Finest partner for betting operators


In the context of rapid and non-stop technology development, the long-standing betting activity quickly shifted to the online form and has been held more and more widely around the globe. It allows technically advanced gamblers from around the world to place bets easily with their smart device. It also means that online betting has also become the top money-generating business for many establishments.

To gain maximum advantage, every online gambling operator needs a powerful, unique, and alluring betting software or platform with flawless betting services. This is where developers and online gambling solution providers participate and collaborate, delivering the most premium gambling experiences to customers of partner bookmakers.

Among the top-leading list, the name mentioned as the biggest and most trusted name is MOHIO Gaming – a developer and provider specializing in sports and virtual game solutions for land-based betting establishments with a huge portfolio, including games made with cutting-edge technologies and well-known customers.

Looking for the best solution for your gambling business, you will find information about MOHIO Gaming products and services, as well as instructions on how you can partner with this titan of the field in the article below.

An overview about MOHIO Gaming

Founded in 2009, this Austrian originated software content provider with a background of 25 years of experience has quickly achieved a high position in the betting solutions market. MOHIO Gaming’s incredible team with excellent skill and understanding of current trends has created powerful and cost-effective gaming and betting solute ions for a wide range of gambling establishments, casinos, bookmakers, lottery operators, self-service terminals, and internet cafes. Its operations and products are globally licensed and BMM & GLI certified by leading gaming labs.

Having been providing products and services in more than 35 countries worldwide and constantly expanding into new areas and territories, MOHIO also ensures compliance with the legal framework of all countries while remaining focused on implementing great solutions for all existing betting needs. Feedback from partnered customers reveals a few reasons why MOHIO Gaming stands out as following:

  •         The quality of the products offered is impeccable, trend-leading, enhancing the player experience and having the great potential to increase business’ profits.
  •         Ready-made and partial terminal solutions, suit a wide range of needs and budgets
  •         Diversified and flexible distribution channels
  •         Long-term and thorough customer relations at every collaborating stage.

Online gaming and betting solutions

Focusing on providing premium quality and innovative products that elevate the player experience, MOHIO offers betting operators virtual sports and gaming solutions that promise to create new waves of trends. MOHIO’s impressive portfolio includes 15 unique products designed and tailored to market as well as specific customer needs, and continues to expand. Reality has proven that these products have been contributing to strong interaction and attractive revenue streams for the gambling platforms of partners.

Five product categories provided by MOHIO include Fantasy, Casino, Lottery, Sports, and Racing. Each category is an interesting combination of a variety of games with intriguing gameplays, outstanding features powered by unique and powerful technologies, varied exhilarative betting options, and exceptional winning plans.

To search for a choice of a specific desired solution, you can quickly access the product catalog at the official MOHIO website or contact their development team directly to discuss your needs.

Distribution channel options

MOHIO offers customers a variety of distribution channels to choose from, easily suitable for the business type and operating market of partners. Gambling operators also can choose from a combination of options to expand and diversify their business.

Distribution channels include: Retail shop, terminals, online, and terminal shop. Each distribution channel gives organizers access to a vast collection of virtual and sports betting games and robust management solutions, ensuring smooth, controlled operation, whether online or in person. The platforms have good compatibility, can integrate well and to a large extent with the partner’s infrastructure, and have the ability to adjust accordingly in the future.

Cooperation with MOHIO

Outstanding in skill and experience, MOHIO has been and continues to provide bookmakers and gambling operators with premium and highly profitable software. In addition, cooperation with customers is something MOHIO Gaming has always appreciated and is evidenced by many partners who have submitted their projects to the MOHIO development team. The products and services provided by MOHIO always ensure the following factors:

The ability to continuously profit

A born betting software that fades or quickly becomes obsolete in a short time is definitely a loss investment. MOHIO doesn’t let that happen to a partner. Not only ensuring products of the highest quality, this trusted supplier continuously innovates and improves, ensuring they are always fresh and attractive to players. As a result, the MOHIO-provided partner revenue generator remains profitable in the long run.

” Tailor ” to the needs of partners

To ensure success in the betting industry, the uniqueness and relevance of the product is the top priority of the operators and also the top priority for MOHIO Gaming. With many years of experience in global cooperation, this manufacturer and supplier personalizes the needs of each partner on the basis of understanding the markets they operate in, their own style from which to develop products and select most profitable distribution channel.

Synchronized and seamless coordination

No cooperation is successful without effective coordination between the two parties. Maintaining regular communication between developers and partners helps MOHIO always stay up-to-date to their customers’ needs, thereby providing solutions that are highly adaptable to the market and current trends.

Broad consultation

Besides developing products to order, MOHIO provides consulting services for customers who are just starting out in the betting industry or are in need of brand renewal. Based on extensive experience, advice from MOHIO’s team of experts can help you capture highly competitive products in your specific market and provide you with branding and marketing solutions help you strengthen your brand position and stand out in the market.

Reasonable cost and flexile payment method

The steps to cooperate with MOHIO are supported quickly and set up free. Partners can choose prepaid or postpaid options.