5 Ways To Upgrade A Small Apartment Space

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Every person takes pride in their abodes, regardless of whether they’re mansions or just bungalow types. But would you feel any different if you’re just renting them out and they’re almost just as small as a matchbox? Perhaps, not.

It is this pride that compels you to make your house as presentable and as comfortable as possible. What can be a better way of showing this than doing an upgrade?

If you are claustrophobic, please move on to the next topic. However, if you want to face your fears and learn how to survive with living in small-spaced apartments and condominiums, read on.

Things to Consider for the Planned Improvement

Home improvement should never be made on an impulse just because the cost is minimal as compared to major constructions. You have to carefully plan ahead so that you will be able to consider all the factors regarding the pricing and avoid having to face hindrances that can make or break the success of your project. This can be accomplished through hiring quality cost estimating services.

Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Contract Clause – if you are renting the apartment or the condo unit, make sure to read the contract agreement thoroughly. Determine whether you are allowed to make improvements on the property and up to what extent.
  • State Regulations – some states may have stringent regulations when it comes to construction and home improvement. If your project is heavy enough to merit a permit, then, by all means, comply. The rule of thumb is that if it involves structural, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing works, you’ll need a residential permit.
  • Plan and Budget – it’s easy to dismiss the importance of planning and budgeting, thinking that the project is just minimal. However, if you want smooth execution of the project at hand, plan ahead and set aside a budget than includes contingency measures.
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How to Upgrade a Small-Spaced Residence?

Upgrading your apartment without looking like you’re going to have to squeeze in it after may prove to be a real challenge. You may have to maximize the space without sacrificing the aesthetics part to achieve the optimal results.

If you feel you could use some inputs, here are some tips that you could use to achieve that improvement you were aiming for.

  1. Adding a mezzanine or a loft

If your apartment happens to have a high ceiling, a loft or a mezzanine would be a perfect addition. You can use it as your bedroom to have some privacy, something you might not get when just placing a bed on the floor without anything separating it from the rest of the house.

It can also serve as an attic where you can store a lot of your stuff, or it can be a gaming area. Organize your gadgets by mounting your computer monitors and adding the best gaming chairs in the equation.

  1. Mounting your furniture and appliances

It would need extra work from handymen but hanging your stuff can definitely save you space and improve the overall attractiveness of your home. TV, speakers, DVRs, bookshelves, kitchenware, etc. can be artistically hung on the wall instead of using cabinets and tables, which can take up too much space.

Of course, you can still use desks for small spaces as you see fit.

  1. Mirror! Mirror!

Numbers don’t lie. If you have several square footages of floor area, you cannot do anything to make it bigger. You only need to create a perception that it’s bigger than it actually is.

Here is where mirrors come in handy. When it comes to creating an airy and open feel on tiny spaces, they are second to none.

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They can create an illusion that your house is bigger than it is by tricking your eye. Plus, mirrors can double the effects of lighting, which is discussed below.

  1. Change the lighting

When you are trying to break away from the old vibe of your apartments for rent in Austin, you may probably be targeting the lights first. It’s one way to change your mood and create a happy and relaxed state.

This is especially beneficial when using white lights around the house. Based on a study, white lights (along with green) were perceived as spacious, clear, and definitely more useful.

  1. Put emphasis on anything vertical

Another way to deceive the eyes into believing that you have a spacious house is by employing vertical items. Installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets, bookshelves, and drapes can create an illusion of bigger space.

You can also use floor-to ceiling-dividers to separate the areas of the house without taking too much space. Sleep with the best and most comfortable spot in your home without worrying about your privacy.

Parting Words

Carefully planning the upgrade would be the wisest thing to do, no matter how trivial you think the changes might be. You also have to consider the improvements that won’t result in not being able to refund your rental deposits and won’t result in penalties for damaging the property.

Upgrades are definitely fun and exciting additions to your house that can serve many purposes. Consider them as the next best thing to having convertible furniture that might cost a fortune. Of course, one can only dream, but you might want to buy your own house first.


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