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Kratom is a recreational drug which goes by the names Biak, Ketum, Kakuam, Ithang, Thom around different regions of the world. Kratom starts its journey from the dense evergreen forests of Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Papua New Guinea in the form of supple, evidently large and smooth oval mint leaves. Cultivation of kratom leaves is a practice prevalent in the Southeast Asian countries for over a 100 Years. It is often also known as the Thai traditional drug which has been used in medicinal Sciences for a long time. The traditional Thai drug recently sprung its roots and traveled to the west. Americans have been introduced with an organic and medicinal drug in the early 2010s. If anyone is willing to buy Kratom US, then they should be surely careful. It was not long before the usage of kratom grew exponentially.

Many users claim kratom to be a lifesaver or rather a magic drug and trust me when I say it’s not hyper bowl.


Usage of kratom in today’s world is multifaceted. Are you a drug addict? Depression victim? Or stricken with pain? Kratom has solutions to all the trouble.


Recently kratom is being extensively used as an alternative to narcotics.

In a report covered by the vice news in 2017.

A resident of California named Adrian Quiroga who was a heroin user and addict for six years started using the magic drug kratom to avoid withdrawal. When an individual abruptly discontinues the use of an abusive drug he/she experiences withdrawal symptoms. These are abnormal physical and psychological features which include goosebumps, vomiting, excessive sweating, anxiety, insomnia, and muscle pain. Due to these withdrawal symptoms an individual is caught up in a vicious circle of incessantly taking refuge in drugs. Adrian’s review was “I do think I can use it as a tool to get clean”.

Kratom is psychoactive but not psychotic. That said kratom surely makes you feel elated but not overly euphoric like other synthetic drugs.

Millions and millions of recovered drug addicts around the world pledge by kratom as the ultimate medicine to kick off drug addictions. Many suffering from substance abuse for over decades are now proud to say that they are clean and have their life in control, all thanks to kratom.

“Kratom was dosed orally and significantly attenuated opioid withdrawal” As per Dr. Christopher’s Mccurdy (professor of medicinal chemistry).

Even after extensive use of kratom, patients were surprisingly not addicted. This is one of the wonder features of kratom. Kratom and coffee trees belong to the same family. Funny enough but evidently true that getting over kratom is much easier than getting over a caffeine addiction.

Kratom contains 7- hydroxyl mitragynine, which relieves the pain characterized by muscle aches.


An American female who is a recent cancer survivor stated that kratom is godsent. She was on massive amount of pain medications because of being a cancer survivor. Whenever she tried to get off the medications, she would suffer extreme pain this was because her body was addicted to the medications. She claimed kratom to be a natural way of freedom from pain.


The 7- hydroxyl mitragynine present in kratom is also a boon in treating depression and anxiety disorders. The importance of having a good mental health is invaluable in today’s stressful times whereby peer pressure, bullying, stress, bad family relations, child abuse, trauma, social isolation, neglect etc. push the individual down towards the dark side from where recovery is very difficult. Intake of kratom results in a two-tier effect where firstly the individual feels a sudden burst of energy. This is of at most importance to mental health patients and depression victims who have lost the hope of happiness and life. This makes the individual toll cheer up and look towards life with an optimistic approach. The second wave of the effect of kratom is rather relaxing which evens out the initial burst of euphoria. This leaves the individual in a pleasant and calm state of mind.


Kratom truly acts as an elixir and gives bereaved the joy of life. If you wish to buy kratom USA, it has legalized its usage except for the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin. Thus, allow the heart-shaped herb to take you to the ancestral plain and give you the power of the black panther.