Raids and Megadungeons in World of Warcraft


The World of Warcraft itself is a set of interesting concepts that unite players and divide them into conditional camps based on the principle of farces.

So developers solve several problems at once.

First, you always have a potential adversary who cannot be discounted.

Secondly, in all major raids there is a rating system between guilds, which constantly raises the spirit of rivalry between bitter rivals to a new level.

In any case, you will need to go to raids and dungeons, especially megadungeons, which have recently begun to receive a second life from the developers at Blizzard.

The new dungeon will be called dawn of the infinite, and here is what we know about it:

  • Instance zone for 5 players.
  • You are waiting for 8 bosses from different topics, but all are related to the control of time.
  • There will be stages directly related to Azeroth’s past.

For those players who do not want to share rewards from each stage of the passage, or do not have enough friends and do not want to participate with random players, they can order the service – dawn of the infinite boost from the Skycoach service.

The megadungeon system is not new to World of Warcraft, but the developers from Blizzard postponed this gameplay format for a very long time in favor of raids with three types of difficulty, when the epochal dungeon completely closes the megadungeon concept, but more players are required to successfully enter and clear.

A 5 player mega dungeon is a great solution for small groups as it is much easier to get that many players from known or random gamers, but when playing with unfamiliar characters there is always a higher chance of failure – keep that in mind.

What is dawn of the infinite

This is a mega dungeon, which is quite possibly the first in a series of similar solutions that players like much more due to the reduced number of required participants, the high level of difficulty, which means interesting gameplay and comparable rewards.

Megadange is comparable to epic raids, which many players prefer instead of regular and heroic ones, and the ability to complete the dungeon in the 5th will push more and more gamers to try new, or rather well-forgotten old content.

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Dawn of the Infinite plot

With 8 bosses, the followers of dragons are trying to take over the territory and change the course of time in the likeness of Abberus, the players of the two factions need to challenge all the ambitious impudent ones and prevent the passage of time from being changed, or at least to prevent really tangible cataclysms.

Bosses and stages of passing dawn of the infinite


Your first opponent is a member of the Dragon army.

A determined commander who went through all the stages of military service before obtaining a leadership position. A fierce warrior who is always at the forefront, motivating his soldiers.

Is it a coincidence that you will face her in the very first battle?

This walkthrough is a classic lone boss that uses knockback attacks and boomerang-like skills – which must be dodged not only when they are released, but also when they return to the owner.

Don’t stand on the circles, as they will cause heavy damage and can even quickly kill important characters – this is not a raid on a large number of heroes, even the departure of one important player from the battle can lead to failure at the very start of the passage.

The path of time

A boss that is composed of sand in its structure, but is directly related to the passage of time.

In his essence, he constantly monitors the cycle of time loops so that they always act according to the established principle and in his opinion the invading players are a direct threat to the passage of time and must be destroyed.

The group itself needs to take all measures to neutralize it and prevent the collapse of time.

Mor of Galakrond

You will confront the ancient dragons, who were brought back to life with the help of the dark magic of the necromancers.

Each of the creatures will have its own element:

  • Anzon – the power of a storm, a storm.
  • Dazhak – sizzling flame.
  • Loskelet – freezing cold.

In general, the stage is complicated only by the need to resist three opponents at once, but a tank with high armor and magic resistances will be able to keep them on while the rest of the raid members kill the enemies one at a time.

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This is a large layer of territory where many dragons with fairly strong damage will be waiting for you. The tank should refrain from wanting to gather them in a large group, since even five heavily charged AoE characters will not have enough damage and, most importantly, protection to quickly kill and at the same time withstand such a bulk of monsters.

There will be three main dragons that will deal AoE damage in front of them with the power of one of the main elements – storm, fire and ice.

The tank must distribute the monsters so that he and all surrounding allies do not take damage from two or more creatures at the same time – this will end in a fatal outcome and it is quite possible for the whole group at once.

The dragons themselves are not overly difficult to kill and with the elimination of each target, farming progress will be simplified and when the dragon is left alone, you will not notice how you pass this stage.

Iridicron stone scaly

An ardent opponent of the titans, who temporarily put aside his hostility to join the hordes of infinity. True motives are still unknown, but earth magic can cause problems at the stage of passing all 8 bosses for dawn of the infinite

Tyr, the Infinite Guardian

A harsh titan who, for unknown reasons, betrayed Azeroth and went over to the side of dragons and distorted time, and now the battle group has no choice but to give battle to a former ally.


Another form of Chromie, who only dreams of ultimate time control and distortion, which is actively thwarted by the invading warriors of Azeroth.

A battlefield untouched by time

You have to fight with Grommash Hellscream – one of the most famous commanders of the horde, and after the victory the world will change a little and a full-fledged battle between the horde and the alliance from ancient times will be recreated around the players and the players will have to help the soldiers resolve the battle in favor of one of the parties.


The leader of the primitive dragons, who became the main cause of all the problems and the need for the heroes of Azeroth to intervene in order to avoid time distortion.

You are waiting for the final battle with the ancient dragons, which will determine the fate of the entire raid and receive rewards.