Binge on the Best Recreational Drug: Kratom

recreational drug kratom


Kratom is a plant that is mainly found in Southeast Asia, but is now extremely popular in the West because of its drug-like properties. This plant has mainly become popular in the last decade. Currently, the Kratom for sale has not been only available in the West, but also in the rest of the world. The Kratom plant belongs to the family of coffee and can be found in many variants. The Kratom leaf is known mainly for its painkilling and energizing properties.

Kratom leaves come in three variants, one with res strains, one with white stains and the last one with green strains. Each variant has a different or a combination of properties. The red stained leaves have the property to sedate and ease the pain of your body, the white stained leaves have energizing properties, and the green stained leaves are a mixture of both – they sedate and energize the user.

This particular drug is banned in the country of Thailand; therefore, people chew its leaves raw. In the United States, the Kratom is banned in almost 6 countries. But that doesn’t discourage the Americans from not consuming it. They consume the leaves in a capsule, after grinding them up. The fine powder is packed in a capsule, or a pill, and consumed. It is also found in a powder form which is usually boiled in with the tea and then consumed. Experts have said that this drug is “very addictive” and has a lot of side effects too. Many of us don’t know this fact, but Kratom is used as an ingredient in a few hippie soaps too.

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Side effects of Kratom

Kratom, being a drug, will have a lot of side effects too. On one hand, you might feel light, elated and energized, but on the other hand, you might have to face a number of side effects if not taken under proper care. The side effects that you might suffer from after consuming Kratom are:

  • Feeling nauseous
  • Continuously vomiting
  • Lot of sweating
  • Itching in various parts of body
  • Show of psychotic behaviour
  • Causes damage in the liver
  • Can also cause death

These were the few side effects that people will face if they consume Kratom in any form.

Why do people consume Kratom?

The main reason for people consuming Kratom is because as compared to other drugs, it is cheap, legal in most of the regions, and most importantly, it does not show in a drug test. Yes, you heard it right. If you consume Kratom, it will not show up if you take a drug test. Some people also consume it to mess with their consciousness. Kratom is also consumed to deal with chronic pain or sadness that has been affecting the user for a long time now.

A lot of people also use Kratom to prevent taking other dangerous drugs, which is believed to be a lame excuse. It is very lame to believe that a person takes a drug in order to stop taking other drugs. This plan doesn’t work most of the time, because taking drugs always leaves you wanting for more. Thus, there is no way that you can resist other drugs if you consume Kratom.

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Doctors have reported that once the patients realise that they are now dependent on Kratom, they switch to their earlier drug. Withdrawal from Kratom is easy and that is why more and more people go back to their old drugs after the consumption of Kratom. The access to other drugs like heroin is much easier than to obtain the same amount of Kratom.


Since, there has been Kratom for sale, hence it has been getting popular day by day in the West. The main reason is that it is cheap and easily available in places where it is legal. The addiction is touching skies and we barely know what the future holds for people who are consuming this on a daily basis. Hope nothing very harsh.