Airpods not connecting to iPhone- Simple Ways to Solve the Issue

airpods not connecting to iphone

AirPods not connecting to iPhone?

There can be several issues because of which your AirPods are not connecting to your iPhone. In this useful blog, we will share some easy tips to solve the connectivity issue of your AirPods.

In this fast-moving life, a gadget like the Airpods is nothing less than a blessing. Using the Airpods can save up a lot of time of yours. Giving you a hands-free experience with optimum quality. Millions of people use the AirPods by apple all across the globe.

However, if you are habitual of using the amazing AirPods, even a day without it may feel like a painstaking task. Often, the most common issue that people using Airpods face is connectivity errors.

The Various uses of Airpods

airpods not connecting to iphone

Airpods have become a sudden hit in the market for various reasons. All iPhone users love the extensive usage of these compact pods of apple.

Easy Calling

The very primary usage of the Airpods is the high-quality calling. People from all professions and work can use these pods to make calls throughout the day while keeping their hands free. What makes the simple calling use even more amazing is the single tap pickup and cut call options. In most other hands-free devices in the market, you have to pick up the calls with your mobile device. Apple understood this problem and made the hands-free experience even better!

Magical Music

Makers of the Apple AirPods kept the quality at par with this product. Music enthusiasts can really feel the top-notch music quality with these pods. Moreover, even musicians can use these pods as well as they give a clear sound performance constantly.


People just love to go live these days, be it on Facebook, insta or anywhere else. Hence, while streaming or making a video out in public, these pods act as a wonderful microphone and earpiece.

Not Just iPhone

A little thing about Airpods that not many people know is that they can get connected to other devices. If you own and use an iPad, iPhone, or a MacBook, then you can use these wonderful handsfree devices as well. You can connect them in the same manner as you do with the iPhones. You can enjoy the extraordinary quality of sound and fantastic battery while working on this apple system.

How to Solve Airpods not Connecting to iPhone Problem


There can be various issues/causes due to which the apple AirPods are unable to connect with your iPhone or any other device. Here, we will discuss various things that you can do to help out your pod’s connectivity.

Basic Check-up

Firstly, if your AirPods are not connecting to any device is checked. Make sure that they have power in them and they are turning on well. If you don’t see any light or indication that your AirPods are on/working, then there are some major power issues in them. Hence, the first concern here of any AirPods owner should be to get them switched on first.

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Steps to Check

  • Take out off both the handsfree pods.
  • Put them in the case that is provided by Apple.
  • Leave them there for 40 seconds.
  • Open the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone and look for Airpods.
  • Now, disconnect them by clicking on the forgetting device.
  • To establish the connection, select AirPods from the Bluetooth list and connect again

The Phone Settings

When we are talking particularly about the connectivity of AirPods, both the AirPods and the iPhone play an essential role here. It is not up to the AirPods alone to connect with the mobile device. Moreover, even the phones will have to be checked before attempting. So, make sure to check out the iPhone Bluetooth and connectivity settings. Just make sure that the phone is up and running so that it can detect all the nearby devices.

Steps to Check –

  • Turn off the Apple handsfree pod.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth from the settings completely and wait for 20 seconds.
  • Now, switch on the Bluetooth again on your iPhone. Now you will see the list get updated in the nearby devices. Select your AirPods and connect again.

Battery Issues 

Sometimes either the phone or the AirPods are dead in terms of battery charge. So, if you are not getting a proper response from either of them, it is high time to charge them up. Even if they are on but low on charge, we suggest you set both of them up and then enjoy the hands-free experience of Airpods.

Steps to Check- 

  • Go to the settings section of your phone.
  • Now, search for widget settings and drag up the battery monitor.
  • With the battery monitor, you can check your battery usage and health from the widget section of your iOS phone.

Version Update  

We know how seriously Apple takes its updates. So, to resolve any issues, we have to keep the device and the AirPods fully up to date. If you are not aware of the latest update of your phone or any other device, you can go into the setting and check it out.

Steps to Update- 

  • Again, open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and look for your Airpods.
  • Now, Once you spot them, click on the ‘i” next to it in order to get more info.
  • Here, you will see all the basic details of the Apple Airpods and their version.
  • You can click on the version to see if there is an update available for the hands-free device or not.

Try to Reconnect if the Airpods are not Connecting to iPhone

Another thing to solve the connectivity issue is by redoing the entire process once again. So, to begin with this process, switch off the air pods and then turn them on again. While you do this, turn off the Bluetooth in the mobile as well. You have to restart the whole process from both ends. Now, turn on the Bluetooth by going to the settings. After the Bluetooth is one, choose the Airpods from the list of available devices.

  • To give a complete and thorough reset to your Airpods, you need to restart your handsfree pods and mobile phone both.
  •  Keep the pods back into the apple case and turn off your mobile as well.
  • Now, wait for 45 seconds so that both the devices get a reboot.
  • After the wait, restart the iPhone and let put it on your AirPods as well.
  •  You will see the lights on the case blinking as soon as they are reconnected.
  • This rebooting process will help you if your AirPods are connecting to your iPhone.
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Other things to Know

airpods not connecting to iphone

Now that you have the fundamental solutions to the problem of your Airpods not connecting to the iPhone, let us talk about other various things that every AirPods owner must know.

Track Them Down

People love to use them all the time, but because of their small and compact size, we often end up losing them. The company already knew that this would happen with their Airpods. That is why they have already given out the provision to track my AirPods. With this feature, all the Apple AirPods users using it on the iPad, iPhone, or mac can use the essential find my device application to track them down. However, you will have to register and add your device to the list to use this feature.

Add Siri

Another great aspect of using the Airpods is that you can opt to use the Siri feature with them as well. Siri is a beneficial feature in all iPhones that acts as your phone assistant. It can make calls, search up things, and much more just by verbal commands. Usually, the users activate this feature by long-pressing the home bottom or by using the verbal command “Hey Siri.”

To use this assistant, you have to turn on Siri and the verbal settings. Now, since you are connected with the hands-free Bluetooth device, you can also use this feature while using them. To use Siri while using the AirPods, go to the settings and opt to allow Siri to take commands with the Airpods. 

Add More Features

You can use the amazing Airpods in various creative ways. Head towards the setting in your Airpod connected device and open the Airpods settings. Here, you can add the gesture features to them. By this, you can customize the gestures and their usage according to your use. You can adjust and reassign the roles of the single tap and double-tap features for your AirPods. So, by changing the single and double-tap features according to your needs, you can increase your work efficiency quickly. 

Charging it Well

Sometimes, the AirPods users complain that their Airpods are not charging. There can be several reasons behind this. First, simply check on your charging cable/cord and adapter. First, take out the cord/cable from the charging adapter. Now, use them directly from a laptop or any other adapter. By doing so, you will rule out any issue with the cable. If it is working fine constantly, then it’s time to check the adapter. However, if the cord itself is not working on other devices or adapters, that means you will need another cable.

Next, check on the adapter with different USB charging cables to see if they are working or not. If both the cord/cable and the adapter are working fine, then there must be some fault in the Airpods. So, if the AirPods is taking up any power from the charger, take them to your nearest Apple cable. 


From the software update to the reconnection, we shared various solutions that you can use when there is a connecting problem with your Airpods. Moreover, now you also know the multiple uses of the handsfree Airpods by apple that we mentioned above. Check out the various unknown features as well that we have listed above. We hope that now you can make better use of the outstanding device by Apple that can make your life much easier.