How To Stay In Touch With Family Overseas

In Touch With Family

If you’re going to be going overseas for any purpose whether it’s temporary or permanent, there certainly can be a lot of reason for excitement and there’ll be many new things to see. However, you do need to be prepared for homesickness, or for the people back home to miss you. But you can get creative and stay in touch with them using a few means. in this blog, you will know How To Stay In Touch With Family Overseas.

Use Good Old Fashioned Postcards

Postcards aren’t necessarily the top way to keep in touch with family, but there are a couple things they provide that more modern e-cards don’t necessarily. If you’re in a location that’s not necessarily tech-friendly and where phone calls are difficult to make, postcards more likely than not still go out. You’re able to use your personal handwriting which makes your messages more personal and in some ways more special than in emails or online posts. Plus, since postcards often have pictures of landmarks of the country you’re staying in, sending those home to family can feel like giving them a small piece of the place.

Use Social Media That Allows You To Post Photos And Videos

If you live where you have fairly reliable internet access and have a smartphone capable of taking a lot of photos and videos, you can post them to social media sites that allow it. Post your storylines and let your friends and family know what’s going on every day and show them new friends you’ve made, where you’ve visited, how your days are going and let them comment and ask questions about where you’re staying. Now, it is important to be careful about what kind of information you share and who you share it with online, but social media is a great way to stay in touch if you’re very active on it.

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Send And Receive Money Or Other Gifts From Time To Time

Money may not have the same personal touch as actually seeing someone, but if you send money back home to your family, or if they send some to you, it is one way either you or they can express their care. You might do it to help them manage bills while you’re away, or maybe even as a birthday or holiday gift. You also don’t have to send money through the mail to them because new technology allows you to send it electronically. You may need to learn how to transfer money electronically in different ways in a foreign country than you would in your own country due to taxes or exchange rates. If you’re sending or receiving money, you’ll also need to know if it’s more convenient to send it completely electronically or if you need to send cash. And whether need to receive it in cash or have it automatically deposited in a bank account.

Phone And Video Call Your Family

Few other things can make someone’s day than getting a phone call and hearing the voice of someone they’ve missed. If you have an international phone service that doesn’t rack up any heavy fees for long-distance calls, you can make calls to your family every day and keep them in the loop. If you don’t have that but you have video call features on your smartphone or a laptop with a webcam, you can use a video call app to see them. Though this isn’t quite the same as in-person visiting, it is by far the second-best thing.

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Plan A Visit To Them Or For Them To Come To You

If you or your family have the money to arrange travel either to go back home or to your new place, you can set that up and help alleviate the homesickness. Figure out when it would be best to do so in your schedule, and figure out the best place to meet them. It can take a bit of time to plan a visit, so it’s a good idea to allow yourself enough time to make the arrangements. Gifting air travel hours, or skyhours, will make things easier for both you and your loved ones. All you have to do is select the number of hours required to complete the flight, pay for them, and just like that, you will have obtained the perfect gift for planning a family visit.

In summary, traveling abroad doesn’t have to mean you get cutoff from your family and friends. It just means you should figure out which ways are best to use for staying in constant communication with them.


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