Harry Potter House Quiz and Fun Facts About the Houses

harry potter house quiz

Do you want to join one of the Harry Potter Houses? If yes, then we can help you out to find the perfect house for you! Take up the Harry Potter House quiz and see in which one you end up!

Which of the terms would you hate people to call you?





After you have passed on, what might you most like individuals to do when they hear your name?

Miss you, however, grin

Request more anecdotes about your experiences

Think with adoration of your accomplishments

I couldn’t care less what individuals consider me after I’m dead; it’s what they feel me while I’m alive that matters

Given the decision, would you instead create an elixir that would promise you:





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Make sure to answer all the questions honestly.

How might you want to be known to history?

The Wise

The Good

The Bold

The Great

You enter a charming nursery. What might you be generally inquisitive about inspecting first?

The silver-leafed tree bearing brilliant apples

The fat red toadstools that give off an impression of being conversing with one another

The foaming pool, in the profundities of which something radiant is whirling

The statue of an old wizard with an unusually twinkling eyeӬӬ

What sort of instrument most satisfies your ear?





Bonus Questions of the Harry Potter House Quiz

Four boxes are put before you. Which would you attempt and open?

The little tortoiseshell box, adorned with gold, inside which some little animal is by all accounts squeaking.

The shining pure black box with a silver lock and key, set apart with a baffling rune that you know to be Merlin’s sign.

The resplendent brilliant coffin, remaining on tore feet, whose engraving cautions that both mystery information and intolerable allurement exist.

The little pewter box, unassuming and straight, with a scratched message upon it that peruses “˜I open just for the commendable.’

Four cups are set before you. Which would you decide to drink?

The frothing, foaming, shiny fluid that shimmers as if containing ground precious stones.

The smooth, thick, lavishly purple beverage that radiates a tasty smell of chocolate and plums.

The brilliant fluid so splendid that it harms the eye, and which makes sunspots move all around the room

The baffling, dark liquid that sparkles like ink, and emits exhaust makes you see abnormal dreams.

When consistently, the Flutterby hedge produces flowers that adjust their aroma to draw in the unwary. On the off chance that it attracted you, it would smell of:

A popping log fire

Crisp material


The ocean

A troll has gone wild in the Headmaster’s examination at Hogwarts. It is going to crush, pound, and tear a few key things and fortunes, including a cure for winged serpent pox, which the Headmaster has almost consummated; understudy records returning 1000 years and a baffling transcribed book brimming with strange runes, accepted to have had a place with Merlin. In which request would you salvage these items from the troll’s club, on the off chance that you could? (Select Order)

  1. Mythical beast Pox Cure 2. Merlin’s Book 3. Understudy’s Records
  2. Cure 2. Records 3. Book
  3. Book 2. Cure 3. Records
  4. Book 2. Records 3. Cure
  5. Records 2. Cure 3. Book
  6. Records 2. Book 3. Cure

Which would you rather be?







Which of the accompanying do you find generally hard to manage?





Being Ignored

What are you generally anticipating learning at Hogwarts?

Each territory of enchantment that I can

Phantom and Disapparition (having the option to emerge and dematerialize at will)Ӭ

Transfiguration (transforming one item into another object)Ӭ

Flying on a broomstick

Hexes and jinxesӬ

None of these

What are you generally anticipating learning at Hogwarts? Snap “None of these” on the off chance that you previously decided on the last inquiry

About mystical animals, and how to become a close acquaintance with/care for them

Insider facts about the mansion

None of these

More Questions

In the event that you could have any power, which would you pick?

Power to understand minds

The power of imperceptibility

Power of superhuman quality

The power to address creatures

Power to change the past

The power to change your appearance freely

Which of the accompanying might you most want to contemplate?






None of these

Which of the accompanying might you most want to consider? Snap “none of these” on the off chance that you previously responded to the last inquiry



None of these

One of your housemates has cheated in a Hogwarts test by utilizing a Self-Spelling Quill. Presently he has come top of the class in Charms, beating you into the second spot. Educator Flitwick is suspicious of what occurred. He attracts you to the other side after his exercise and asks you whether your cohort utilized a prohibited plume. What do you do?

Falsehood and state you don’t have the foggiest idea (yet trust that another person comes clean with Professor Flitwick).

Advise Professor Flitwick that he should ask your colleague (and resolve to tell your cohort that on the off chance that he doesn’t come clean, you will).

Come clean with Professor Flitwick. On the off chance that your colleague is set up to win by cheating, he has the right to be discovered. Additionally, as you are both in a similar house, any focus he loses will be recovered by you to start things out in his place.

