Torlock Alternatives- The Best Options to Explore in 2021


About Torlock

In the era of torrent downloading, Torlock has become a prominent name. People simply love Torlcok and everything that it has to offer. To get your hand on the latest music and TV shows, a lot of fanatics search the internet in and out so that they get the best quality. However, most of the sites that promise you free HD quality of movies and shows are shams.

Either they will ask you to pay first via an unknown portal which is extremely dangerous, or they will be just a site full of ads. In most cases, you just end up wasting your time on these free movie watching or downloading sites.

Easy and Convenient 

Hence, this is why people loved Torlock and flocked over it to get some great movies and shows. Moreover, the downloading process is done via torrenting on Torlock, which makes the whole process even smoother.

The Issue 

Well, no matter how perfect Torlock might be as a movie downloading website, but it has its own set of pros and cons. Due to the heavy traffic and torrent issues even with VPN, the site goes out every now and then. Even the legal issues pop up for Torlock every once in a while, for which the site goes down. Despite coming back up again, these issues can get annoying after a while. That is why it is essential to know more about the Torlock alternatives that can offer the same kind of content with similar efficiency.

Amazing Alternatives

So, to continue the movie binging fest, we must find some alternatives when Torlock is down. Unfortunately, the other options to Torlock can be a bit difficult to find as they are many fakes and scam sites that are up to no good. These sites will never enable you to watch or download any movies, but they will surely take some amount of money from you.

Still, there are various unique sites that can act as a great alternative to Torlock. These sites offer the same amount of HD quality movies and show that you can install via the process of torrents. Let us check out some of the best alternatives for Torlock to help you continue your movie watching or downloading journey.

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Pirate Bay


Here we are starting with one of the most popular and busy torrents downloading sites. Pirate Bay has been in this game for a long time. Be it movies or any other kind of file or software, the pirate bay has reached out to millions of people and offered them to download unique content from their website. Pirate Bay, like other sites on the list, also uses the Torrent method to share or download the files.

However, Pirate Bay has its own share of problems and issues regarding server or legality. Hence, you must check out the other names on the site as well, just in case this is unable at that point as well.



Now, here we have 1337x on our list next, which is yet another fantastic website to visit. 1337x is a dynamic torrent site that has a lot to offer to everyone. There are a wide variety of movies and shows that you can get from 1337x. This includes movies and shows of various types, including action, drama, comedy, and much more. Even the collection of the TV shows on this torrent site has multiple options, including Anime as well.

Torrent Hounds


Torrent Hounds is not a mainstream torrent downloading site. However, it is still a fantastic site as it acts as a great torrent downloading platform. Moreover, this site is not all about movies only. Torrent Hounds has various other segments on the site as well. There are various sorts of software and games too that you can download easily from this site. The various options for torrent downloading make the whole experience even more efficient on Torrent Hounds.

Torrent Project

Torrent Project is yet another great alternative to Torlock. On the torrent project, you get a great collection of movies as well as shows. You may even find some international content here, too, if you dig in deep into the website. Make sure to give this site a try when the other torrent downloading options are not working. Even the smooth interface of the torrent project is smooth, which makes the downloading and surfing experience even better.



Next on the list of Torlock alternatives, we have EZTV. Most of us who are already into downloading movies and shows online via torrents are familiar with this site. EZTV has been around in the world of torrents for quite some while now. Their latest collection of movies and shows keeps them in the hot favourites of most movie and torrent fans.

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If you can’t find a good and reliable site for your torrent downloading needs, then you can visit Isohunt. Isohunt will save a lot of time and effort of yours as you get most of the movies and shows here that are hard to find anywhere else. Moreover, they also offer a list of links of torrent seeds so that you can choose various qualities and languages before downloading.


RARBG is a website that hardly needs any introduction as it is one of the most popular torrent websites around. Here you can find various sorts of movies and shows that you can easily download directly. One RARBG, you can get various kinds of PC games as well, so it’s an overall fun site for all!



Another prominent alternative to Torlock is YTS. A sorted and straightforward torrent downloading website, YTS helps you to download your favourite website or show in just a few steps. Furthermore, you can easily sort the movies on YTS by the date added as well. This opens up the entire section of the latest movies and shows.


Sky torrents are not as popular as some of the sites that we have mentioned here. As an alternative to Torlock, this can really help you out. You can find excellent flicks, shows and even games on Skytorrents. All you need to do is visit Skytorrents the site and look it up on the search bar of this torrent site, and you will get a plethora of options. From the list, Skytorrents allows you to choose the quality of the file you are downloading.



Demonoid is an excellent alternative to Torlock. It has almost all the same features. However, the site can be a bit of a disappointment as the server keeps fluctuating. Hence, you can always give it a shot to download some movies or shows on Demonoid, but it may be down. Overall the interface is smooth, and the site is very user friendly as well.


Here were the best Torlock alternatives that you can try in 2021. These alternatives are not only limited to movies or TV shows. Most of them will have a large number of games that you can download via torrents as well. Some torrent websites mentioned here may even have some essential software that you can download.