How has AI Proved Helpful in Battling Corona Pandemic?

AI Proved Helpful In Battling Corona Pandemic

In the present day and time, we are all going through a tough situation of a global pandemic, COVID – 19. Today, there are over 17 lac people infected from this virus around the world. The death toll has crossed a 100 thousand mark. Since there’s been a rapid increase in the virus spread, researchers across the world are seeking ways to compact it. In this, Artificial Intelligence, too, has played a pivotal role. Let’s find out ways in which AI has proved to help battle Corona Pandemic. 

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To forecast and identify the corona outbreak

Kiara a technology expert, who offers online assignment help adelaide, says that the easiest way to combat the virus is by tracking it fast. Though in such cases, prevention is the only way to overcome this pandemic, but tracking the virus at the very early stages gives better control over the situation. In tracking the virus, Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role. With the use of advanced AI techniques, the healthcare centers can not only detect an outbreak of the virus but also forecast its occurrence ahead of time. A Canadian Startup, BlueDot, is using Artificial Intelligence for the early detection of Corona. However, this isn’t the only startup using advanced machine learning or AI to tackle COVID-19. A MedTech company in Israel, Nanox has come up with a digital X-ray system, which uses an AI cloud-based software to detect or identify the infections. Moreover, using AI algorithms, researchers have come up with trained neural networks that aid in predicting the spread of the virus. 

Using drones to deliver medical supplies

Amelia, who offers python homework help online says, that she has been the victim of this pandemic and has experienced the shortage of medical supplies in the emergency. Honestly, transportation of the medical supplies in the time of a disease outbreak is quite a task. Using drones for delivery is the safest medium for rendering the medical supplies. This AI mechanism was used by Terra Drone, which is a Japanese Company to transport quarantine material and medical supplies from the disease control center to the People’s Hospital. Google, too, is planning to use this method for the delivery of medical aids in emergencies. It is indeed an effective measure and a great aid during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments and private institutions have to come together to expedite the usages and awareness of such technologically advanced drones.

AI helps in the diagnosing the virus

Healthcare professionals are using Artificial Intelligence to identify or detect the virus. With AI-driven diagnosis, doctors are better adept at detecting the virus. Malini, a digital entrepreneur, who works with websites that offers write my essay for me online services, says that the most appealing thing about AI technology is that it helps in faster detection of the virus. This mechanism was used as an e-commerce giant, Alibaba. 

Following the study conducted by this Chinese eCommerce store, the results of the AI technology in regards to the diagnosis of the virus are almost 96% correct. Further, AI offers a bunch of benefits to other sectors, too, such as finance, travel, sales, eCommerce, and others. If studies are to be believed, by 2030, the contribution of AI towards the global economy would be over $15.7 trillion. Hence, AI can play a detrimental role in accentuating business revenues. 

Use of AI to deliver or sterilize the food 

Coronavirus is a communicable disease. It can be transferred from one person to another by a mere touch. Thus, to reduce the contact, robots driven by AI are employed to perform high-end tasks such as sterilizing or cleaning the places. The robots are also quite helpful in delivering medicines and food to the patients. This is by far the most effective and useful impact of Artificial Intelligence concerning COVID-19. A UVD robot has been designed by Blue Ocean Robotics for this operation. It is a robot that can autonomously kill viruses and bacteria in the vicinity. This is a mobile robot that is used in the pharmacy industry and the hospital for disinfecting the space. 

To keep a tab on the infected humans

Kylie, who offers the best affiliate marketing course online, says that the most incredible use of AI in combating the pandemic is via AI-driven robots and drones. China has come up with an exquisite surveillance system to keep a check on pandemic via AI technique. This technique is used to identify individuals who have the virus. According to the system, the temperature detection and facial recognition software would be used to detect the individuals who have symptoms of the virus. Smart helmets enabled with AI are also used to detect people who have a fever or any other symptom associated with the virus. It is an interesting use of AI in fighting the global Corona pandemic. 

So these are the top 5 ways in which Artificial Intelligence has proved helpful in battling COVID-19 pandemic at a global level.