You would not stand by to be approached to come clean with Professor Flitwick. In the event that you realized that someone was utilizing a prohibited plume, you would tell the educator before the test began.

You and two companions need to cross a scaffold watched by a waterway troll who demands fighting one of you before he will let everyone pass. Do you:

Endeavor to confound the troll into letting every one of you three go without fighting?

Suggest attracting parcels to choose which of you will fight?

Suggest that each of you three should fight (without telling the troll)?

Elect to fight?

Which street entices you most?

The wide, radiant, verdant path

The tight, dark, light lit rear entryway

The curving, leaf-strewn way through woods

The cobbled road fixed with old structures

Which bad dream would terrify you most?

Remaining over something extremely high and acknowledging out of nowhere that there is no hand-or dependable balance, nor any boundary to stop you falling

An eye at the keyhole of the dark, austere room in which you are bolted

Awakening to locate that neither your companions nor your family has any thought of what your identity is.

Being compelled to talk in such a senseless voice, that scarcely anybody can get you, and everybody chuckles at you

Late around evening time, strolling alone down the road, you hear an exceptional cry that you accept to have a mystical source. Do you:

Continue with alert, keeping one hand on your covered wand and an eye out for any aggravation?

Draw your wand and attempt to find the wellspring of the commotion?

Draw your wand and hold fast?

Pull back into the shadows to anticipate advancements, while intellectually evaluating the most proper protective and hostile spells, should inconvenience happen?

One more question of the Harry Potter House Quiz which you might get asked before the house allocation.

A Muggle stands up to you and says that they are sure you are a witch or wizard. Do you:

Ask what makes them suspect as much

Concur, and ask whether they’d like a free example of a jinx

Concur, and leave, leaving them to ponder whether you are feigning

Reveal to them that you are stressed over their psychological well-being, and offer to call a specialist.

The End of Harry Potter House Quiz 

Since the Harry Potter House quiz is over, here are some facts about Hogwarts’ houses, which will give you more insights about the Houses so you can know about your house after the Harry Potter House quiz in detail. Enjoy more magical secrets about your favorite Disney characters. 


The house of the bold, steadfast, gutsy, daring, brave, and gallant. The individuals who support others usually are Gryffindors. Daring hearted is the most notable Gryffindor trademark, and Gryffindors are likewise known for having a great deal of nerve.

Gryffindors are individuals who hold a large number of characteristics close by the ones recorded, making them a very balanced house. Individuals who are Gryffindors are regular individuals who could fit pleasantly into another house; however, decide to tell the arranging cap they need Gryffindor (there’s that grit). “Make the wisest decision” is the maxim Gryffindors pass by.

Being a Gryffindor implies that you’re likely a gutsy and brave companion, and you are typically known for making the wisest decision.


The house is known for their insight, insight, inventiveness, intelligence, and information. The individuals who worth minds over sturdiness can be found here. Ravenclaws frequently will, in general, be very eccentric also. “Do what is shrewd” is the adage they endeavor to follow.

Despite the fact that Ravenclaws can be smarty pants some of the time, they probably realize what the most astute choice is.

In the event that you are known for being the idiosyncratic companion, the most intelligent in the gathering or only incredible at settling on insightful choices, you’re unquestionably a Ravenclaw.


This house estimations difficult work, devotion, reasonable play, tolerance, and dependability. Hufflepuff’s are known for being simple and genuine. “Do what is pleasant” is their witticism.

Hufflepuff is known as the “decent house” and accepts unequivocally in saving individuals’ emotions and being benevolent. It is not necessarily the case that Hufflepuffs aren’t keen or gallant. Hufflepuffs simply appreciate making others cheerful and will, in general, be increasingly understanding toward individuals.

In the event that you ever view that you are as unreasonably decent to your benefit and can’t stand to offend someone, congrats, you are a Hufflepuff.


This is the house of the guile, prideful, ingenious, aspiring, shrewd, and decided. Slytherin’s adoration to be in control and desire authority. “Do what is important” is the maxim of this house.

Slytherin is a genuinely balanced house, like different houses. They are faithful to those that are faithful to them similarly as Gryffindors are and are insightful as Ravenclaws.

Slytherin house, in general, isn’t underhanded, in spite of what number of dark wizards leave this house. That is just founded on the decisions of those wizards (so if your companion is a Slytherin, don’t pass judgment, it doesn’t mean they are mean individuals).

We hope you enjoyed the Harry Potter House Quiz questions which the Sorting Hat might ask and the House Facts!