How to Create Beautiful, high-converting landing pages

high-converting landing pages

Before you even begin to carve a landing page, it is essential to have a perspective on the outcome. What are you looking for? Do you want to grow your email list or promote a new product? Want to promote a discount code or a new subscription service? Once you have clarity on your goal, think about the message that has to be sent to the world. This is when you will start your keyword research to understand the demand for the same product or service. An effective landing page has a high potential to magnify the revenue of the business. This blog will be about How to Create Beautiful, high-converting landing pages.

1.Choose The Best Landing Page Builder

When choosing a link page builder, you must not forget, there are several options out there, with each of them having different pros and cons. The one you choose will depend on the company goals and your skill level. If you don’t have hands-on experience of building a landing page before, we suggest you choose a builder with preloaded templates for the landing page. The drag-and-drop feature will also save enough time in placing elements. Regardless of your skill level, always have access to different analytics. 

2. Keep Things Simple

One of the biggest mistakes shared by a lot of websites is, they exaggerate a lot of stuff on their landing page. This way, customers tend to switch to competitor sites if they look better even with a low-quality product. To attract the customers to your landing page, things should be pretty simple. Go for attractive colors and attractive designs. For example, if your business promotes kids’ toys, never settle for the dull colors of the website. Colors play a very important role in decision making, so it is essential to have the perfect choice for the landing page. Use simple content for the prospective audience. For instance, if you want to know, How much is Kartra monthly? You will find it easily by checking their website’s landing page. 

3. Take Help From Social Media

If your business has a good clientele on social media, don’t hide it from your prospective customers. Always showcase social media digits on your landing pages such as the number of likes, pins, tweets, shares, and subscribers. This way prospective customers will have a broader perspective on your business and will be inclined to go through the entire website. You will be surprised to know, research shows that more than 70% of millennials are much likely to purchase a product if it has been recommended online. 

4. Use Sales Pitch Video

Video marketing is the king in today’s time. The video has become the way people consume information. It is expected, the video will make over 80% of the global internet traffic by the next few months. Secondly, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. So this is enough proof of the fact, video marketing is dominating other popular methods of promoting a product or service online. However, a sales pitch video shouldn’t belong and be only between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. 

5. Test Your Landing Page

Once you’re done with preparing your landing page, don’t just sit down there. Give it a go and see how it performs. Are you witnessing the number of conversions you had expected? You can gather information regarding the landing page from heat maps, recording sessions, and scroll maps. Secondly, you need to test your landing page against other designs. Ask a few people from the company to rate its look and give their honest feedback. It will give you a rough idea regarding whether or not the landing page will impress the audience.