Chicken Nuggets in Air Fryer- Get the Same Crunch with Low Fat!

Chicken Nuggets in Air Fryer- Get the Same Crunch with Low Fat!

About Chicken Nuggets in Air Fryer

We all love the crispy and crunchy chicken nuggets, but we know how unhealthy they are. However, if you are trying to limit the calories, we can always opt for the Chicken nuggets in Air Fryer.

A lot of people who love chicken nuggets and are health cautions are afraid to have them from any fast food outlet. But don’t worry, when you know how to make chicken nuggets in an air fryer, then you can indulge in the same taste and crunch without any extra calories that the oil brings in.

About Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a delightful snack. You can have them at any fast-food chain without any hesitation. By acting as a perfect and delectable side dish, chicken nuggets are sure to treat your taste buds. The chicken nuggets are usually made up of minced breast meat cut into the shape of nuggets. After the meat is cut and given a shape of nuggets, these fantastic little bites will be given a coat of excellent bread crumbs and other coating substances. Once you complete the shape and coating, these golden bites are ready for deep freeze storage! 

The deep freezing will tighten the whole bond of the chicken nugget. So, what the majority of the fast-food chains do is that they keep the cold ones in stock and send them to their outlets. So, whenever there is an order for chicken nuggets, they are taken out of the cold storage and fired.

The Dips

chicken nuggets in air fryer

Another essential element that goes into the chicken nuggets and their taste is the dips. Various outlets serve various sorts of dips with the chicken nuggets. In various food joints, you can find different kinds of dips. Some people like the cheesy ones, and some are looking for a spicy kick. It all depends on the likings and what sort of taste they are looking for.

Making them Healthy!

The irresistible chicken nuggets may get a lot of flack because they are full of calories. However, with advanced technology, we have the option to make those golden bytes healthier without losing any taste!

There are several methods to make chicken nuggets into a healthier snack. However, here we are going to discuss the process that relies on air frying technology.

Here are some healthy and informative details for those of you who are not aware of the air frying method. Basically, it is a healthier way to cook the fried food with bare minimum oil. The low oil usage has no effect on the texture of the food item. With a good air fryer, you can get the same amount of crispiness that you will meet with deep-frying!

The Process

Now, let us check out the healthy process so that we can use an air-fryer and make the chicken nuggets into a way healthier snack that will taste just as good!

Things that you will need-


Obviously, this is the main element that you need if you are planning to make healthy chicken nuggets! There are several companies like Samsung, Philips, etc., that have their own air-frying range. You can get buy the most suitable air-fryer from any of them. However, one aspect that you need to keep in mind is the size of the air-fryer.

The air fryer comes in different sizes, types, and that one can use it according to their needs. However, we suggest you buy the heavier and more spacious one. If you get a compact air fryer, you will have to make many dishes in batches when you are making for more than three people!

The Nuggets


There are two types of nuggets that you can use when trying to make some by yourself in the air-fryer. Either you can get a frozen batch of chicken nuggets that you can find easily in the market or try to make your own batch of nuggets by yourself.

If you are short on time and don’t want to invest much energy, then you should go for the frozen ones. Otherwise, the homemade nuggets will take a lot of time and effort. Moreover, with market brought frozen packs, you can start cooking your chunks instantly in an air-fryer. But, if you want to have homemade nuggets that you are planning to make in an air fryer, then you need to start off a day before!

Sauce or Dips

As we mentioned earlier, the chicken nuggets are a bit incomplete without the sauces or the dips. So, here you have the liberty to choose whatever sort of sauce or dips you like! You can literally mix match the various flavors that you want with your crispy chicken nuggets.

What is the process to Make Chicken Nuggets in Air Fryer?

Air-Fryer Chicken Nuggets
  • Start off by taking out the chicken nuggets beforehand to thaw them according to instructions.
  • Once the nuggets are out for an hour or two, they are ready to be fried or, in this case, air-fried.
  • Now, preheat the air fryer to start the cooking process instantly from the inside whenever you choose to place them.
  • Once it reaches a temperature of 250-300 degrees celsius, then you can spread out the frozen nuggets on the tray inside. However, before putting them inside, make sure to spray some oil on the tray and the fries. The oil will help the nuggets to form a crispy outer layer without adding fats to them.
  • The oil brush or spray on the tray will prevent the golden nuggets from sticking to the pan once they are cooked.
  • Now, after applying a bit of oil and placing them onto the try of an air-fryer, you are almost done. Now, sit back and set the air-fryer for 11 to 13 mins. All you have to do now is let the air-fryer work it’s magic on the nuggets.
  • Make sure to check on your nuggets in 5 mins and flip them once if it is required.
  • After the 11-13 mins of air-frying, you can take out the nuggets! Keep them out for two minutes and let them settle down. Please take out the dips and plate it up!

Other delicious treats that you can make in the Air-fryer

Besides, chicken nuggets in an air-fryer, you can make several other delicious dishes in it as well! Check out this shortlist of food items that you must try making in the air fryer!

Potato Chips!

This is one of the most guilt-inducing snacks that we all love to munch on! We know the traditional fried potato chips are super unhealthy for us. However, due to its easy access and fantastic taste, we can’t stop ourselves. Thankfully, the air fryer is here to save us from the oily guilt! We can make light and crispy potato chips without any frying! All you need to do is slice them up, add them to the air-frying tray with a spray or light brushing of oil and seasonings, and wait! You will have your homemade oil-free tray of potato chips in just a few minutes!

Fried Chicken?


Yup, even fried chicken can be made just as tasty without being soaked in oil! All you need is an air-fryer, and you are set! Take the fresh chicken piece and cover them with flour and cornflake or whatever recipe you follow. Now, just like with the other recipes, you have to preheat the fryer, brush or spray the chicken with a bit of oil and then let it cook!

Quick Fries!


Watching a late-night movie or have some guest come over? You can always make a batch of oil-free crisp fries in your air fryer to make things more fun! You use the frozen pack of fries that is readily available in all the regular stores. When you want to make them, put them on the tray, spray or brush a little oil and into the air fryer it goes!

Low Oil Fritters!

If you are on a diet, it becomes impossible to avoid delicious deep-fried food. However, with the air fryer, you can have the same taste and texture but with 90% less oil! Yes, that is right! One such example of this is the crunchy homemade fritters! The best part about fritters is that you can make them from almost all the vegetables! To make the low-oil fritters, choose the veggies and chop them into bite-size chunks. Now, for the fritter coating, you have to mix up gram flour or regular flour with some basic seasoning. Coat them up and lightly oil them. Preheat the air-fryers and then put your coated fritters in them after 5 mins. In About 7 or 8 mins, the fritters will be ready to serve!


Now you know how to make delicious and golden chicken nuggets with minimum oil, that too in your own kitchen! This is an excellent technique for all health-conscious or fitness-oriented people! The simple chicken nugget recipe can come in handy at any time! Moreover, you can even surprise your guest and near ones with the low-oil nuggets! Along with the chicken nuggets air fryer recipe, we have ample other recipes as well that you must try! These recipes will have the same taste and crunch but without the additional oil and fat!