Best Free Music Websites That Can Fulfill Your Soul

Best Free Music Websites That Can Fulfill Your Soul

Music is undoubtedly an integral part of our lives; it helps people to relax after a hard-working day or raise the fun for a party. 

Of course, each person has their favorite music genres, but to conclude, everyone needs music in their life. And in an area when the internet is wide-spreading, get a song you love to your tiny smartphone is not a big problem. 

However, you are not wealthy enough to buy all the songs that need a license? It’s okay; you can listen online or download freely the song you want but still support the artists by watching the ads on some websites. 

And here it’s the list of best free music websites that may satisfy your desire. 

Best Free Music Websites to Download in 2019

Audiomack – Music Website Link

Audiomack was found in 2012, which is not too long in the music industry compared to other popular platforms such as Soundcloud or Spotify. It brings a friendly interface that newbie can get used to quickly.  

Audiomack homepage

There are three sections on the home interface, which are “Now trending,” “Top songs today,” and “Top album today.” 

The name tells you all; these sections introduce you to all the most popular songs and albums at that time without dividing different kinds of music like rock or ballad. 

So it’s maybe a chance for you to try other genres of music instead of regular songs you listen to every day. But if you want to enjoy your favorite ones, then it allows you to choose your suitable playlist on the left side. 

Audiomack doesn’t cost any fee; everybody feels free to upload as well as download their desired MP3 music without limits.

But if you don’t want to see ads or you need music for streaming. Then you can take out a subscription for just 5.99$/month. 

Otherwise, Audiomack also has a smartphone app platform supporting both iOS and Android phone

SoundClick-Website Link

Feel bored with the billboard songs that appear on the social network every day? Do you want to find more indie music? Then you can go to Soundclick to know more. 

For those who don’t know the term “indie,” it relates to the independents. An indie artist is someone new in the music industry; he/she doesn’t have great support; they are all upcoming star in the future.

Soundclick homepage

In my opinion, this website has a friendly design for a new user to follow. On the homepage, there are the song categories in the upper case, and right below is the search bar for finding the music or artist you love.  

Soundclick has supported for many artists and makes them become loyal member. For these artists, you are free to use their soundtracks without breaking the copyright law. 

However, not every song/beat can be used on commercial streaming freely as it owns a license, which means you have to buy the license to stream their music. If you want to download and listen to music, then you don’t have to pay money.   

But if you want to download or stream songs on the Soundclick, you have to register and become amember. 

One of the special thing in Soundclick is that you can send an electronic podcasts to other members as a gift for their birthday, or whenever you want to interact with them and get to know more friends. 

As I said, this website is about the indie word, you almost cannot find the billboard or top trending songs there. Sometimes, try a little-known thing is a fantastic experience, right?

Soundcloud-Music Website

I think I don’t have to introduce this website in details as it’s so popular on the internet as the best free MP3 music download platform from Sweden. 

Soundcloud homepage

But if you are new about this, then it’s okay, we will show you why you should be a member of Soundcloud.

This website contains all kinds of songs/beats you may want, from the top billboard to the indie music. Many people said it’s similar to Spotify as it can suggest the next categories of soundtracks based on your previous ones. 

Soundcloud has an eye-catching design with  orange as the primary color. And the interface is easy to follow with the searching bar and other options like streaming, library, and your upload. 

You are free to download the music in this list, but it does not mean that you can use these tracks for streaming or uploading on social media without a license. 

You click on the download button to download the songs, but some artists require you to like or follow their social media accounts to get their tracks. I think it’s not a difficult action to support the artist. 

NoiseTrade- Music Site Link

Same as the Soundclick or Soundcloud, NoiseTrade is a platform that allows every artist from the world to upload and share their music without payment or copyright

Noisetrade homepage

The interface is quite friendly, but you may find it quite similar to it the design of Soundclick. 

A feature I love on these pages is that it allows you to donate for the musicians you like as an encouragement. 

I think it is a useful feature as you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollar to buy their tracks, but for less than 10$/month, you can support them to make better songs in the future.

Note that you are not allowed to get full access to an album unless you give them your email address and postal code. If you skip this step, you’re still able to download all songs from it, but it takes a lot of time. – Website Link

On the first day it appeared, is a unique music platform as it’s a web-based radio operation. Then when Audioscrobbler bought this site, they turned it to one of the first free music download websites. homepage

Like other sites, has the categories for users to choose their desired tracks and show you the top trending songs on the internet. 

