IncFile Vs LegalZoom: War of the Best Rivals

IncFile Vs LegalZoom: War of the Best Rivals

LegalZoom vs IncFile, which should you choose for legal problems happening to your business?

No matter how big your business is, it will always require professional legal service. At the time being, to minify expenses and increase the convenience for clients, legal companies have a tendency to provide online services to help you solve legal problems.

In this article, we will give you an insight into the two leading online law firms LegalZoom vs IncFile. You will know the type and quality of services they have to offer, their assessment, as well as their benefits and drawbacks. 

Nevertheless, do not be afraid that we would leave you alone and struggling with this pile of information. Instead, we would give you detailed information on when and how to work with LegalZoom and IncFile.

We have to ensure that you will be able to know which is better or more suitable for you – LegalZoom or IncFile.

And here we go!

IncFile vs LegalZoom – Which Will Win?

What Is LegalZoom vs IncFile?

Both of them are online legal technology Limited Liability Company (LLC). Their services, such as setting up a company, filing business taxes, and many other legal services will cost small businesses a little fixed sum.

These online legal services providers offer affordable prices so that they are a very suitable choice for new and small businesses. Instead of hiring a legal experts from the traditional law firms and paying a rate of around 250 to 1000 USD per hour, you can save a lot of money with the same type of service on the Internet platform.

However, knowing which in these two excellent firms is better for your business will require you to understand your business and its legal necessities. 

Unless you are fully aware of the sort of legal service you are seeking, create a requirements checklist for your business before reading the following contents.

Without further ado, it is time to take a closer look at LegalZoom and IncFile.


LegalZoom Logo

LegalZoom Overview

Since 2001, LegalZoom has supported well more than 4 million businesses and clients with their legal necessities and matters. They serve as a one-stop legal agent to respond with small business needs. As a client, you can hire them for:

  • Completing the paperwork of a business foundation.
  • Protecting copyright and registering a patent of invention.
  • Registering your trademark.
  • Drafting and creating legal documents.
  • Review of legal documents.
  • Lawyer consultation.
  • Prepare real estate documents.

LegalZoom Services

There are four main categories of their services:

Business Formation

This service is what you need when founding a new business. Up to now, LegalZoom has helped more than one million businesses to be born!

There will be following sub-categories in this first main category:

  • Assisting customers to launch a C corporation or an S corporation.
  • Giving information on distributing shares to investors, stocks assignment, and many other considerations.

This tax ID is essential for most businesses as it is compulsory in business banking and helps to protect your business against identity theft.

Intellectual property protection

This service will guarantee all of your intellectual property rights

But you are not sure about what kind of security you will need? Do not worry. LegalZoom will give you useful advice. 

They can help you with the following protection services:

  • Trademark registrationLegalZoom will guide clients to find the name, logo, or slogan they want to trademark. If there is any validity, users can register for exclusive rights to that brand name, logo, or slogan.
  • Copyright registration – With this service, you can have the right over protecting your creative products against any infringement coming from your rivals.
  • Provisional patent applicationLegalZoom guides customers to file for a temporary patent, which establishes early legal protectorship for their inventions with an earlier filing date.
  • Utility PatentLegalZoom assists clients in registering a patent to stop their competitors from utilizing, trading, or faking their inventions. You will be able to get your completed utility patent application complying with the USPTO. Besides, you will also get advice from a USPTO-registered patent attorney or agent and receive technical drawings of your invention by a professional illustrator.
  • Design Patent – This service helps customers to get the file for a patent which determines who can create, utilize, or trade their design. 

Along with your design protection, you can also get professional guidance and preparation as well as technical illustrations of your design that meet USPTO requirements.

Personal legal services 

Get useful advice to solve your personal legal problems.

