DIY Project: How to Put Old Glass Bottles into Use

Old Glass Bottles

The decomposition rate of glass is almost nil. It takes about a million years for glass to decompose and be expunged from the ecosystem completely. Basically, the first glass ever created is still in existence, intact like it was created yesterday. This does not bode so well for the environment; fortunately, glass is 100% recyclable.

There are many things that you can do to help ease the burden of having glass strewn all over. It may not be something as complex as recycling, but helpful all the same. All those bottles you may be hoarding, be it wine, beer, soda, or perfume bottles, they can all be turned into something beautiful for home use. The following are DIY projects you can try with glass bottles. DIY Project: How to Put Old Glass Bottles into Use-

Pendant Lights


You can turn your house into a colorful abode using different types of bottles. Wine bottles do exceptionally well in this regard as they come in unique shapes and colors. Start by cutting the underside of the bottles off; you will need tools for this. Once you have sawed that part off, insert a bulb and have it wired out through the neck of the bottle. Hang it anywhere like a chandelier and let it liven up your living room.

Flower Vases

Are you tired of knocking over and breaking your expensive chinaware vases? Well, bottles could be the perfect alternative for you. You do not need to spend a dime; all you need is a couple of old bottles. Clean them up nicely and drop in some flower seeds with some soil or water. You can spice things up by placing the bottles in a wooden crate or hanging them off your walls and watch the flowers bloom.

Candle Holders

Candles add life to a house, especially a dinner table during a meal. But they can be messy at times, with all that wax melting off and spreading on surfaces. If you have old bottles, turn them into candle holders and say goodbye to staining. 

The easy DIY project involves sawing a bottle cleanly at its midpoint. Fill it up with melted candle wax with a wick placed down the middle for the fire. Let it solidify, and you have yourself a beautiful candle set. The bottles could be off different colors for a better effect.

Bird Feeder


There is no harm in extending a helping hand to the little birds, animals, and even insects. You can turn that colorful bottle into a tap filled with sweet juices for the hummingbird to take a sip out of. You could also cut up the bottles halfway and turn them into little water troughs for the animals and birds to quench their thirst.

On top of providing food for animals, the bottles also add an aesthetic touch to your compound. Exercise caution though lest you turn your home into a zoo.

Liquid Soap Dispensers

That expensive bottle of liquor that you find hard to throw away convert it into a hand wash container. You need to get the dispenser nozzle and fasten it on the bottle’s mouth.

Fill the bottle with any hand wash or liquid soap; homemade ones would do well. Place the bottle near a sink and surprise your visitors when they come over.

Bottle Trees

Bottle trees have been in existence for long. In some places, they are believed to have the power to ward off evil. Whether that belief holds any water, we will never know. What is known, however, is that they make for beautiful props around the compound.

Bottle trees are essentially bottles stuck into a wooden or metal structure that resembles the shape of a tree. The bottles can be placed randomly or symmetrically. The more varied the bottles in terms of size and color, the higher the aesthetic appeal.

Bug Catchers

Placing lighting bugs into a glass bottle and placing it somewhere in a dark room makes for an interesting magical sight. The bottle will have to be wide and clear. You can also use colored ones as you see fit. Make the opening as wide as possible then cover it with a fitting lid that has breathing holes poked through it. The last thing you would want is to suffocate the little bugs to death. 

You do not need to fill it up to the brim, with bugs, just a few would do. The tick is to allow them enough space to fly around for a better effect.

Bottle Art

For those that are blessed with painting talent, you can turn old bottles into your canvas. Paint anything you wish on it; it could be a rolling landscape, flowers, animals. Anything that adds color to your house. If you are good enough, you could turn this into a side venture that could earn you some cash. Not many people are able to resist a beautifully painted bottle.

Drinking Glasses

This one could be a bit of a stretch, but it is still doable. You can turn all your glass bottles into drinking glasses. All you need to do is cut off the glasses somewhere near the middle. Since glass is sharp, you will have to smoothen the edges to make it safe for drinking. It is cheaper to simply buy normal drinking glasses, but it does not hurt to try this DIY project.


Glass bottles are built to last, the only thing that comes between them and that is breakage. Most bottles, especially wine bottles, are designed in beautiful shapes. You can take advantage of this and turn them into any of the objects mentioned above. It may look insignificant, but you are helping keep an extra bottle out of the landfill.