YouTube Profile Picture Size and Details For New YouTubers!

YouTube profile picture size

Some Brief Details About Youtube, Profile Picture size, and More!

In this article, we are going to talk about Youtube and the profile picture size details. If you operate any device or use the internet, you must be aware of Youtube. Youtube is an extremely popular video uploading, sharing, and watching site that is free for all to use.

Due to its heavy online traffic and exposure, a lot of content creators are heading towards this platform. There are several aspects of Youtube, but for now, we are going to focus on a channel that one can create there and the segments of a Youtube Channel. From the Youtube profile picture size to the video thumbnail ratio, we will cover it all for you.

A Source of Earning?

Another major factor that attracts various creators to Youtube is that you can earn from it as well. Yes, that’s right. With the right amount of watch time and legit videos, you can make a good profit from this video-sharing website. Earning money with views is one of the main reasons why people are flocking towards youtube lately. Moreover, there are a lot of new YouTubers that have youtube as their primary source of earning! Youtube generates money with the help of advertisements. Just like the television, they put up small ads and banners on all monetized videos.

Profile or Channel?

Well, don’t get confused with the fancy word here. When you log into Youtube and make an account there, it is called a channel. If you are not a creator and don’t want to display anything there, you can keep it as it is as well. However, if you’re going to use your channel and actively upload, there will be several things that a new channel owner will need to keep in mind.

Start-up a Profile 

Well, if you want to make a channel on youtube for yourself, then these are the basic things that a new channel owner will need to keep in mind.

  • The Name- Since millions of channels are already on this video-sharing platform, coming up with a unique and fresh name for the channel id can be challenging. Try to be creative with the name.
  • Profile Picture- No matter what sort of content you are making and uploading. You have to put on a friendly and appealing Cool pfp. A lot of new YouTubers take this part for granted, and they end up missing the exposure. More importantly, the profile picture size on Youtube is different than Facebook or Instagram, so you need to know the specific size for the best look. We will discuss the size issue later in this article.
  • Banner- Along with the profile picture, you also need to put on a banner on Youtube. This banner will welcome the people who end up visiting your channel. The best use of the Youtube banner is that you put some welcoming text here.
  • Some Details- Just like any other website, even youtube will ask you to fill in the about us info and more details. Try to keep the details only about the channel and the type of content you will upload there.
  • Videos– Now, once all this is over, you can start uploading the videos here. Now, for the videos, there are several crucial things that you will need to keep in mind. We will discuss the critical aspects of uploading a video later in this blog.
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Youtube Profile Picture Size

YouTube profile picture size

As we mentioned earlier, Youtube’s profile picture and thumbnails have their own unique size dimensions. In order to put out that best pic, you need to know them. If you add any random picture without matching the size, then the pic can look too small or may look too distorted. Hence, it is best to check out the details before hitting the final upload.

The Youtube profile picture size or dimensions that you are looking for should be 800 pixels wide by 800 pixels wide. This is the perfect size for the youtube profile picture that will bring the best out of it!

Same with the Banner?

Just like the profile pic, even the banner has a unique dimension that many amateur YouTubers are not aware of. As most of the time, the banner will be a text or some written info, it is vital to get the banner size right!

The size that you should go for the Youtube banner is 2560 x 1440 pixels. With such a dimension, there will be no cutting, cropping, or distortion with the picture.

Video Uploading

YouTube profile picture size

Uploading the video is an easy job when you have a channel on Youtube. However, uploading a video and make it get more views is not a very easy job. If you keep these tips mentioned below in mind, then you can increase your chances of getting more and more views.


Not a lot of people who are trying their hand at youtube know about this, but the time of upload on the site plays an important role. Here, you have to keep in mind which time zone you are in and where your target audience is located. If you are making a video with its audience locally, you don’t have to worry about the time zones. However, you will have to keep the time in check though. You prefer to upload your video early in the morning, by 8 a.m or 9 a.m, to get the best results!

The Description

When you are about to add or upload a video on youtube, you will be asked to fill out the description box as well. The description box is the one that is placed below every video so that people can get more info about the video. You can use the description box to increase the reach of your videos as well. Make sure to use good keywords in it and also add some trending hashtags. With this, your video can come up in the search results quicker.

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Well, this is like a profile picture of your video. People are going to see this picture, and then only they will give you a view. So, you have to give the thumbnails the best shot that you can. Many people add misleading thumbnails as well in order to get more views. However, we would not suggest that as those videos get too many dislikes. There are two ways that youtube allows you to add the thumbnail. Either you can take a still from the video and make it your thumbnail Or, you can make a customized thumbnail for the video.

Some Fun Facts About YouTube! 


 Beating Television! 

All thanks to the new age of internet and social media usage, the online video sharing giant has surpassed television in terms of reach and viewership. Slowly and steadily, more and more online video platforms are replacing T.V quickly. The easy reach and the vast content available in it give it a considerable advantage. Also, as you can operate the apps from any device with the internet, it has become more personal. 

Super Rich! 

Well, with the billions of people surfing and uploading the diverse site on a daily basis, it is evident that it earns a considerable amount as well. The company, which Google later bought, makes an estimated $14 Billion per annum. This is a remarkable figure for any company! All thanks to the increasing reach of the internet and mobile phones, the reach of YouTube is increasing even more day by day!  

Impossible to Watch it All! 

As we mentioned earlier, the vid uploads on youtube is a constant thing that is taking place in all corners of the world. Due to this excessive content, the people have managed to do something nearly impossible. As per the study, YouTube holds around five decades worth of video length in it. That means if you were to watch all the videos on YouTube, it would take you more than 50 thousand years to finish it off! 

Global Reach!

One of the major reasons why YouTube is over all the other streaming sites is that it has a global reach in almost all countries! Now, it was impossible to manage the page that could be optimized with worldwide preference because of the worldwide space. Hence, the company came with an idea to give out separate versions of Youtube that people can use in different locations. 

Gamers Paradise 

Yes, this would be an apt tagline for YouTube. For ages, people have loved watching entertaining or skillful players play any video game. Thanks to YouTube and its mass reach, gamers have gained a lot from this opportunity. Almost 20% of YouTube is related to the gaming community only. This includes walkthroughs, gameplay, stunts, and all the other content that people love to watch. A lot of o gamers even stream their gaming live so that their fans can watch them play in live time. 


We hope that now you know all about the channel creation process and its various details. We covered the topics like youtube profile picture size and thumbnail so that you can make the most of the fantastic website/app that can be really helpful if you are trying to share some genuine info/talent or anything else!