Apart from legal business service, LegalZoom also caters to your personal legal necessities. And, here are some of their personal legal services:

  • Change your or your child’s name. 
  • Identify whether the assets you and your spouse are having are individual or shared property. 
  • Complete an uncontested divorce.
  • Estate planning services – this is a broad field involving a variety of services such as:
  • Last will and testament:
  • Assign someone to handle your work and guarantee that your heirs get their rightful inheritance.
  • Decide who can have your possessions. Clarify how you want to give your property to your beneficiaries. 
  • Make your own choices for life support – Provide instructions about the care you do or don’t want at the end of your life.
  • Obviate misunderstanding and arguments – Because all of your decisions are in words, nobody can go against your wishes legally.
  • Use a health care power of attorney – You can also choose somebody to speak on your behalf regarding health care issues.
  • Select a representative of you to determine critical issues. 
  • A power of attorney is a much more economical and easier replacement to guardianship procedures and avoid trials. 
  • As planned, your finances will always be under your control, and mitigate as much unexpected elements as possible.
  • Living trust:
  • It is the best way to remove probate. Save more money for your family by avoiding prolonged and pricey court procedures. 
  • Your private and economic issues remain personal. What you had, who you borrowed, and who will be your heir are unpublicized. 
  • Get your problems solved by professional lawyers. Avoid the courts by assigning a trustee to be responsible for your finances following your guides.
  • Pet protection agreement:
  • Designate the guardian of your pets so that the judge can determine who will take care of your pets.
  • Leave a sum of money for the caring of your pet – Ensure that the new caretaker can afford for food, a vet, or other fees.
  • Give instructions on protecting any of your current and future pets.
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Then, LegalZoom will do all of those for you.

Attorney Advice×450.jpg

This prepaid service gives clients legal advice through a 30-minute phone consultation with an expert lawyer

There are two plans for you to subscribe: the first is personal legal advisory, and the second is business legal advisory.

You just need to pay a monthly fee and create a schedule. Do not need to worry about any extra expenses or having to queue.

LegalZoom: Advantages and Disadvantages

No matter how famous it is, LegalZoom will still have not only benefits but also drawbacks.



Provide a wide range of both personal and business legal servicesCustomer service gets a lot of bad reviews.
Allow any time plan cancellation and a prorated refundBusiness formation service is expensive.
60-day money-back guaranteeSome services are not available for one-time legal help.
Excellent legal advisory plan 
Free bankruptcy evaluation 
Free business name validity check 
Free immigration lawyer advisory 

LegalZoom Pricing

Let see how much does LegalZoom cost you with their service.








Business Formation(Excluding state filing fees)LLCIncorporation servicesNonprofitDBAEntity name reservationEIN79 USD149 -349 USD99 -359 USD99 -119 USD49 USD79 USD
Intellectual property protection(Excluding Federal filing fee)Trademark registrationCopyright registrationProvisional patent applicationUtility patent
Design patent
199 -219 USD114 USD199 USD699 USD for step one; 2,400 USD for step two.899 -1099 USD
Personal Legal ServicesPrenuptial agreementName changeLast will and testamentLiving willFinancial power of attorneyLiving trustPet protection agreementResidential leaseProperty deedGreen cardWork visa1495 – 1990 USD139 – 165 USD69 – 149 USD39 – 149 USD35 – 149 USD249 -299 USD39 – 49 USD29 – 49 USD249 – 289 USD1495 USD (average price)1495 USD (average price)
Attorney AdviceBusiness Legal Advisory
Personal Legal Advisory
216 USD for 6 months/ 375 USD for 1 year71.94 USD for 6 months/ 119.88 USD for 1 year
Free ServicesEntity name availability checkImmigration attorney consultationBankruptcy evaluationFREEFREE


IncFile logo

IncFile Overview

Founded in 2004, IncFile is an online legal services firm which helps small businesses to solve their legal requirements. Their services are adaptive to the law of the state where the companies are operating.

With IncFile, clients can get helped with:

  • Business entity foundation.
  • Filing taxes.
  • Filing compliance documents.

IncFile Services

Like LegalZoom, IncFile’s services system also has four main categories with a number of sub-services.

Business Formation

IncFile advises clients who are unsure about their desired type of business. After the customers have made a decision, they help them to fulfill their wishes. The details are as below:

Company Changes Services 

As your business evolves, there will be many changes happening.

This can involve services such as:

  • Amendment – Making changes to membership, company’s name or address, the number of authorized shares issued or stated business activities.
  • Corporate dissolution – Handling the paperwork regarding your company dissolution and other procedures for removing information/responsibilities.
  • If you want to make an extension on your activities to a new country, IncFile will assist you to get the necessary foreign qualification.
  • Drafting and submitting for a Doing Business As (DBA) or a brand name to protect your business name.

