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How to get free minecraft account in 2019
How to get free minecraft account in 2019

Minecraft is one of the most popular games with more than millions of players since the releasing day in 2011, and continue rising until now.  

Though, regardless of how fantastic the game is, there will be some occasions where you don’t want to pay another $26.95 for a new Premium account (again).

Maybe you got hacked, forgot the password and the registered email too, or whatever. The point is, you don’t want to pay again!

If that’s about your situation right now, you have come to the right place my friend. Below is a guide on how to get a free Minecraft account.

Welcome to Minecraft

If you are looking for info on how to get a free Minecraft Mod account, chances are, you are already familiar with the game. Though, just in case you aren’t, and are still in the digging around phrase, please allow me to briefly summarise what is so fun about Minecraft. Feel free to skip to the main part if you already know. 

One of the highlights of this game is the “survival mode.” Players joining this mode in have to deal with many dangerous entities such as big spiders, zombies, and monsters

It also brings you the “spectator mode” where you can observe other players building and learn from their play. 

When it was first released, it was only available on Xbox. Then the manufacturer saw its potential, and they decided to improve it.

Minecraft is now available on PS4, Xbox, and PC, even iOS and Android, so you have a choice to join this game with ease through your smartphone or tablet. 

A survey has been done, and they said that most players get access from their smartphones. So I think it’s a great move from the developer on deciding to improve the available access devices. 

Spectator mode in Minecraft

However, Minecraft requires you to create an account to get access. Like most other video games, The developers allow you to choose to be a Freemium or a Premium player.  

Of course, a Premium account has more features than the Freemium, but you need to purchase 26$ to unlock it.  

So if you are a student and don’t have much money, then don’t worry, we are here to show you how to get a Minecraft Premium account legally.      

Just in case you can’t be bothered with all the steps, we have a free Minecraft account list ready for your convenience. 

What Can You Get from a Premium Account?

There are some fantastic features waiting for you in the premium world

  • You can have many new characters that you can’t see as free users
  • You will be allowed to customize the model for your characters, such as clothing, skin color, hair, etc.
  • You can save the game at any time, not like in free account that you have to go to the saved station. 
  • You are able to switch to different modes, such as “multiple player” or “survival mode.”
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Deal with Zombie in survival mode

What a huge number of advantages when becoming a premium member. I know that most of Minecraft players are teenagers who haven’t gone to work and still depend on their parents. 

26$ is not a lot, but for them (teenagers who have not worked yet) it seems pretty hard unless he/she gets financial support from their parents. That’s the reason why my article has been born, to give you guidance on how to get a free premium account.

But first, you still have to sign up to make a free Minecraft account. If you already have one, then you’re welcome to skip the next part. But if you don’t, please follow our guide below.

How to Upgrade to Premium Account and Free Minecraft Account and Password in 2019

How to Get a Free Minecraft Account

The most effective and safest way you can get a free Premium account is upgraded from the free one. Here is how. 

1. Go to the Minecraft official website, then choose the ‘Login’ option. A new page will show up, continue to choose the “Register one here” option

2. Fill in all the information as required on the register note (Your username, password, email address). When you finish, click on the ‘Create account.

3. A CAPTCHA test box will appear, you need to click the check of ‘I’m not a robot’ box, then finish the CAPTCHA test.

4. Right after you have done the CAPTCHA test, verification code with four digits will immediately be sent to your email. Copy and paste or type it in the space that requests for it. 

5. It’s finished, now you are a free member of Minecraft.

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How to Create Free Minecraft Premium Accounts List?

There is 10+ Premium Free MC Accounts ( User/Password )

1. cuduong0963 / maiyeuem
2. quangninh_timban / maiyeuem
3. o0o1tu1o0o / maiyeuem
4. sungoit0p / maiyeuem
5. phienbeo1992 / maimaiyeuem
6. meolovely1987 / 123456

  • kiepcodoc / thangbom9x
  • 0phong000 / vietnam9919
  • depjaikhoaito / tonyhung
  • todinhhung12 / huyhh1001
  • chiphongnb01 / votrungnhan115
  • mydanh111993 / luongdaiphat123
  • minhzzvt38 / anbeo098
  • mrkent0503 / kenzdarkpro
  • iubigbangvodoy / hhonghhahh
  • docthanvuive_1992 / 1capgavip1

Integrating your account into the Mojang library is the most effective and safest way to migrate to a premium account

If you don’t know, Mojang is the official developer of Minecraft. So This method gives you easier access to be a premium member. Here are the details on steps to migrate your Minecraft to a Mojang account.

1. Go to this address

2. Enter exactly your Minecraft account. Information (username, email, and password). 

3. A CAPTCHA test box will appear, then you need to check the box to admit that you aren’t a robot. 

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4. Check the box that indicates you’ve accepted the site’s terms and conditions.

5. Click on the ‘Migrate account’ option; then the verification page will open. You will receive a verification code with four digits through your email. Copy and paste or type the code exactly at the blank of verification box. 

6. Click enter, and now your free Minecraft account has changed to a Mojang account.

Now you have already got a premium Mojang account; you just need to sign in the Minecraft by this account to get a free premium membership. 

Try to build a big castle in Minecraft now

Other Ways to Get Free Minecraft Account 

There is more than one method to access to the premium account. If you don’t want to migrate your free premium one to Mojang library, then you can claim free premium account that has been released on some websites

Other players have made all these accounts. 

And is the most popular website which gives people free account for many video games. A group of pro players also tests it. 

The step to claim free account on this website is quite straightforward:

· Go on this link –

· Click on the ‘Create account’ option on the homepage, then fill in the required details (Username, E-mail address, Password then finish the security CAPTCHA test).  

· A new page appears, then you click on the ‘Gaming’ option. 

· Find the Other Games’ option in which you would find a variety of games. Choose the Minecraft option, and it will provide you a list of Minecraft premium accounts

· Check out to see what account is still available to work as some of them is out of date.  

. Now join the game by a suitable account interface – sharing account station

Not only, but there are also many more websites providing premium Minecraft account for free. The way to get a complimentary premium account on these sites is the same as at 

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Below are four popular websites you can check for a Minecraft account

1. MC-PREMIUM.ORG | Free MC Premium Account

2. FastAlts: Minecraft Account Generator

3. MCLeaks .net – Free MC Accounts

4. – Free Minecraft Accounts

It’s quite easy to get free Minecraft accounts without filling in your information to sign up legally. However, many free accounts have been out of date. 

Otherwise, you can imagine that not only you are on the way to get a free account. Therefore, Many accounts cannot work as maybe some players have used them. 

In my opinion, the most comfortable way to get a free premium Minecraft account is to first create a free Minecraft account legally, then switch it to Mojang account. 

That way, you feel free to access the premium account with unlimited period and don’t be disturbed by other players.

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Now It’s Your time, Minecraft Gamers

Minecraft is a perfect video game to develop players creativity without violence action, which is suitable for both children and adults. 

Let’s create a free premium account, or take one from other players from the free Minecraft account list, choose what you want then discover a wonderful world of Minecraft.   If your friends want to play with you and they don’t have a premium account as well, then you can share this article with them.



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