But I am most impressed with the features function. 

It contains all posts that show you the news about famous artists, music shows or the new tracks in various genres. You not only enjoy music but also discover more new playlists in different tunes as well as more information of your idols. has all song from the billboard chart to the indie playlist, of course, they are free to download. The site even allows you to make your music profile based on your favorite tracks. 

ReverbNation- Site Link

For me, ReverbNation is not a regular free music site; it’s a forum for new artists, singers, and many music bands. The number of users, both listener and music producers, has reached 4 million. 

ReverbNation homepage×277.png?resize=520%2C277

In this website, you can find mostly hip-hop and pop music from the artist you probably never heard their name.

The artist can submit their tracks for a live show, music conference, or a radio show, so they have opportunities to spread out their songs for more listeners. 

Thanks to the ReverbNation, many famous bands such as Alabama Shakes, Imagine Dragons or Civil Wall can have a chance to rise to fame and become successful like now.

One of the lovely things I like is the way ReverbNation categorizes the music genres. You will not only see some regular kinds such as pop, rock, hip-hop, but also more detailed titles such as dark pop, indie essential, or even wake up your mind tracks.  

For those who don’t know the term “indie,” it relates to the independents. An indie artist is someone new in the music industry; he/she doesn’t have great support; they are all upcoming star in the future.

Internet Archive- Website Link

Have you ever seen a music website containing Podcast, audiobooks and ebook? If not, then welcome to Internet Archive.

Internet Archive homepage

From the start, this platform is a non-profit project which was built to become a free access digital library. Many researchers, students, and scholars have visited this site to gain knowledge. 

But since you can upload as well as download free audio files there, many users and artists started to share their music on this site.

Until today, Internet Archive has more than two millions free audio files and many other unique features such as live music, radio; or even non-audio content like free software and texts. 

However, as this site doesn’t focus on one primary purpose,  the music catalog is too messy. The easiest way to categorize the soundtrack is based on its tags like artist, kinds of music and language used and even the releasing time. 

The interface is quite complicated for newbies to use, but you will get used to it after a while.

Free music archive (FMA)- Website link

Although this site doesn’t have a friendly design (many advertisements in the upper make it look messy), it brings the users the massive library of high-quality free music download. 

The best part is you don’t have to get an account to download free songs.  

FMA homepage

On top of that, this site also gives creators a chance to meet each other through radio stations or some small concerts. Many artists in FMA have collaborated to release more beautiful tracks. 

Jamendo- Website Link 

Another website where you can support and discover more artists is Jamendo. All soundtracks in this site are free to download and also streaming as they provide music without copyright. 

So feel free to use the music on this website for your videos/projects without breaking copyright law. 

Jamendo runs as a music forum to connect many upcoming starts with the listeners. It’s not a place you can search for a famous artists.  

Right at the home page, you can choose to take part in this community as a regular listener or a creator. 

Jamendo homepage

At the first time you get in, the site brings you all the music tags, then you can choose your favorite music kinds, then it will provide you all the songs related to your choice. 

Bandcamp- Site Link

Seem like all the top free music platforms come from the indie world. Bandcamp is a great website to find some artists you never ever heard of in your life. 

bandcamp homepage

This web provides you various audio formats including MP3 music Vac, Flac, and even Lossless. What an excellent service when you can listen to lossless music for free!. 

Bandcamp also allows you to donate for your favorite artist to support them. In my opinion, From everything this site brings, a few dollars for donation is not a big problem. 

However, not every song in here are free; some albums require you to pay if you want to download every song in it.  

CC Trax- website link

CC Trax refers to Creative Common Licensed, which mean you have the right to use all the tracks for listening, streaming, or even remixing them. 

The design at homepage is easy to use for new users as all the music categories are arranged clearly.

CC Trax homepage×328.jpg

Users review that CCTrax is safe for downloading music since it doesn’t show any advertisement that can contain some PC virus.

And there is one reason that makes you feel comfortable when coming to this site. It doesn’t require you to create an account to download the tracks, which saves you a lot of time.

Did I say it saves time?

Yes, that’s right, and it can do better. CCTrax even allows you to download the whole album within just one click; you don’t have to spend time to get one song one after one.

However, CC Trax only supports the audio files at bitrate 320kb. So if you want to enjoy music in higher quality, then you have to find another site. 

Wrapping up,

Now, let’s sit down and discover more than millions of beautiful songs through all the best free music websites above. 

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