All You Need to Know About IT Recruiting and Staffing

IT Recruiting

You go through a specific practice every time you have an open role with a company, and you need that role filled. The process of filling an open place is recognized as something, but it varies with the exact word used. Some individuals call it staffing, some call it hiring and some individuals call it recruiting.

These words are used interchangeably by everyone. However, each of the three has a slightly different sense and background, and using them correctly can often be the key to finding the right individual for the right position using the correct processes. So what difference is there between them?

What is Staffing?

Staffing is one way inside a company or organization to fill open positions. You have a specific position or set of roles available, and in order to fill those roles, you need people. In particular, the personnel emphasis is on short-term positions or particular projects. For an event, like a conference, they might be recruiting workers. They can hire a project that is expected to last, say, six months, or six weeks, or less.

Staffing is used best when:

  • In a limited period of time, you have a lot of positions that need to be filled.
  • You have short term tasks that need to be filled.
  • For temporary staffing, you have to extend, but you don’t have the capacity to hire someone as a full employee.
  • You have positions that do not require extensive skills, extensive preparation, or high levels of pay to be filled.

Staffing appears to concentrate exclusively on candidates that are involved. That is, individuals who actively pursue a job, rather than individuals who are eligible but happy in their current positions, or who do not actively seek a new position.

What is Recruiting?

In several aspects, recruiting is close to staffing. It is a way for a corporation or company to fill open positions in their roster, including staffing. Some distinctions set it apart, however.

Usually, the recruitment process includes posting a job, obtaining applications from applicants, filtering those applicants to create a pool of eligible applicants, and interviewing those applicants before the position is filled.

In most cases, recruiting is targeted at performing higher technical positions than staffing. Positions tend to be longer-term, although before the worker becomes a completely vested employee, they may have “temp to hire” plans or probation periods.

Recruiting is used best when:

  • To help lead your team, spearhead a mission, or take over upper management, you are searching for new talent.
  • You want a pool of eligible applicants to be preserved.
  • You want your rivals or other similar industries to attract new, high-level talent.
  • You’re more concerned with meshing your team with culture and expertise than you are with salaries.

Recruiting is intended to be a continuous process instead of a process that is started when new positions need to be filled.

Recruiting also appears to take an approach that is candidate-first. Instead of approaching an applicant with a position that is already established and needs to be filled, hiring approaches an applicant with a probable skill set and asks them to be part of the company.

As such, this is also how high-level workers are found in leadership and C-level roles. Candidates who are hired for a business do not only bring their talents and expertise, they bring their own styles and systems of management. With the goal of enhancing the overall business and its operations, they are also given the power to make improvements within the organization.

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