Einthusan tv – The Best Alternatives You Can Try In 2021

einthusan tv
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About Einthusan Tv

In search of some great sites to watch online movies and series, most of us have stumbled upon Eintunsan Tv. Einthusan is one of the most sorted sites to watch tons of movies and T.V. shows. Einthusan TV has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years due to the vast range of films and series that it has to offer.

Moreover, the diverse selection of movies makes the website entertaining for everyone. If you want to watch a horror flick or a comedy, it has something for everyone. Another reason that this site is so loved and adored is the Quality of pictures that it has. You will find a lot of movies that are of H.D. quality that you can easily stream online on Einthusan TV.

What Sets This Site Apart From the Rest-
  • Great Collection- Einthusan has a comprehensive collection of movies and series. As it is more popular in Asian countries, it has various regional films and shows in multiple languages as well.
  • Easy Interface- Another reason why a lot of movie freaks loves Einthusan is that you don’t have to do immense research and scrolling to watch a movie. You can find all the great movies and shows just by simply searching on the Einthusan search bar.
  • Quality- Just because they have a great range of films and shows, that doesn’t mean compromising quality. Almost all of their collection is of top quality that you can adjust while downloading.

Top Alternatives For Einthusan

Check out some of the best alternatives to Einthusan TV just in case if you can’t access the site due to server failure. There might be several reasons behind the server failures of Einthusan TV.


It is a simple yet quite a useful movie watching site. All a movie buff needs to do is visit the Filmlinks4u site and look up the movie on Filmlinks4u, and it will show you the movie or show in various qualities. Here you can download the movies in just a few clicks, just as Einthusan Tv.

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Here we have Ditto Tv as an alternative to Einthusan TV. Ditto is one of the most recent and popular websites for watch movies and T.V. online. As it is famous in the Asian region and countries, it has many Indian and Chinese movies in its database.

You can even keep yourself updated and even watch the T.V. shows as it has a separate section for live T.V. altogether. On Ditto TV, you get to find several links for the movies and shows that you can try.


Just as the name suggests, BestHDmovies has a vast list of high-quality movies that you can binge-watch on, just as Einthusan TV. However, the user interface of BestHDmovies is not as friendly as compared to the other websites on the list, but the plus point is that you can operate the website from any device.

Einthusan Tv
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Here, this site mostly consists of Bollywood movies as it is pretty popular in India and nearby regions. From action to comedy, they have covered all the genres that you can simply visit and enjoy. You can even adjust the language and the Quality of the movie before downloading. Also, there are various T.V. shows that you can watch as well. Moreover, moviePublish keeps on updating its database weekly. You will get the best recent movies on this platform.

Einthusan TV
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CoolMoviez has marked its spot prominently in the field of online movie watching and downloading sites with a smooth and efficient interface. Coolmoivez has been in the same for a long time. Hence, their database consists of incredible old movies as well as some great flicks from the new era cinema as well. You can go ahead and check them out if the servers at Eunthusan Tv are down.


Just as any other movie streaming or downloading site on the web Alluc.ee is somewhat the same. However, the primary feature that sets Alluc.ee apart from the tons of other sites is the movie links that they provide. Once you search the movie on the website, you will see a list of links that will lead you to the film downloading page.

This is done to give out some substitutes to the people looking for a movie. Suppose if one link doesn’t work for downloading, then you can go check out the other links for the same. If you are scouting or searching for a movie to watch, then do visit this site and find one!

Einthusan tv
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If you are looking for a no-nonsense movie streaming or downloading site, the WatchNewMovie is the one for you. They have a simple and straightforward site that allows you to watch or download any movie in just a few clicks.

Moreover, the vast range of movies goes from drama, Humour to even some popular anime movies. So even if you are confused as to what movie you should watch, you can surf WatchNewMovie and find a good one for yourself. So if you are into Hollywood or even anime movies, then do give WatchNewMovie a shot!

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This is more of a database than a website of all the popular movies around the globe. Moreover, it also includes a lot of Bollywood movies due to its high traffic from India and the nearby region.

Here, you can find tons of links to a single movie that you look up. This will help you to get a variety of options in Quality and dubbing. If you are hoping to download or watch a movie in a particular language, then there are high chances that they will find it here. So make sure to check out this Bollywood alternative to Einthusan TV.


Here is an Einthusan alternative that is majorly about Bollywood. This is the reason that Hindilinks4u.to is majorly popular in India. They have an expansive collection of old and new Bollywood movies that you must try. Moreover, they have covered all the genres as well, from romantic to action. They have covered it all for you.

If you are bored of watching Hollywood series, movies or, shows, then do try this Bollywood centric movie watching website that can help you. The diverse movies of Bollywood can surely keep the boredom away and give you something wonderful to watch. You can even find some Hindi movies dubbed in English on Hindilinks4u.to.

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This is a goldmine for all the movie buffs as it offers you a wide range of movies that you can watch on Stagevu at any hour, just as Einthusan TV. However, Stagevu comes with its own pros and cons. You will have an extended range of movies that you can watch for free, just like all the other sites jotted down here. However, there is a slight twist with Stagevu. For this, you need to download a particular software (DivX). That software will enable you to watch that various movies and shows online that too for free!


Here were some of the best Einthusan TV alternatives that you must try! You can watch or download loads and loads of movies and shows from any of these. However, we are not sure about the servers of these websites as they might go down often due to the high traffic. So carry on watching great movies and shows online with these Einthusan tv alternatives!