How to share wifi password? Four Methods to connect your wifi to your personal device

How to share wifi password
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Do you have to share your wifi password and enter it manually again and again? Say no more! Here are the top ten easy methods on how to share your wifi password and stay connected? 


Wifi or Wireless Network service has become a part of our daily lives. Not a solo working day goes by when we do not access our PCs or MacBooks to Netflix and chill or complete a college assignment or whatnot. To do all these tasks, we require to connect our devices to a steady internet connection.

Whether you have a wireless internet service router installed at home/office or you use a Smartphone hotspot to get access to the internet, the process can be frustrating because you will require to enter the password manually each time. How can you avoid that? Those who are not good with technology may have a challenging time figuring that out. 

How to share wifi password

Today in this reading, we brought you a complete guide on how to share wifi passwords? Thanks to our expert researchers, in this reading, we have covered all the devices and their combinations possible. For example, iPhone to macOS connection or Android to Windows PC wifi connection and so on. 

Further ahead, you can also find out methods on how to share a wifi password with a friend directly! In the event that you have any quiz apart from what’s given in this reading, you can drop them in the comment section. 

So, this very minute, let’s take a glance at those methods. 

Top 10 Methods on how to share wifi password? 

Please note that all the methods mentioned below on the question “how to share wifi password?” are true and tried. In the event that you are viewing these methods for learning purposes, we strongly advocate that you do not stake your wifi password with an unknown device or device of a stranger that is appearing in nearby devices. 

#Method 1: How to share wifi password to MacBook using iPhone?

To begin with, this method is applicable in the following scenario: 

When you have a third-party wifi network router (broadband) installed at home. And, you want to share your wifi password using iPhone to a Macbook user who, as a consequence, connects to the broadband. Please note that this technical routine is not applicable to Windows users. Let’s take a look at the instructions: 

  • First of all, make certain that you and your friends are on each other’s contact list using Apple ID. 
  • In this way, the iCloud keychain can easily connect dots between you and your friend’s MacBook device. 
  • If not, check out the following instructions on how to do it?

How to add Apple ID contact in iPhone? 

  • First of all, access the “contacts” on your iPhone. 
  • Now, scroll down to the contact of the person with whom you want to share your wifi password. 
  • Tap on the “Edit” option. 
  • Scroll down to the “home” alternative. 
  • Enter the other person’s Apple ID. 
  • Finally, snick on the “done” button to confirm your choice. 

As mentioned before, both parties must have each other’s Apple ID saved in their contact apps. Thus, if you are the MacBook owner, read ahead. 

How to add Apple ID contact in macOS? 

  • From launchpad, click on the “Finder” App. 
  • Here, from the left-side menu, click on the “Application” option.
  • Further, click on the “Contacts” App. 
  • Tap on the + icon on the left-bottom corner. 
  • Click on the “new contact” option
  • Add the Apple ID of the iPhone user from whom you want the wifi password in the home section.
  • Finally, tap-tap on the DONE button at the bottom. 

Now that you are connected via contacts in iCloud. Move on to the next steps. 

How to share wifi password

What to do next? 

  • First of all, assure that your iPhone is linked to broadband. 
  • On macOS, open the “Wifi status” from the menu bar. 
  • Or, you can ask Siri, “Hey Siri, Open wifi status.”
  • Next, from the left-side menu, select the wifi network you want a password for. 
  • macOS will automatically send requests on the iPhone for password sharing. 
  • The iPhone user is now required to click on the “Share password” option. 
  • On the other hand, a notification dialogue box will appear on the mac screen, which will show the password. 
  • Tap on the “join automatically” option to connect instantly. 

How to share wifi password to iPhone using macOS? 

Similarly, in the event that you want to share a password from macOS to another iPhone user, you can access “Wifi” in iPhone settings. Then, click on the network that you desire to join. The iPhone will automatically send requests to the mac screen. Mac users will be required to confirm it by entering an Apple ID password if it’s his customized settings. 

What to do if the above method does not work? 

