7 Points To Keep In Mind When Buying Clothing Bales

Clothing Bales

Clothing bales are packaged collections of clothes containing as many as two hundred pieces of used clothes. Clothing bales play a crucial role in the second-hand clothing business. 

If you are setting up a second-hand clothing business, the first thing you need is a shop that sells clothing bales for sale. Moreover, the bales should be hygienic, affordable, easily transportable and suitable for market requirements. So in this blog post, you will learn some useful pointers you must heed when buying clothing bales.

Things To Watch Out For When Buying Used Clothing Bales 

Setting up a used clothing business can be a highly profitable venture. However, a lack of information and business expertise can stagnate the growth of your business. So if you are new in the field of used clothes-based business, continue reading to learn more.

The Number Of Clothes In A Bale Vary

Usually, a big bale consists of two hundred pieces of garments. However, there is no hard and fast rule that mandates that each and every bale should have two hundred clothes. In fact, if you are buying clothes for young kids, the number of garments will be much more. 


So if a bale has clothes for five to six-year-olds, then they might have as many as four hundred garments. So it may be prudent to consider the weight of a bale and not the number of garments packed into it when making a purchase.

Clothing Bales Can Be Sold Directly To End Users

Many people mistakenly believe that wholesalers sell clothing bales only to retailers who, in turn, sell them to the end user. However, that is not true, and you can purchase an entire bale of clothes directly from the wholesaler. 


The only reason why retailers are the most common customers at a wholesale clothing bale selling unit is because of the large number of clothes involved. Usually, an end user does not need two hundred garments, but if you do need them for refurbishing or for donating, you can easily get them.

You Can Contact A Wholesaler Online Or Offline

There is a prevalent notion that wholesalers are always present in physical stores. However, in the present age and time, you can contact a wholesaler even via the Internet. Most wholesalers have an online presence. And if you place an order online, they will deliver the clothing bales to you from their physical godowns.

Clothing Bales Offer A Variety Of Garments

A bale can contain different types of clothes or a single type of dress. So you can get a mix of T-shirts, pants, etc., or you could only get two hundred T-Shirts. Now the type of bale that you wish to buy will depend on a lot of factors. 


If you wish to repaint old T-shirts and resell them, then you should buy two hundred pieces of T-shirts. But if you wish to resell to a fashion house after redesigning old clothes, then you must get a lot of varieties like dresses, shorts, skirts, etc.

The Levels Of Hygiene Are Vital

Washing used clothes to maintain high standards of hygiene is vital. Most wholesalers clean and sort clothes before selling them to retailers. However, as a buyer, you must be extremely cautious when it comes to cleanliness or hygiene. 

Clothes that are dirty will not find many buyers, even in the second-hand market. Likewise, if the garments are infested with microorganisms, exporting them will be very difficult. So you must seal the deal with a wholesaler only when you are certain about the cleaning and sorting process that the garments undergo.

Used Clothing Bales Can Be Used For Arbitrage

Reselling used garments is not the only way to make money from clothing bales. You can make quick money using arbitrage. You buy the bale when the prices are low and resell it when or where the prices are high. However, to make large profits via this method, you must buy several bales of clothing.

Keep In Touch With An Exporter Before Buying An Used Clothing Bale

If you wish to export the used clothes after value addition, you must contact an exporter. Many countries do not allow the import of used clothes and not all exporters have a permit to export used material. So if you wish to set up a global network, contact an exporter before buying the first bale of used clothing.


In the present times, it is easy to get in touch with a wholesaler of old clothes. However, you must have knowledge about the right quantity and quality of bales to buy before making a deal. Also, if you know of price variations in different markets you can make money through arbitrage of used garments and diversify your business and get more profits from your business.