Best Single Player PC Games – A Must-try List for Every Gamer!

best single player pc games

Trying To Find the Best Single Player PC Games

Since it is advised to remain indoors in almost every country due to Covid-19, we should make that indoor time well spent which can happen easily by playing the best single player pc games.  All the gamers already know what we are talking about. It is the best time to enter the world of video games and become a gamer if you are already not one.

One of the best ways to gear up and start your gaming life is with a friendly and fun single player PC game. However, finding the best single player PC or mobile games isn’t a very easy job to do as there are millions of games!

To help you out with the right game that too in the single player category, we have jotted down some of the best single player PC games that you can try! These games are not only for beginners, but even hardcore gamers should give these games a try! More details visit here

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Be it the fast combat action or some quick scope snipping. CS has always made a spot for itself. Counter-Strike is a massive name in the world of gaming. Furthermore, This reputation of the counter strike has been earned by this game by providing years of excellent gaming experience. Moreover, You can brush up your firing and spraying skills easily with this game. Furthermore, you also play this game in a multiplayer version too if you wish to.

Slay The Spire

If you are a bit inclined towards the mystics and magic, then you will surely love to play this game. As the name suggests, slay the spire, one has to fight against the magical and mystical powers by using the combos of the cards that one has to collect and use. Moreover, you will have to get across more and more levels to get better combos of the cards. You have to enhance your magical abilities and then beat the opponents.

Return of the Obra Dinn


Return of the Obra Dinn is a beautiful puzzle game that will hold your attention like no other game. If you like to spend time-solving and finding solutions to puzzles and mysteries that too related to crime, then this is the perfect game for you. Moreover, this game has a beautiful dark theme that a lot of gamers like. Moreover, this has a wonderful plot surrounding a crime that will surely make your detective form come out.

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Undertale is a fantastic 8-bit game for all the players who love to go on a bit of a journey or follow a plotline with the main character. Moreover, Undertale is a laid back and slow-paced game that allows you to solve the storyline by making the moves. This is one of the best single player games PC games that you can start playing right away!

FTL: Faster Than Light

This one is for all retro gaming lovers! Check out Faster than light if you like the retro vibes of a video game. Also, this one is an excellent game for anyone who is into space and related topics. This is because, in Faster Than Light, one has to take charge of a spaceship and fight off all the enemies.

Hollow Knight

A dark, adventurous game that came one can play on single-player mode without ever getting bored! Hollow Knight offers a beautiful tale of adventure that you have to be a part of. Have to cross various levels with the characters in the dark and damp worlds.

Stardew Valley

best single player PC games

This is one of the most chilled games in the list of best single player PC games. Here, Stardew Valley is all about Farming and the growth of it. Even with the low graphics and the old-school look, the game is way ahead of its time. Stardew Valley is an evergreen game that will surely take your single-player gaming time to the next level. Stardew is related to everything that is related to Farming. One has to continuously grow and ensure that the farms run well.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed is one of the most famous games on this list of best single player games for PC. Almost every gamer is familiar with Assassins Creed and its amazing gameplay. The crazy mix of adventure and action is brought flawlessly by Assassin’s Creed. You have to take over and bring a revolution by yourself that too in a stealth mode. Once your hands on the Creeds gameplay, then it is impossible to get bored from it! Assassins creed brings excitement at every step of the game.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s is a strategy game that will put hefty pressure on your thinking. If you ever liked to play the age of empires or such similar games, then you will surely like this one. The players have to build and run an entire civilization, as the name suggests. Moreover, you will have to save your very own civilization from all the dangers and attacks that will come along the way.


best single player games PC

Wanna be a part of a crazy Robo war? Overwatch brings in a lot of excitement in this is of the best single player games on PC. You get to choose crazy weapons, and you can even enhance your power as you keep playing more opponents. Moreover, here is a bit of a storyline in Overwatch as well. Also, there are some versatile characters that you can choose from.

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The Alien themed games have made their mark on this list as well. XCOM 2 is a crazy combo of Aliens versus human war that has been put in a single video game. With crazy guns and close combat action, XCOM 2 is a beautiful game for all action lovers. XCOM 2 keeps you on your toes as it gets tougher as it goes.

Resident Evil 2

best single player PC games

Almost every gamer has praised Resident Evil for the high-def graphics and intense gameplay. Resident Evil is all about zombie killing rampage. Besides the amazing plot, there is action at every step of this game. However, A lot of zombies haunts at every level to come and eat you alive. The player has to survive and kill the zombies in Resident Evil by all means!


This is an easy-going game that follows and a subtle storyline. It is a platform based game that revolves around Celeste. That is why any gamer must check out Celeste if they want to have a chill and laid back gaming experience.

Fortnite Battle Royale


Everyone knows about the concept of Battle Royale as it has been picked by various players. Fortnite is one of the top games that has pushed the concept of Fortnite Battle Royale concept. Even though it is majorly played as a multiple player game, it has a beautiful single-player section as well. This is where you have to tackle the bots and win the rounds.


Have a fun-filling world full of creativity to yourself. In Minecraft, one can spend hours of gaming time. You can get as creative as you can get in Minecraft and give the world of Minecraft your own unique touch.

Grand Theft Auto V

The missions, massacre and mayhem! GTA 5 has it all! One can spend hours in GTA 5. Moreover, exploring the entire map of GTA 5 will surely keep your boredom away! There are cars to drive, planes to fly, missions to complete! Moreover, there is something for everyone in this Rockstar Games GTA 5. Furthermore, In the fifth instalment of the Grand Theft series, the single-player version has tons of amazing thing that you can do.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Wanna roam around in an adventure-filled fantasy world? The Witcher 3 gives you a wonderful chance to explore the unexplored with powerful weaponry and attack style. If you are looking for something in a single player mode, then you must try out this Wild Hunt version!

Portal 2

best single player games pc

Looking for a game where action meets with puzzling skills? Portal 2 is the exact definition of that. You have various levels in the second instalment of Portal the game. Moreover, you have power-packed short combats with a lot of opponents on every level!