Presuming that the above method does not work for you, it is possible that there’s a barrier causing trouble connecting the iPhone to macOS. To strengthen this connection and retry with the above method successfully, take into consideration the following tips: 

How to share wifi password

  • Open “Bluetooth” on both the devices and make certain that they are visible in each other’s connection devices option. 
  • Make certain that the iPhone and Macbook are not very far physically. 
  • Please ensure that your broadband is working fine. 
  • Check the broadband administrator dashboard to see if the Macbook device is not under the “blocked devices.” 
  • Make certain that the Apple IDs in contacts in both devices are accurate. If they are wrong, edit the contact and then retry. 
  • Please ensure that in contacts, you have not added Apple ID under the “mobile” category. 
  • It is crucial to note that if you are sharing wifi from iPhone to macOS, then the iPhone must be unlocked. Same in the opposite situation. 
  • Last but not least, make sure that both devices are up to date in the context of software. 

#Method 2: Share wifi Password using QR Code

The best thing about Android Smartphones is that they come with some quite unique features. Thanks to Samsung developers, now you can share wifi passwords using a QR Code. Meaning, you or your companion no longer need to manually enter a wifi password each time they pay one another a meaningful visit. To do so, use the instructions given below: 

  • First of all, access “Settings” on your Smartphone. 
  • Open the “Connections” option. 
  • Now, click on the “Wifi or Wireless Network” option. 
  • Next, please connect with the broadband that you want to share your password with. 
  • Once you have connected to the broadband, tap on the “settings gear icon” to appear on its front. 
  • Now, look at the very bottom. You will be able to see the “QR Code” icon. Tap your finger on it. 
  • A QR code will automatically appear on the screen. 
  • Now, you can show this QR Code (pic) to the person with whom you want to share the wifi password. 
  • The other user can scan it. 
  • They will be able to join the network automatically. 

Please note that very limited Android Smartphone brands have the option to share wifi passwords via QR Code. In the event that no such option is available on your Android Smartphone, you can skip to the next method. 

#Method 3: Share wifi Password using Google Home App

This method is especially for the users who have the Google Home system installed at their home. They can easily set up a home guest network and further share wifi password in a jiff. So, before we go ahead and transmit how to share wifi password over the google home app, here’s how to set up one: 

How to share wifi password
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  • Access the Google Home App on your Smartphone, which allows you to customize.
  • Click on the “Wifi” option.
  • Further, tap on the “Guest network” option.
  • Under sub-category options, click on the “Set up.”
  • Now, turn on “Guest network” by using the toggle option. 
  • Customize the guest network set up by entering a customized network name and password. 
  • Please ensure that the password and network name you pick is not identical to your main wifi network. 
  • Now, add devices that you want to allow to connect under Guest Network. 
  • Finally, tap Save. 

What to do next? 

Now, whenever a guest arrives at your home, you can easily share the password of the Guest network by using the following instructions: 

  • Once again, open Google Home App.
  • Tap on the wifi Alternative.
  • Next, click on the “password” option. 
  • You will be able to aspect the password. 
  • Here, put a long press on the password. 
  • It will copy to the clipboard.
  • Now, you can message wifi passwords copied to the clipboard using WhatsApp. 

Similarly, to share your wifi password for a personal hotspot on your Smartphone or iPhone, you can go to the “Settings” or “Connections” option respectively on your device. Further ahead, tap on the personal hotspot option. Now, long press on the password to copy it to the clipboard. You can share it easily on WhatsApp or via SMS. 

#Method 4: Use a third-party app to share passwords instantly

In the event that you are using a non-iOS device such as Android. Or, if you want to share wifi password among odd combination devices like iPhone to Windows PC, or Windows PC to Android, or macOS to Chromebook, you can download & install third-party apps which allow that.

Applications like WiFiKeyShare allow you to generate a QR Code for your wifi. Anytime you open this app, a QR Code appears. You can show this QR Code to the other user with the same app on his device. It will automatically share the password to the other device that you desire to receive. 


In conclusion, we aspire that now you can easily share the password to your home wifi network among your peers and companions whenever in need. In case of any further complications on the subject, you can drop queries below. Our experts will revert you accordingly. Thank you!