How Often To Water Succulents and More Info for a Greener

how often to water succulents

How Often To Water Succulents and More Details

Do you want to know details like how often to water succulents, what is the right temperature, and more such details? In this article, we will discuss all such facts that you need to know about these simple and elegant indoor plants. Indoor plants, in general, are very low in maintenance. However, there are a few things about indoor plants that we all should know before we opt to keep them in our offices, backyards, or our homes. There are various kinds of indoor plants that you can keep or have. It all depends on what you find appealing to the ambiance and choose to keep it in your office.

From the ones with the green leaves to the ones with tiny little flowers, there is an endless variety of plants that you can choose from. So before you make the final call on the indoor plants, make sure that you look through all the options that are available to you. Moreover, there are some basic needs of every plant that is placed in an indoor setting. Try to know all about them before you buy them.

In this article, we are talking about succulent. They are the cutest looking for indoor plants that you can have. There are a few things that you need to know before you make the final call. Majorly, a lot of people get confused over how often to water succulents and more such facts. So let us check out the details about watering succulents and more details.

What is it? 

Succulent is a simple and cute looking plant that consists majorly of broad and hefty leaves. The pointy and triangular-shaped leaves give it a unique look that no other plant has. They may come in dark variants, as the leaf has colors sometimes.

They are a wonderful indoor plant as their shape is limited and compact. Moreover, they don’t need much care, nor do they cause a lot of dirt. It is a simple and elegant indoor plant that you can keep in your room to enhance the ambient. Moreover, you can also choose the types of colors that they come in. The main reason why they have those hefty and pointed leaves is that they store water in them. They are a type of plant that can sustain a lot of dry weather. That is why they store the water in their leaves.

How Often to Water Succulent


One of the major questions regarding succulents is that how often do you water succulent. It is an important factor to know. One can easily over or under hydrate succulent. So before you make the final call of buying the plants, make sure that you know the watering schedule of succulent. The answer to this is that you don’t have to give water to your succulent every other day. Instead, you have to wait for the pot to dry and then water them with since quantity. Make sure that you don’t overwater them as you have to keep in mind this simple fact that they are made for the dry weather.

Lookout For the Right Time

More importantly, when it comes to succulents, you have to make sure that you don’t over or underwater. The key here is to know when and how to water them. As mentioned in this article earlier, you have to let the pot dry out first. IF you keep on pouring water in it, then it might spoil the succulent plat. So just wait and check for a dry it. Now, you can also dry it out for a long time. So keep in mind that you don’t let it dry for too long as well. One of the ways to check it is that you can see the plant being dull and loose, just like any other indoor or outdoor plant.

Never Overflow 

When it comes to succulents, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that the water log in the pot. This is one of the main things that you have to avoid once you choose to buy a succulent for your house or office. When you overwater the succulent plant, then it might not be able to take it and die off. This is because it is meant to grow in dry soil only. If you overflow or log the water in the tank, then you might kill it.

Keep it Balanced 

Overall, after you know how often to water succulents, you should know some other tips too. Make sure that you keep the plant in a well-ventilated space. Also, the soil is an important factor when it comes to succulent. The kind of soil and pot you use will also have an impact on the succulent’s health. This is why you have to keep a pot that has a good drainage when you put up an indoor plant that needs to be watered. Keep an eye for and discoloring or drying out in your succulent. This can be a sign of an unhealthy succulent. The watering plays an important role as well, so always keep that in check. Moreover, never let it dry out or waterlog it. This will keep your succulent healthy and flamboyant.

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how often to water succulents


As we have mentioned above, it is important for you to keep your succulent in a good and airy space. This is applicable for all indoor plants. Many people think that indoor plants don’t need good air or sunlight, but they are wrong. If you don’t provide good oxygen, water, and light to any indoor or outdoor plant, then they will surely not last for very long.

Keep The Sun in Check 


Don’t go overboard with the sunlight as well. When we say that sunlight is important for your succulent, that means that it needs some source of light. If you keep it directly under the source of sunlight, then it will not be able to thrive or prosper. Moreover, overexposure of the light on the succulent plant will hinder its beauty, and eventually, it will lose its aesthetical touch.

Soil can Spoil 

This is also an important factor that you need to keep in mind when you get a succulent for your space. Going out and buying an indoor plant means that you have to check the quality of the soil that they have as well. If you put a succulent in a regular soil, then it may not grow out and beautify to its maximum potential. So, make sure that you ask the vendor about the kind of soil that it has. If the vendor says that it has the regular kind of soil, then ask him to replace it with a one that more nutrients and minerals. This will also act as a boost to the growth of your succulent.

Wait and Water 

There is a slight line of watering and overwatering you succulent. So make sure that you never overdo it. This is the case with a lot of indoor plants. People think that the more they water them, the healthier they get. Well, this is definitely not the case. You have to understand the fact that a normal range of water is the best you can do for your plants.

Pot Matters

how often to water succulents

A lot of us don’t think about the pot when we are buying the succulent plant for our home or offices. But, we ignore the fact that the pot can bring out a huge difference when it comes to indoor plants. So make sure that the indoor plants that you pick have a pot with an optimum level of drainage. This will help to flow out any excess amount of water that is there in the pot. As we know by now, that the overflowing of water in the indoor plants is the worst thing that one can do. This will easily make them dry our die out. 

Beyond Soil and Water 

Besides knowing how often to water succulents, we should also know that they need something extra as well. Just like human beings take supplements in order to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, plants need the same. So, for this, one has to get a nice fertilizer or booster that can keep the soil fertile and full of minerals. Just by watering and good air, the plants will be fine, but they might not reach their peak. 

Choose Wisely

It is important for us to know the kind of plant that we want. Be it an indoor one or an outdoor one. We have to choose our plants wisely. This is because, in the long run, we have to take care of it every single day. So, if you find a plant to be of high-maintenance, then simply opt for another one. Just like the succulents have a certain list of dos and don’ts, all the plants have some. So ask more about the plant and nature of the plant before you make the deal final. As there is nothing worse than watching a plant slowly die. 

Beware of the Cold 

Yes, you read that, right! If you plan to have a succulent a plant, then you should know that they don’t do very well in the cold weather. They are a breed of indoor plants that are meant to be in dry and warm places. Any extreme wraith of cold can cause the water inside to freeze and eventually destroy the plant. So when the cold knocks on your door, keep the plant in a dry and warmer area of the house or the office.