How to Convert GIF to PDF Online?

Convert GIF to PDF Online

If you need to combine several GIF images into one file, converting them into PDF is one of the most convenient options. You can convert GIF to PDF not only using special software, but also via online services that do not require any additional software to be installed on your computer. This article will inform you how to convert gif to pdf online and which services can be used.

Popular Reasons for Changing the File Type from GIF to PDF

If you need to merge multiple GIF images into one, it may be useful to turn gif to pdf for various reasons. Some of the most popular reasons for radically changing the file type are listed below:

  • Saving animated images: GIF images are often used to create animations and simple videos. Converting graphic files to PDF format allows the animation to be saved as a document, making it easier to distribute and share;
  • Creating eBooks: PDF is one of the most popular formats for reading on the Internet. Converting animated images to PDF format can be useful for creating literary works that contain art inserts;
  • Improving image quality: PDF format provides high quality graphics and preserves them without losses during conversion. Converting GIF files to PDF format can improve picture quality and keep it in high resolution;
  • Merging images into a single file: Converting animated images from multiple frames to PDF can be useful when merging multiple images into a single file. This allows you to keep all the animation frames in one document in order to give a simpler form for distribution and further editing;
  • Copyright protection: the PDF format allows you to protect the copyright of the images by adding various restrictions on use. If you choose to convert gif to pdf file, you can protect the copyright of the animation frames and prevent their illegal use.

These are just some of the reasons why you may need to convert GIF pictures to PDF file type. The final choice of format depends on the specific task and requirements for the image.

Ways to turn gif to pdf Online and Offline

File name extensions can be changed either through a browser or offline using special software.

The most popular online converters are the following:

  • This site provides a convert gif to pdf service in a few clicks. The user needs to select an animated image on the computer to change, then set the PDF format in the settings and activate the process. In just a few seconds, the finished document can be downloaded;
  • This real-time software allows you to download GIF files from your computer or laptop hard drive, as well as from popular cloud storage services, including Dropbox. You need to select an animation, the final file type and run the conversion process to successfully transform the format;
  • With the popular service, you can change the file name extension from GIF to PDF, as well as other formats. The process of selecting and processing files does not differ from the conditions of the converters presented in the list above.

To turn gif to pdf offline, the most commonly used programs are:

  • Adobe Acrobat – one of the most popular software products for creating and editing PDF files. You can use it to convert an animated image into a document, preserving all the frames. To do this, you need to download the original file and save it in PDF format;
  • Nitro Pro is a handy application for generating and modifying files with PDF extension. Functionality management does not differ from the previous variant. To get the document, you need to click on the “Save as PDF” button after loading the image;
  • CutePDF Writer – a free tool for converting documents to PDF format. To get a storyboard of an animated image in PDF, you need to download and install the program, open the GIF file and click on the “Print” button. After that, you only need to select a folder to save the converted PDF file and save it.

You can convert gif to pdf file online or offline with these methods. Use different tools and programs depending on your needs and preferences.

How to convert gif to pdf with Pandadoc Tools

PDFPlatform is a convenient and practical online converter from Pandadoc, it hides many advantages for working with documents. In particular, the platform provides a high level of security, allowing you to work with files of different formats on any device from anywhere. The service has a convenient and intuitive interface, and also offers a wide range of tools for editing and converting documents into different formats, including the ability to turn gif to pdf.

To change the filename extension with PDFPlatform, follow these steps:

  1. Register at the online platform if you don’t already have an account;
  2. Find the “New Document” button, it’s on the main page of the tool, and click it;
  3. Use the “Upload File” option and select the GIF image you want to convert to a more convenient format;
  4. Once you have downloaded the source, click on the “Export” button at the top;
  5. From the drop-down menu, choose the PDF format and activate the conversion with the “Export” button;
  6. Download the resulting PDF file to your device.

This way, you can easily turn gif to pdf with the office tool from Pandadoc, without having to install additional programs or use third-party online converters that do not guarantee security or privacy.