More Sweden women gamblers than men gamblers

Web vs. Mobile Gambling

It was found that there isn’t any gender gap between Sweden women and men when it comes to Online Cricket Betting ID addiction. This is according to the latest Sweden gambling addiction statistics. There are now for the first time more women gamblers than men gamblers.

Studies have been done during the last 5 years. To see the statistics of gambling addiction. The increase of genders and the difference between the amount of men gamblers and women gamblers. They were shocked to realize that women gamblers are now more than men. Especially, because this isn’t something that happens ever before.

Statistics to proof that women addicts increased

Recent studies and publication of the results of the studies have proven that over the past 5 years women that reported gambling problem and asked for assistance increased a lot. Never in history, women have more gamble addicts than with men. There are many reasons for it, according to experts. However, the last 5 years have shown that there are now more women gamble addicts than men addicts. 

45 000 people have reported gambling problems during 2015. From these reported cases, 64% were women that reporting gambling addictions. This is making them more than men that have been reported. Experts are saying that over the past 10 years women reported with gambling problems doubled. Not only have the numbers of total gamblers have increased, but the gap between genders has shrunk. 

Risk increase because of the number of online gambling sites available

With the research and studies done, it has been found that this increase was because of the amount of available online gambling sites (check at More women prefer to gamble online rather than going to the casinos for gambling. 

Over the past couple of years, more online casinos were legalized and more people start downloading apps to gamble on their phones. This is the reason for the huge increase in gamble addictions and why women start gambling as well. Until recently there were only real casinos where people could go for gambling. With technology improving and the internet getting so popular, online casinos and gambling sites got more popular and results in an increase in gambling addiction among women. 

Men versus women 

It was interesting to see what men preferred against what women preferred when it comes to gambling. Most men preferred going to a casino. To have interactions with other players and to show that they are better than other men. Their addiction started with going to real casinos. While men like the real deal of a walk-in casino, women like the privacy of their homes and the online casinos.

Women on the other hand prefer online casinos. Going online and gamble in the privacy of their homes. Where no one can see that they are gambling and having gambling addiction problems. Many claimed that if it wasn’t for the Sweden online gambling sites, they would never have gambled in the first place. This is because of the easiness of gambling online that they started in the first place.  And, this explains why there is such a high increase in the number of women that are gambling today as a couple of years ago. 

A new law on advertising of gambling in Sweden 

Because of the statistics of gambling addiction and the number of men and women that are addicted to gambling, there is now a new law on advertising of gambling in Sweden. Now, there is a limit on how much and which gambling games are being advertised.

Until now, there weren’t any regulations about gambling advertisements in Sweden. They could decide for themselves how much advertising would be done. But with the numbers of gambling addicts reported, they decided that a new law in controlling gambling advertisements should be implemented. They want to ensure that the most vulnerable are protected when it comes to advertising gambling. To protect those that are high-risk to gambling addiction. 

With the latest research, Sweden has found that there are now more women gambler addictions than with men. This is the first time in history that this has been reported. Normally men are more likely to become addicted than men. The reason for this change is because of online gambling sites. Women prefer to gamble in the comfort of their homes, and with the increase of online gambling sites, more women are gambling from home. Causing more women to struggle with addiction. This research was done from the records they have gathered over the past 5 years. The results have shown that there is now not any gap between the number of addictions between men and women.