Business Compliance Services 

To comply with the state, you will have many things to do.

Assure your business always remains in good standing with:

Internal Revenue Service Filings 

IRS Filing is compulsory to any businesses.

IncFile will do research to make sure that the desired region is suitable for their client’s services. Next, they will support customers to order and file their Federal Employment Identification Number (EIN) (also known as a Tax ID number) and Business tax returns.

By doing so, they reduce your burden, lessen errors, and avoid adverse consequences. 

IncFile: Advantages and Disadvantages

Of course, IncFile also has their own pros and cons.

Like LegalZoom or any other online legal firms, IncFile also has some certain benefits and drawbacks.


Good expense for business formationHave tax filing servicesDiscount for filing business and personal taxNotify compliance deadlinesFree 12-month registered agent service with business formationExcellent customer serviceNo attorney advisory  nor intellectual property protection service

IncFile Pricing*GZtfpHMxf03765DlVaxohg.png
Business Formation(Excluding state fees)LLCS- CorporationC- CorporationNonprofit49 – 299 USD49 – 299 USD49 – 299 USD49 – 299 USD
Company Changes Services(Excluding state fees)AmendmentCorporate DissolutionForeign qualificationDBA/ Fictitious business name99 USD149 USD149 USD99 USD
Business Compliance Services(Excluding state fees)Annual ReportRegistered AgentCertificate of Good StandingBusiness license research package88 USD119 USD49 USD99 USD
IRS FilingsEINBusiness tax returnPersonal tax return70 USD599 USD299 USD

Unfortunately, IncFile provides no separate free service to their customers.

Detailed Comparison: LegalZoom VS IncFile

Let’s compare IncFile vs LegalZoom to find out who is the winner.

Number of Services Comparison

During your job, you may not want to work with too many different companies, and a company that can provide all you need is great.
ServicesDoes LegalZoom provide?Does IncFile provide?
New business foundation – LLC, Corporation and NonprofitYesYes
EIN and Business licenseYesYes
Registered agentYesYes
Prepare and file tax returnNoYes
File for trademark, copyright or patentYesNo
Business compliance servicesYesYes
Custom legal formsYesNo
Personal legal services – power of attorney, wills and estate planningYesNo
Talk with an attorneyYesNo
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In terms of service variety, we can easily see that LegalZoom is doing better than IncFile.

Both LegalZoom and IncFile provide the business foundation and compliance services, EIN and Business License, and registered agent service.

Nevertheless, only LegalZoom provides services in the field of intellectual property rights and protection, legal form customization, and personal legal services. LegalZoom also allows their customers to talk with lawyers frequently, which is often in high demand. Meanwhile, IncFile lacks all of these important services.

IncFile only wins LegalZoom at one point – prepare and file a tax return for not only businesses but also individuals.

Price Comparison

Price sometimes is as important as quality!
LLC79 USD49 – 299 USD
Nonprofit99 – 359 USD49 – 299 USD
Registered agent159 USD119 USD
Annual report55 USD88 USD

Looking at the cost of the same services these two companies share, we can see that the prices LegalZoom offers are often higher than IncFile

As it stated in the terms of use, LegalZoom allows their clients to have a 60-day money-back guarantee, anytime cancellation, and a prorated chargeback. However, some clients complained that LegalZoom is a bit lacking in terms of handling the refund procedure. 

Besides, the high price of LegalZoom’s service always involves the compulsory and essential operating agreements that the state requires. Meanwhile, IncFile is free from the above mentioned issues.

To sum up, if you want to be loyal with better but more expensive services, you can choose LegalZoom. Vice versa, IncFile is cheaper but your satisfaction level may be lower.

Speed of services

In terms of business, time is money. Therefore, speedity is critical.

In terms of speed, IncFile is obviously the winner. 

When performing the same short procedures, IncFile is often only faster than LegalZoom a bit. Nonetheless, with the long process of forming a new business entity, you can see very clearly in the below illustrations that LegalZoom is remarkably slower than IncFile.

Meanwhile IncFile will response immediately on the next business day, it usually takes LegalZoom around a half to one month to handle a new business establishment. However, if you want things to be done faster, you can choose to an additional fee.

CompanyTime to process new business filings
IncFileNext Business day
LegalZoom10 to 30 Business days


In the field of law, experience is quite essential.


