7 Ways To Upgrade Your Mountain Bike

Upgrade Your Mountain Bike

If you are a mountain bike aficionado, and you want to improve your vehicle’s overall performance you should do an upgrade. 

However, you should remember that mountain bikes are extremely specialized machines. They are meant to be powerful enough to go up mountain trails, and durable enough to take damage. Before you upgrade it, you should have a set plan. Here are seven tips for upgrading your mountain bike.

1. Invest In A Lightweight And Durable Frame

When it comes to upgrading your mountain bike, the most important part you could invest in is the frame. Remember that the frame is the main structure that holds your bike together. It is imperative that you get one that is both lightweight and durable.

If your frame is too heavy it will be harder for your bike to move through rough terrain. However, it should not be too light that it won’t be able to handle the overall weight and intensity of a biking trail. 

You could purchase a frame from most mountain biking stores. However, you will need to be careful, because they are mostly expensive, and you will need to choose the right one for you. When you choose your frame it must have some very specific attributes. 

If none of the bike frames in the stores are up to your standards, you could also have it customized. You could approach a molding company such as Immould to create the perfect frame for your bike. 

You get to choose the materials to be used in the frame. You could also choose the design and even the weight of the bike.  Immould specializes in bucket manufacturing, and creates molds for other products. 

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They are surely equipped to help you customize your mountain bike frame. Just make sure that you give them your exact specifications.

2. Replace Your Chain

When it comes to keeping your mountain bike mobile, the chain is an integral part of the operation. If your chain is old or subpar, it might snap in the middle of a mountain bike trail, and get you into a tricky predicament. 

It is a good idea to replace your tires at least once a year. It is also a good idea to keep it well oiled even if it is just parked. Remember that without the chain, your bike won’t move an inch. 

As a rule, it is very important that you bring a spare chain with you during your biking trips. This will give you a replacement chain should your chain ever break during a biking trip. 

If you are going to pack your mountain bike chain, it is important that you pack it inside an oiled bag or a waterproof one. 

3. Replace Your Suspension Fork 

If you want your mountain bike to be in the best condition possible, it is important that you upgrade your suspension fork. A suspension fork is the frontal part of the mountain bile that helps absorb bumps and shocks. 

Remember that the mountain bike is meant to handle the roughest terrain, and the best way to ensure that your bike does this is to upgrade your suspension fork. If your mountain bike has been with you for a while, you should check the suspension fork. Does it have any damage? Is it well lubricated? Does it have any rust forming on it?  

If you notice that your suspension fork has any kind of damage or degradation, don’t hesitate to replace it. Remember that the suspension fork is meant to stabilize you during your rides, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Use Lightweight Tires

When it comes to going through rough terrain, it is very important that you invest in lightweight tires. 

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Remember that you will be riding through very uneven paths. If your tires are too heavy, you will have a hard time getting them over uneven roads.

5. Choose A More Comfortable Saddle

When you go on a long bike trip, it is very important that your saddle is as comfortable as possible. Remember that there is a chance that you will be riding for hours on end. 

If your saddle is uncomfortable you will most likely develop a sore back or a bruised coccyx in the long run. It is always a good idea to choose a saddle that is not only optimum for mountain biking, but for long trips as well.

6. Change Your Pedals Regularly

The pedals are a very important part of your mountain bike because it is how you power your mountain bike. You use your own leg power to push the bike forward. The pedals are the main means of doing this. 

You set your feet onto them, and you cycle your legs on them in order to get the bike moving. This is a very efficient design, however, it could also put a lot of strain on the bike pedals themselves. As a whole, it is a good idea to invest in quality pedals.

7. Install An Emergency Compartment

Remember that you are going to ride on uneven terrain, and you are going to travel many miles away from human civilization. This could be potentially dangerous especially if you are traveling alone, so you should install it in an emergency compartment on your mountain bike.

In the compartment, you could store essentials such as biking goggles, medical kits, and a hand sanitizer so that you could regularly clean your hands. This might seem a bit much, however, it always pays to be prepared for any eventuality. 


When it comes to upgrading your mountain bike, it is important that you have a set strategy. Remember that mountain bike trails could be dangerous, so you will need to upgrade your bike in the best way possible. With these tips, you could upgrade key aspects of your bike.


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