Three Creative Ways to Use Your Garden Room

Three Creative Garden Room

Whether you already have a garden room installed onto your property or you’re considering adding one, the way that you use it can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. Some homeowners may prefer to base their room around relaxation, whereas others may take a more entertaining spin on their space. However you choose to design your garden room, there is always room for change and a more creative environment! 

Now, we know that not everyone has a lot of creative juices that they can just tap into, so if you find yourself struggling come up with some imaginative ways on how you can use your garden room, we’ve come up with three popular choices that you can choose from. 

Meditation Room

The first way that you can use your garden room more creatively is to transform it into a peaceful meditation room! Throughout history, people from all over the globe have sought to have their own space or sanctuary where they can zone-out and de-stress through the process of meditation. Now, you may already use your garden room as a space to relax in but dedicating your space to a place where you can truly unwind and forget all of the stresses that life in the 21st century brings can be invaluable. 

A garden room can make for the perfect space to meditate in as it provides a natural environment within an outdoor setting that is protected from the elements. Add specific features and accessories that enhance your space such as plants, mats and incense to create the ultimate relaxation zone right in the comfort of your own home. 

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Home Office 

With more and more people now working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a garden room that you can transform into a home office can be a real game-changer, especially if you find yourself struggling with your home set up. The best thing of all is that it’s super-easy to do!

To get started, if you already have your garden room set up, ensure it is decluttered and all the mess is taken out, the last thing you want is your new workspace to look like a bomb has gone off. The most ideal workspaces are based on a minimalist design and free from any mess, so start here. 

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment that you need, whether that’s a laptop or a computer with a keyboard, some drawers and organisers, extra sockets or most importantly a comfortable chair! Nobody wants to sit in pain for eight hours a day right? Once you have all your equipment sorted, you are now ready to set up your new office.

Start by adding some uplifting and vibrant colour such as yellows and oranges to create a positive mood. Next choose a productive position to sit, ideally facing away from the garden to avoid any distractions. Once your spot is chosen, start organising your desk and workspace to suit you. Your garden room acts as a perfect home office space because of the natural light so be sure to take advantage of it as much as possible to create a happy working environment. 


Whether you’re creating a space for you to unwind by yourself or with some friends or a space where your partner can relax in, a good old fashioned man-cave is the third creative way you can utilise your garden room!

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Now, before we go any further, we use the term ‘man-cave’ extremely loosely in the sense that this is not a space that is confined to men only, the ladies out there who also enjoy having their own space dedicated to their interests are included – this is 2021 after all, so it can be a man-cave or a lady-lair, the choice is yours. 

The best thing about having your own space is that you can turn it into anything you want! Whether it be a gamer’s paradise, an iron island for gym lovers, a jamming room for musicians or a workshop where you can build to your heart’s desire. The options are literally endless! 

It is also important that this space has stylish decor that your friends will appreciate. For example, wall art is a great way to decorate your patio or garden in a man cave style. ElephantStock’s interior designers have prepared some decor tips about man cave wall decor ideas.

So, if you’re tired of just ‘having another room’ where you dump your clothes or have toys all over the place, why not take the plunge and completely transform your garden room into something much more creative?!