Best Anime On Netflix- The Best Shows You Can Binge Watch Today!

anime shows on Netflix

About Best Anime On Netflix 

Netflix is a relaxed decent source for anime. You can discover more seasoned classics like Rurouni Kenshin for a decent Sunday evening gorge. Netflix also licenses anime specifically for the stage. Some examples incorporate the Little Witch Academia, Knights of Sidonia, and Seven Deadly Sins. The blend of titles and genres is adequate for most anime fans, although Netflix pales compared to sites like Funimation, VRV, or Crunchyroll, and many more. How about we investigate the best anime on Netflix! Of course.

We also needed to note a few things before we began. There are some fantastic yet inadequate anime on Netflix. For instance, it has precisely one season of Pokemon, one K-On film, one Berserk film, and only the first season of Fairy Tail. On the whole, these are magnificent anime, yet we can’t generally suggest them because Netflix doesn’t have the total series.

1. Ingress (action-adventure)


Our first pick for the anime list is Ingress. It’s a moderately more up to date anime with an 11 episode first season. The second season is also in the works. It follows the story of two people attempting to understand and open XM’s power amidst an overall power struggle. The animation is a piece polarizing; however, the very fast pacing and the show’s no-lighten approach make it an engaging watch. Look out for season two!

2. Gurren Lagann (action-adventure)

Gurren Lagann is an amazing action-adventure from Studio Gainax. This anime is about Simon, a digger who helps humanity arrive at the Earth’s surface after many years underground. That is the place the story starts. It has many anime tropes, yet the show maintains an unusual movement with great character advancement and a better than expected soundtrack.

3. Seven Deadly Sins (fantasy)


The Netflix Original series, Seven Deadly Sins is as of now in its third season. It’s classic Shonen-style fantasy with action and adventure elements. It follows a gathering of warriors with checkered pasts attempting to do beneficial things for the world. Moreover, Netflix has the show’s first and second season. That too along with a little filler season between. It’s not for everyone, except it’s easily one of the best fantasy anime on the stage.

4. Soul Eater (fantasy)

anime shows on Netflix

Soul Eater is an exceptionally well-known anime show. It’s about a lot of kids that can transform into weapons and the kids that can use those weapons. They must murder people, devour souls, and become stronger. Hence, it has many slapstick comedy elements, action sequences, and the absurd kinds of things that make you truly acknowledge anime for what it is. The show has 51 episodes so it’ll set aside some effort to watch.

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5. Carole and Tuesday (slice of life and drama)

anime shows on Netflix

Carole and Tuesday is one of the fresher anime on Netflix from the head of Cowboy Bebop. It follows the story of a rich young lady named Carole and low maintenance specialist Tuesday as they set out on a musical excursion. Hence, the world is loaded up with messy and undesirable folks, yet some diamonds are unpleasant. It takes place in a future based city where computers regularly make music. It’s a more experienced watch.
This is therein in the drama section, yet it has a ton of slice of life elements.

6. Little Witch Academia

This anime show is a transitioning slice of life by Studio Trigger. It follows Atsuko’s adventure (Akko) as she enrolls in Nova Magical Academy to turn into a witch. She lives in a world that isn’t too interested in magic any longer and wants to restore its great name. It has to adventure elements, and there is a reasonable piece more action than the most slice of life dramas. In any case, the show is outstanding, despite a touch of controversy about Netflix not releasing the entire series at once.

7. Violet Evergarden (drama and romance)

anime shows on Netflix

Violet Evergarden is easily the most perfectly animated anime series on all of Netflix and possibly anyplace. It follows Violet’s excursion as she recovers from being an instrument for war and discovering her commander. Moreover, this anime show is episodic with a short story curve throughout the last barely any episodes. Thus, it is a slow-moving anime. Be that as it may, the animation, soundtrack, and characterization are absolutely flawless. Another movie is also dispatched from the get-go in 2020 in case you need to watch more after you’re done gorging the show.

8. Your Lie in April (romance and drama)

In April, your Lie is a wonderfully animated drama about a musician who has lost the entirety of his confidence and stopped playing the piano. He begins the long street to recovery upon meeting Kaori, a violinist with a disordered personality who wants to play music with him. We won’t spoil the completion; however, the show is a fantastic blend of drama, comedy, and slice of life elements. It’s broadly considered among the best in the class. Drama and slice of life fans won’t lament this one.

9. Death Note (mystery and thriller)

Anime shows on Netflix

Great mysteries are elusive on Netflix and Death Note is the most famous among them. It’s about a kid with a notebook. The notebook has the power to execute anyone whose name is written in it. Thus begins a wait-and-see game between the kid and a detective searching for the mass killer. However, the show is dark and engaging with some comedy bits to help things up occasionally.

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10. Durarara!!x2

This anime is a light thriller about an Irish fairy. You witness and occasion and the show switches between the fundamental characters’ entirety while everyone tries to make sense. The show has great pacing and some nice comedy. Moreover, the two shows have a sum of 36 episodes between them so you have something to watch for some time.

11. One Punch Man (comedy and action)

One Punch Man is an incredibly famous comedy-action anime about a fella who knocks basically anything out in a single punch. Yet, believe it or not, it does. The show is a brisk watch with astounding exchange and fun action sequences. However, the season 2 is still in production as of June 2019, and we don’t know when or on the off chance that it’ll show up on Netflix. You can watch season 2 on Crunchyroll, however.

12. Aggretsuko (comedy and drama)

Aggretsuko is something almost unique. The anime is a comedy slice of life about a human red panda attempting to make it in a consistent world. Hence, the comedy comes from observational humor, as well as its stark contrast in situations. On the off chance that you don’t look into anything about the show before you watch it, the first episode will take you inattentive. Keep at it, however. This is a decent one.

13. Devilman Crybaby (horror and gore)

Anime Shows on Netflix

This one is a gory, dark fantasy about a race of demons attempting to take the world from the humans. It has incredible visuals, a functioning story, and a lot of gore. It revolves around Akira, a human who, in the end, gains the powers of a demon. Hence, the show is relatively short at just ten episodes. However, it’s a high effect run. You should have the option to overcome this in a few days.

14. Ajin: Demo-Human

This is a dark fantasy thriller. Also, it has some horror elements as well. However, it follows the story of Kei, an Ajin that can recover when close to death. The conflict drives the show forward for most of its run. It’s not horror in the traditional aspect, yet it’s undoubtedly gory and awkward (in a pleasant method) to watch now and again.

Honorable mentions

There are many incredible anime on Netflix, yet we were unable to fit all the ones we like into the list above. Furthermore, here are a lot of honorable mentions in case you need many added options. They are still acceptable anime, however.

Black Butler –

Black Butler is a comedy-drama around a 12-year old child who makes a contract with a demon steward to discover and slaughter the people who murdered his parents. The anime show features tons of adult themes, dark comedy, and engaging storylines. The show’s episodic idea gives it a slower than usual movement; however, the characters are paramount and charming. However, this is not recommended for kids; trust us.

Castlevania –

Castlevania isn’t really an anime in the traditional sense. It’s an American made show with Japanese anime-style animation. It’s a fantastic nostalgia trip for people who played the first Castlevania games.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion –

Code Geass is a faction classic action-drama show. The show leans vigorously on its consistent unexpected developments, Lelouch’s style for the dramatic, and a couple of good mecha battles. Once you truly incline toward the show’s absurdities, it’s a fiercely engaging roller coaster. This is also one of the best anime shows that you can watch online.