Causes and Solutions for Your Overheating Android Devices


Is your mobile device frequently too warm to hold after prolonged use? Some heat production and heat from use are expected from cell phones, especially when they are being put through their paces. Still, excessive heat might indicate hardware problems, software bugs, or infection. 

It’s crucial to consider all possible causes of an overheated phone to keep it running smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible. Keep reading to discover why your phone could be heating up, how to fix it if it already is, and how to avoid the problem altogether.

Why Do Phones Heat Up?

Many things may cause a phone to overheat, and each contributes in its way and to varied degrees. Possible causes of overheating include prolonged exposure to sunlight, using an excessive number of applications, malware, ineffective charging equipment, internal damage, obstructed airflow, or outdated hardware. 

  1. Heat or Sunlight

If you’ve ever forgotten your phone in the sunlight, you may have been alarmed to find that it quickly became uncomfortable to hold. To prevent your phone from overheating in the sun, keep it shaded whenever you use it outside.

  1. Processor Gets Overworked

Simply put, a computer has an inbuilt fan to keep it cool, but a smartphone does not. There is a limit to the amount of heat that can be safely dissipated by a smartphone, even though they are excellent for normal use. Overworking your phone’s processor might cause it to overheat, so be careful not to use too many programs simultaneously.

Your phone’s processing power will decrease if you watch movies, edit your image in the best android app or play games for prolonged periods. While charging your phone while gaming may be convenient, doing so might cause your device to overheat, reducing the battery’s life and performance.

  1. Broken Internals: Your Phone Is Damaged

Overheating might also be caused by problems other than the battery within your phone. When you drop your phone, the internal components might become dislodged, which can cause your phone to overheat and malfunction. The thermal paste in your phone may be rendered inefficient at transporting heat from the CPU if it has been scratched or damaged in any other way. 

  1. Ventilation Is Blocked

Today’s smartphones are constructed to last via regular use. However, when the charging connector is obstructed, the device will overheat. Most modern phones don’t have this problem. However, it might be an issue for some older ones. It is more likely to happen on hot days if your phone has been sitting in direct sunlight or on a hot dashboard for an extended period.

Solutions to Keep Your Phone from Overheating

The following are some potential solutions to the problem of your phone being overheated.

  1. Put Down the Phone Charger

Overcharging is a leading cause of overheating, so immediately pull the plug when your phone hits 100%. Your phone will get too hot if you let excess charge build-up. You’re not allowing your gadget to recharge by using it while it’s plugged in. Pass-through charging, in which you use your phone while it’s being charged, might cause it to overheat significantly.

  1. Close Unused Applications

While you may not see it, background apps may still use energy. Your phone will have to work harder than it has to if you don’t remove apps after using them, so they don’t drain battery life in the back. Don’t just minimize an app after you’re done with it; shut it completely. 

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  1. Keep Up-to-date

You should always use the most recent software version, including your operating system. Without regular updates, mobile apps place greater fatigue on a device’s memory and processing power. Constant software and firmware upgrades demand ever-better hardware to function properly.