In this aspect, LegalZoom overwhelms and crushes IncFile! Entering the 19th years of experience, LegalZoom has helped more than 4 million businesses since 2001. 

Meanwhile, the number of businesses helped by IncFile is just around 1/16 in comparison with LegalZoom. It is a disappointing number to IncFile as it was founded only three years after LegalZoom.

Founded in 2001Supported more than 4 million businessesFounded in 2004Supported more than 250,000 businesses

Ease of Use

Make sure that you can use it before paying for it!

Both LegalZoom and IncFile are easy to use. As online companies, they all design and optimize their websites very well. Users can find everything they need and what these companies can offer them in detail on their websites.

As a bonus, they also provide order tracking feature. Thus, you can relax and supervise your order status and updates in real-time without effort.

However, I can give out a small conclusion that the layout of LegalZoom is simpler with brief and easy-to-track information. On the other hand, the layout of IncFile can be a bit more complicated at first glance, but it gives users more information.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are an important factor to consider before you use any service.

When referring to customer reviews, it is natural that there will always be conflicting and controversial information flows about these two companies. This is especially confusing in the case of LegalZoom, which has millions of users.

With millions of reviews, LegalZoom has received all kinds of positive, negative, and neutral reviews. In which, the majority of complaints are about poor customer service quality. Although the amount of good review takes the majority, a small proportion of a few thousands of generic and negative comments can cause confusion to the overview of LegalZoom quality.

On the contrary, although IncFile has a much lower review count than LegalZoom, its positive review rate is dramatically higher with a negligible quantity of bad reviews. Furthermore, a lot of clients also complimented their customer support, response time and speed.

Cases of Using LegalZoom vs IncFile?

After gathering all the needed information, now you know the use cases of IncFile vs LegalZoom.

Both LegalZoom and IncFile are excellent online legal service platforms, but each of them still has their own pros and cons as listed above. 

Thus, customers need to consider their needs before making  the right choice. And you will need to read the following analyses for that very purpose.

When will you need LegalZoom?

LegalZoom will be the perfect choice for you in the following cases:

  • You need legal help on a regular basis. (Because LegalZoom provides monthly and annual plans, as well as frequent attorney consultations.) 
  • You want to draft legal forms such as a custom contract.
  • Your business involves intellectual property and copyright protection. For example, you are working in creativity and invention fields and usually need to file for copyright, trademark, and patent.
  • Your work often requires a variety of legal services. (Since LegalZoom is famous for being a one-stop station for legal services.)
  • Your concern is mainly about the company’s experience. (LegalZoom is the oldest firm and has assisted most businesses in this field.)

When will you need IncFile?

I recommend using IncFile in the below cases:

  • You need fast responses and counseling on the business foundation and compliance.
  • Your legal needs are often one-time and seldom.
  • Your business meets troubles with business tax returns issues.
  • You need to save your budget as much as possible.
  • You care about reviews of clients more than the experience of the company.

What are their similarities?

LegalZoom and IncFile may have many differences as I have pointed and scattered throughout the comparison part. But anyway, they share a few similarities as follows.

  • Affordable – Compared to offline legal services such as hiring a personal lawyer for some hours, their pricings save you a great deal. This is especially great for beginners, and whoever does not have much budget for legal issues.
  • Efficient – The price does not always match the quality (in a good way). These online service firms cost you less but still provide you much! Not only the quantity but also the quality of the service are great.
  • Great professional experience – Their staff are all experts and experienced in the legal fields. Registered agents are also available in a number of states, so you do not have to worry about their validity.
  • Provision of necessary educational resource – there are sufficient information and knowledge covering most topics you need. (For example the necessity and requirements of a file; what you need to do in specific cases; how a process works, etc.)
  • Guidance from choosing to use their services – Their staff are very dedicated and enthusiastic. You will never have to struggle with choices and paperwork. Instead, there are always support and specific instructions when you select and use any kind of service.

Final Words on IncFile VS LegalZoom

In conclusion, IncFile and LegalZoom are both excellent, economical, and effective online legal services platforms. However, I think choosing the one that meets your business (or personal) legal necessities won’t be too difficult for you after reading the above article thoroughly.

Now that you have collected all of the necessary information, it is time to make a wise choice.

Thanks for reading! 


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