Livebeam: 10 ways how to spend your free time

spend your free time

Livebeam offers users a lot of activities and topics to explore. Here everyone can find something in their interest for entertainment or education. In this blog, you will be knowing Livebeam: 10 ways how to spend your free time.

Many people procrastinate a lot. It can be hard for some to find something interesting to fill their free time with, especially if they want to be more productive and successful. Our team presents the top ten ways how to spend your free time for anyone.

  1. Sports and exercise

Doing sports or exercising at home with Livebeam streamers is a great way to spend your free time wisely. It will be enough if you spend half an hour doing simple exercises at home. 

2. Go for a walk

Walking outside is a great alternative to sports and hard exercising if you feel too tired.

3. Read

Reading is a great way to relax or get to know something new for anyone. It is so good because depending on the situation you can choose something educating or entertaining to read.

4. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts and audiobooks are a more educative alternative to music. You can also combine it with doing chores or other actions. Livebeam has some streams dedicated to podcasts and audiobooks – people read books aloud live or give recommendations on what to listen to.

5. Listen to music

If you don’t feel like being productive, you can just listen to some favorite tracks. If you feel like learning something interesting, you can research your top artists or genres.

6. Online courses

For the most productive people, a great choice would be to take some online courses. There are variously free or payable courses on a lot of topics.

7. Watch video streams

Livebeam offers many streams on different topics. There are people who do challenges, show tutorials, or tell interesting stories live on video.

8. Have a hobby

Successful people usually have a hobby they are dedicated to. They put a lot of resources and effort into it. It helps them unwind after work.

9. Get crafty and creative

Making things with your own hands is the best for relaxation and spending quality time. There are various tutorials and guides on the internet to help you.

10. Spend time with your family and friends

If you have nothing to do, you can always call your friends or family and talk to them. By the way, Livebeam has an opportunity for its users to video chat in a private stream. 

We remind you that our platform cares about your privacy. Please contact us if you have any troubles with other users. And welcome to Livebeam!