How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

A well-manicured, lush green lawn is a pleasing sight and has a calming effect when you view it every day. With spaces shrinking in most cities, you may have small patches of turf in your backyard. Whatever the size of your lawn, you need a high-quality lawnmower, as it is one of the essential gardening tools to own. 

A right lawn mower for small gardens is what you should look for if you have smaller spaces.  However, you’ll be overwhelmed with the vast array and numerous brands of lawn mowers available and won’t be able to decide quickly.

Here’s a quick guide to choose the right lawn mower for small gardens:

The Types of Lawnmowers


This type of lawnmower gets its name from its cylindrical blades that cut the grass while rotating vertically. There are three blades placed in the machine’s front part that cut the grass against a fixed blade. These lawnmowers are an excellent choice for small gardens and come in a choice of manual, electric and petrol. 


If you have long, rough patches of grass in your lawn, a rotary lawnmower is what you need. It has a single blade rotating horizontally, placed underneath the mower. A versatile choice, a rotary lawnmower is sturdy and suitable for cutting rough grass. It runs on electricity, a rechargeable battery, or petrol. 


Hover lawnmowers are contactless mowers that hover above the grass. They can easily maneuver over uneven terrain and are an excellent choice for small gardens.

Power Options in Lawnmowers for Small Lawns


The best choice for small-sized gardens is a lawn mower that runs on your mains electricity. These lawnmowers are small, easy to operate and maintain, and stored anywhere in the house. Check the length of the cord to make sure it reaches all areas of your lawn. 

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Cordless Lawnmowers

Battery-operated lawn mowers are cordless and very convenient as they don’t have a cable trailing along. However, as these run on a battery, they can be operated only as long as the battery has power and will need frequent recharges, based on the usage. These lawnmowers can be quite expensive and are not heavy-duty.

Petrol lawnmowers

One of the most popular choices is the good old petrol lawnmower that does not need any cables and purrs along smoothly, trimming your lawn evenly. Petrol—operated lawn mower is an ideal choice for small gardens or slightly bigger gardens. However, they need to be serviced regularly, and you need to check the oil level regularly. 


Manually operated or push-lawn mowers are cylinder lawn mowers that run mechanically and need to be pushed manually. They don’t consume any power or fuel and are noiseless and a great form of exercise, as they offer mind-body health benefits.  

However, these lawnmowers are useful only in even terrain and are unsuitable for steeps and slopes.  A push-lawnmower is an ideal choice for the eco-conscious people concerned about leaving a carbon footprint and who like to sweat it out in the garden now and then. 

Self-Propelled Lawn mowers

You also get self-propelled lawn mowers of the petrol and electric variety, which don’t need to be pushed. All you need to do is to steer them on the right path to have a well-cut lawn. However, this type of lawnmower is suitable for slightly larger gardens where there is a big expanse of grass to mow. 

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Grass Collectors

Most lawn mowers come with a box that acts as a receptacle to collect the grass clippings. Choosing a lawnmower with a grass box helps save time you’d have to spend on raking the cut grass. 

Summing it Up

While you have a choice of lawnmowers, a petrol lawnmower is still the most popular choice as it is sturdy, dependable, and a workhorse. However, it has to be serviced regularly. The other options include futuristic robot lawnmowers, which are like self-driving cars.