Games as a Service- How can it Change the Gaming World in 2021

games as a service

Games as a Service

Ever came across the term Games as a service? If you want to know all about it, then stick around! In this article about games as a service, we will talk about everything you need to know about it! As we all know that the gaming and online world has continuously been changing. As the new games and consoles keep on replacing each other. On the whole, the gamer community keeps changing, too, as we know that there has been a mass jump in the world of gaming in terms of experience and quality in the past few years. The reason behind this is the game developers and the community wants to keep on refining their world.

One such refinement was done recently that is called games as a service. It is majorly relieved around the monetary links that any games have. As many people shift towards choosing gaming as a profession, the game developers also had to make a move to expand their earning horizon. This was done with the help of games as a service.


Nowadays, we all download our games directly from the internet compared to the older days where we had to go and buy a physical copy of them. This has made an enormous difference in how game developers and companies are trying to induce new ways to tap their market. One such recent way of this attempt is games as a service. This is where you buy a game, but you have to pay more for various things in the long run.

Additional Info

Hence, the game acts as a mere platform to buy more things and pay for them. The payment can be for various things. Be it an update or an advancement, where you want to proceed in the game or the game’s quality. You have to pay for it. Even forgetting some new missions too. The gaming possibilities are endless when it comes to the gaming world. This new creativity has caught up well with all the game developers and distributors.

More Details 

Games as a service in a fascinating and long-lasting concept. This is because now they can earn through various ways in the long run from the people. In this model, one has to buy a game or, more like, download a game and then keep playing it online. Once an update or level is unlocked or needed, they will have to purchase it. It can change the games’ work, and we play for them drastically. They are the games that gamers can download and enjoy for free.

Various Components of the New Model

games as service
Payment Modes

One of the significant components of games as a service is how and when the payment will be made by the gamers trying to pay. For this, the companies have used various methods until now, from the immediate payment mode to the weekly or monthly payment with a getaway server. This can help the players to easily pay and play whenever they want to do so. Another important thing they have to look for is when they have to ask the gamers for the payments. This will depend on the different games and their different concepts. So make sure to know all about it before you try to download and play that game.

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User Help

As we are adding a completely new and vital component to the gaming world, it was evident that there will be times when everything will not go in our favor. So, the games and the developers must think of a continuous and robust help that anyone may require at any hour. The companies have to minimize their damage wherever they can from the online chat help to some regular sign-up details.


Another important component of games as a service is that they have to dynamic at all times. One has to make sure that the gaming world will keep on expanding no matter what. There will be new and different updates daily. All of this means that the games and the payment methods will have to design confidently. The best way to do and add the payment is by making sure that you keep everything pre-planned. Moreover, you have to make the games in such a way that they have a scope to change and develop in the long run.

Modes of Payment

games as services

There are various ways that gamers can play game companies while enhancing their gaming experience. One such way is to have a lovely model of currency in the online game itself. This is online-themed currency will be a super fun way to make the payments as the gamers can still feel as they are a part of the game. However, this will need a lot of development to do as making a small currency for the sake of a game is not easy. Moreover, using those games and combining them with the payment mode will not be an easy task. So this is a complicated process, but they can make the games as a service an entertaining thing. 

Be Creative 

Another fantastic component is the expansion of creativity. These modes of payments can bring to the games. If the games are planned accordingly, the developers can creatively incorporate the games and the payments. It will be up to them as to when and why they add a payment process in the game. It can be to unlock various creative characters, or it can be seasonal as well. 

Add More Elements 

Another way to add the games as a service is that the game companies can level up their game experience with the help of payments. For example, in PUBG or Fortnite, players can get new items in the containers they can open if they pay a small amount. This will really tap into many gamers as they want their characters to have the best things available in the game. Moreover, the game companies can even add new themes for which the players will have to pay. 

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Basic Payment 

To keep the game and the payment simple, the payment method can be added at the beginning of the game. This ensures that whoever chooses to play the game has to pay first, and then they can proceed to play the games. This is an excellent method to bring in vast revenue into the games. This has been done in the past where various games had this pay-to-play concept. It means that every time they want to start a new game, they will have to pay. Pay directly, Be it in cash or in some in-game currency. 

Advertisment and More!

As we know that advertisements play a huge role in the gaming world. Be it the ad that pops up in between every time you die or the ads that play at the very start of the games. The advertisements can be a great way to get that regular revenue every time they launch a new game. The ads can keep on generating income whenever someone plays that game. To add the gamer’s payment in this scene, the game can give an option to the gamer. Either the gamer has to watch the ads, or they can pay to have ad-free gaming time! 

Add More Games! 

Another thing that can act as a vital part of games as a service is that one gaming company can sell a different bunch of games together all at once. This will help the gamers to experience a new game every now and then. Moreover, the gaming firm will also get a chance to expand its games. This also has been done in the past. Some companies choose to sell a bunch of games at once at a lower price. So the gamers also feel that paying a large amount at once will be a worthy payment as compared to buying the different games one by one. 


Memberships are a widespread payments methods that we see. Not only in the gaming community but also in ott and other streaming platforms. The memberships on multiplayer games offer various perks that you can use to get a better gaming experience. Moreover, one can grade the memberships as well. If any gamer wants to discontinue the member, they can do so at any given time. 

Major Advantages 

  • Play a bunch of games by giving a lower price of all of them at once. 
  • Every payment and game enhancement are made online! 
  • They can use various consoles like PS5, Mobile, or a PC to enjoy their games. 
  • No need to add anything to your console. 
  • Overall a cheap and better experience when you look at the gaming experience at large.

Final Thoughts 

We hope that now you know what games of services stand for. There is various way to incorporate the gaming world, and the possibilities of a better gaming experience are endless! We hope that the gaming world expands to its fullest. Moreover, a lot of people benefit from it.