The Art Of Customer Retention In Social Commerce

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Gaining customers in social commerce is one thing. But retaining them for long term relationship is another. But do you even know how this customer retention thing works? If that’s the motive has brought you here and you want to learn the true art of customer retention, you are welcome. This article will explore all those crucial things to consider when considering highly reliable customer retention. Let’s not waste the time and start our today’s discussion straightforwardly!

Why Customer Retention Is Crucial for Social Commerce?

You won’t want anyone buying your products or experiencing your services and never coming back. Even if that customer is not willing to make a purchase in the future, still he will be interested in spreading great word of mouth about your social media store. Therefore, serving customer at the best level for one time is significant to keep him attached with your social commerce for future buying’s. Retaining customers become the cause of bringing more customers to your social media store. This is similar to when you gain more followers on your Twitch account when the existing ones talk about your content and how you offer reasons to enjoy for the same people!

Top Perks To Build Higher Customer Retention in Social Commerce:

Customer retention comes when you serve your first order and pleases the customer at a time when he or she makes a purchase. This purchase by the customer should be a wholesome experience. But starting from there, here are some best things you can do to retain your customers for long term social commerce goals!

1. Provide The Best First Time Purchase Experience

Consider a person visiting your social media store for the very first time. You have those few minutes to convert that customer into a long-term loyal partner. Here are some top things you can do to deal with the customer being there for the first time.

Reply to his query as soon as you can.

Briefly explain all the benefits that he or she could gain from that specific product

Let him take that discount if he or she is urging for it so much.

Explain some alternatives too if you have

Send short product videos or the product showing itself how it is related

You can also provide him a direct link for the store or you can pick up that call if that customer is calling you

Note down whatever specific requirements that customer has

Take notes of his package, pack and deliver as early as you could

But guess what? Don’t forget to send a free gift in the same price

When you will do all these things being within your profit goals, your customer will be happier. The same customer will not only buy from you again. But he or she will recommend your product to several others in his or her connections respectively. So, the first key thing to do is making your customer happier for the first time!

2. Bring Innovation in Your Offerings and Let Your Existing Customers Know

Consider capturing an email or a WhatsApp number or Instagram Dm of your customer when he makes the first purchase. With such contact data, you can send messages to your loyal customers about the latest innovations you are bringing. Let them know how they can replace their existing products with new ones. Let them know about your current discounts or wavier in the prices of their desired products.

This way, your customers feel appreciated and they are more willing to stay loyal!

3. Listen To Your Customer’s Voice

Keep focusing on ever changing customer demands. The things they are liking now at your commerce store might not like in the near future. Take a look at your store post’s comments and DMs to find what people are actually expecting from you. Customers’ demands are ever changing. The better retention rate comes when you do your every effort to fulfill them. Do online questionnaires, engage in comments, do surveys and more to know the exact needs of the people attached with your store.

4. Stay Active and Stay Present on Social Media

The algorithms of these social media platforms are very smart. They will boost your content and help you engage with more audience when you will stay active. Give more time in sharing your offerings. Be present in the DMs and stay consistent on bringing newelty to your social commerce business. Don’t forget, your customers have high expectations from you and that’s they reason they are always expecting more.

5. Send Free Gifts

Ever tried sending free gifts to your most premium customers? Yes, that’s another tactic to retain the existing customers and bring new ones. You can ask these influencers, celebrities and most premium customers of your brand to review your products on their profile. But to get a handsome review and more customers, always consider sending gifts to such people.

They will be happy in sharing their experience with you with their community. And you can expect more people visiting your store!


When it comes to retain your most loyal customers, you should always think of going above and beyond. Deliver more than what they have expected. Offer hefty discounts. Let them exchange their existing products with the new products on your store. And always bring stuff according to their desires. When those customers will find relevancy, they will be happy in biding long term relationships with your social commerce store! Hence, you will prosper and your social media growth will be on next level!