want new character skins for their Fortnite characters, a V-bucks gift card tucked into a jar of convenient snacks is a truly memorable gift.

3. Cards Get Lost: Wrap Them for Impact

Imagine spending a significant amount on a gift card with a subscription to your loved one’s favorite gaming site and then slipping it into a plain small envelope attached to the top of a much-less expensive gift. You can assume that this has actually happened. That gift card was, sadly, never found. You don’t need to repeat this mistake. In this case, the card could have had its own boldly colored envelope. It could have been put into a gift tin or could have been presented in a clear holiday ornament. There are a lot of creative ways to make your gift card look amazing.

4. Cards Aren’t Used: See 1 and 2

It may be true that about 25 percent of gift cards don’t get used, but the same can be said for other gifts such as clothing, dishes, artwork, and toys. The benefit of a gift card is that it can be used on a gift that the receiver will use. An Amazon card from InterOnlineGifts, for example, allows the receiver plenty of freedom to get exactly what’s wanted. If you don’t want to leave it quite that open, refer to tips 1 and 2.

5. Impersonal Cards: Personalize Them

If you’ve followed tips 1 – 3, this claim shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Maybe you’re preparing a gift for a wedding couple and you know they met while playing games on Facebook. Purchase a gift card from InterOnlineGifts that provides funds for their games of choice. Wrap it up in a tin, decorated with pictures from the game, and then tuck it into a glitter-dipped gift bag.

It may be difficult to satisfy your great-aunt with a gift card, but you can certainly please your nephew who lives a couple of states away. You can become a popular gift-giver when using these tips to use cards from InterOnlineGifts.