Get Into PC: Is This Safe and Legal to Download Software for FREE?

Get Into PC - Is This Safe and Legal to Download Software for FREE

Playcast Media is the kind of person who changes my mind on the favorite video games almost every week. Back then, I had almost run out of all pocket money for paid apps until I came across

It is a platform to download your desired software for free, and I do mean you do not have to pay a dime!

More importantly, it is 100% safe – at least in my case. In this Get Into PC Review: All Categories You Need, I will answer the following common questions:

  • What to expect from GetIntoPC?
  • Is downloading from Get Into PC safe?; and
  • Is it legal or not?
Get into PC

Download your desired app for free. Who doesn’t want?

GetIntoPC Review: All Categories You Need

For those who might never download anything from Get Into PC, you might mistake this website for a CMS blog rather than a platform. All software and apps are presented as posts updated on a constant basis.

In fact, its original purpose was to share cracked PC games and software for free with reviews. Now that Get Into PC becomes so popular with netizens, it is enhanced with more advanced features as a platform.

Here you can find almost all available apps and computer knowledge, which are classified into 10 main categories: software categories, operating systems, 3D CAD, graphic design, multimedia, development, antivirus, education, tutorials, and donates.

However, I would like to divide all contents into 3 main groups so that you can search and get your desired resources in clicks.

Latest software & apps

While many other websites such as CNET, FileHippo, or Uptodown require an activation code to download the software, Get Into PC does not host anything on the database.

Instead, third-party websites will register their software in the form of an article. Product specifications, reviews, and more importantly, a downloadable link will be included.

Once you click on the link, Get Into PC will redirect you to another page where you get the auto-generated download link and a short description. The download is run automatically and you can have a copy of the software on PC in minutes.

download smile GIF by renderfruit

Downloading softwares in is lighting fast

Whenever there is a software launched, I find people asking the Get Into PC to update the free-download link. And exciting enough, the admin manages to share the link after a while. Whether the apps are games, operating systems, design tools, antivirus, etc.

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Common PC troubleshooting and how to fix

repairs troubleshooting GIF

Fix your PC the right way

If you get any trouble with your PC, try searching for it on the website. There is a likelihood that the Get Into PC has already known it and given you a complete answer under the Tutorials category.

As software and apps, PC errors are in the form of “how-to” blogs. They are well-written and logically-structured, including a short description of the error and several ways to fix it.

Even better, you can join the discussion in the comment section. The community of Get Into PC is big and enthusiastic.

Computer and performance tips

Not only do you get the latest software and apps, but you can also adopt new technology and techniques to improve your PC.

It can be as easy as tips to empty your recycle bin or to remove the unwanted files. Otherwise, ready to get full kits that educate how to master in specific fields. All of them are kept up to date.

Is Content in Get Into PC Legal?

Now that you already have an overview of Get Into PC, you are almost ready to try its free links. However, the next question comes to mind: “Is this website legit?

The answer is “Yes” … and “No.”

As I have shared, the content in is hosted by third-parties rather than the platform itself. Hence, the legality is based on those third-parties.

If the parties have the right to own and share the download link and package, you can use them legally. Otherwise, you might get illegal software.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cracked files illegal

Should you use a cracked file to your PC?

Take cracked software for example. (And I bet the majority of Get Into PC software are cracked versions.)

The cracked files are often resulted from removing the original legitimate digital controlling rights. As a result, you can download and run those files without needing a license. Sometimes, cracks are necessary to remove a problematic behavior which the owner refuses or is unable to remove.

Such the process is copyright infringement under U.S law. It means you are using an illegal unit. However, it might be legal in other countries.

To be short, the cracked software is still a legal grey zone. Hence, the legality of Get Into PC is not a significant problem to concern.

Is Downloading from Get Into PC Safe?

In case that the software is illegal, is it still safe to download? If yet, can you get any trouble such as fine or virus later?

First to say: The download from Get Into PC is totally safe. I have used this platform for 3 years now. All are safe and sound. Many other users also confirm the safety.

Second thing is, downloading from Get Into PC has both pros and cons. However, none of them is the risk of notorious viruses and malware.

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  • Abundant resources of software and apps, both paid and free ones.
  • Fast downloading speed to get all you need ready in a matter of minutes
  • Strict review by the Get Into PC’s admins to remove the malware and suspicious infected apps from the start.
  • No requirement of sensitive data like credit card or password on downloading
  • Efficient and easy-to-follow tutorials and videos


  • Not all software and apps are available
  • Some cracked files do not work properly
  • Some apps only support trials rather than free download and installation

Most of the time, you will not have to suffer from those bad stuff since the Get Into PC gives it words to sort and upload the latest and efficient link only.

Moreover, make sure you have already installed an antivirus application and/or the windows defender.

Other FAQs about Get Into PC

#1. What is the official website of Get Into PC?

Get Into PC becomes more and more popular and useful. At this point, there are also a dozen of websites with look-alike names created to take benefits from the original websites. They even have a similar theme and content.

Hence, just in case your Google search result confuses you,  bookmark here,  it is the official website.

#2: How to find my desired apps quickly?

I often search the software or knowledge by its name right in the search box. You can find it on the right sidebar.

In case you have a demand but do not know the exact keyword or a name in your mind, then you can navigate through 10 categories and their sub-categories.

Once you find something, read the description carefully. Also, refer to other feedback in the comment section, if any.

#3: Why I can’t download Get Into PC software in Chrome?

If you browse the using Google Chrome, you might come across an error.

It is because Chrome automatically blocks the untrusted downloads from websites. Since the Get Into PC has no security lock, Google Chrome might keep a strict eye on it.

If you encounter the mentioned issue, you can use other browsers or simply disable Google security functions when you need to download something from the website.

There is even some Chrome Getintopc software available on the market. So you can search and consider the software if it is helpful.

#4: Do I need to provide my information to download for free?

No worries about personal data exploitation since you do not need to submit your information nor any extra cost to download from Get Into PC.

Just click on the download link in the article, and the file is ready to download immediately to your PC.

#5: What are the best practices on GetIntoPC?

Although Getintopc is safe, you still have to be on your guard.  Always follow the security tips such as antivirus application or the window built-in defender.

Moreover, you should check the product information carefully to ensure it works for your sake.

Stop and remove the files if you find any suspicious things during the download or installation.

Are You Ready to Download the First App in Get Into

So, here is my Get Into PC review: all categories you need post. If you find the information useful, do not hesitate to like and share this with others. In case of any further questions, just leave it in the comment. Playcast Media will be back and discuss more.

Next time, what do you want me to share about?