Micro-Influencers: A Cost-Effective Strategy for Small Social Media Stores

Small Social Media Stores

In the influencer marketing game, finding and collaborating with right influencers is truly crucial for your online success. But how do you collaborate with influencers who are truly beneficial for your business? And how can you do such collaboration in a highly cost effective way? Just in case you have landed here, this guide will answer all of your questions. We’ll take a look at micro influencers and understand who they are. Also, you will be able to learn why micro level influencers are highly recommended for social media store success? And answers to other related queries. So, stick with me till the end and lets start this conversation!

Who Are Micro Influencers?

Before diving further, lets understand who micro influencers are. Basically, the social media influencers who have followers from 10k to 50K are called micro level influencers. These people or individuals are easy to target and partner with. Influencers under micro level are good for promoting your small level social media stores. There are good to be your long term influencer marketing campaigns and ultimately, they drive more audience towards your store.

Top Benefits of Collaborating With Micro-Level Influencers:

There are some good benefits related with micro level influencer marketing. And among those, some of the key benefits are described as follows.

Easy To Reach or Collab

The first amazing benefit of collaborating with micro level influencers is that they are easy to partner collaborations. You can easily find profiles having 10K to 50K followers on places like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or anywhere else. And when you have make a list, its easy to collab with such influencers because often, the reply excellently and fastly. They are widely appreciated between their audience so they won’t like spreading any negativity about their existence.

Cost Effective

One of the significant benefits of targeting micro level influencers for your Social media stores is that they are highly cost effective. You spend a very little money to partner with these influencers. That’s because they charge less. Sometimes, they do free brand promotion for most known brands when they receive some gifts or appreciation from such brands. Therefore, its always easier and less costly for small brands to promote their social media store with micro level influencers.

Higher Level of Engagement

Since their followers are in between 10K to 50K, we believe from their posts and content that they have genuine followers only. It means, when we collaborate with such micro level influencers, our brand will be shared among real audience. It will not be in the attention of fake followers or bots. By keeping this in mind, we gain higher level of appreciation and our posts on their profiles gain more engagement. Its just like asking a celebrity to mention your YouTube Channel in their Social Media Profile Story. Its because this mentioning will help you grow your YouTube channel subscribers.

Transparency and Authenticity

Micro level influencers with 10K to 15K followers ensure transparency and authenticity in their social media profiles. Mostly, this fan following they have is real. The people interacting and commenting on their profiles are also real. You can ask for any data from these influencers to check out their social media profile rating and the authenticity of those followers.

Targeting Niche Specific Audience

Micro level influencers are mostly known for creating helpful and insightful content on a single niche. It could be in beauty or health. Or it could be in fashion or fitness. Therefore, you can find your target audience depending on the niche of your store with these influencers. This will help you promote your brand or products and services among the right audience.

How To Find or Collab with Micro Level Influencers?

Once you have realized all the outstanding benefits of Micro Level influencers, its time to learn collaborating with them. Here are few steps you should follow to start this long term influencer marketing partnership!

Step 1: Define Your Specific Goals

The first step always involves what you want to achieve from that micro level influencer partnership. Define clear goals. These goals could be gaining more followers on a social store profile. It could be increasing conversions and all alike.

Step 2. Find Micro Level Influencers With Niche Specific Audience

In this step, make a list of all the targeted and niche related micro influencers. You need to find these people and then look for collaboration.

Step 3. Send Proposals

Send email or Direct DM proposals to these influencers with whom you can collaborate. If they reply to your message, proceed the deal further. And if they don’t, start looking for other micro level influencers.

Step 4. Decide Budgeting

Here, an influencer could ask you for any amount of money. But you have to specify a reasonable budget and collaborate with an influencer only in that budget. Use money or gifting to build relationship with an influencer of micro level!

Step 5. Make a Final Decision

Finally, make a decision and sign a deal. Remember, you can go for long term influencer marketing campaign with the targeted influencer. Or it could be a one off deal. Decide whichever suits best to your need and let that micro level influencer plan on creating helpful content for your social media store.

Wrapping Up:

You should know that micro level influencer collaborations are not only excellent for small business growth, they are also cost effective. These influencers are often looking for paid promotions and your small social media store can provide one. Lastly, I hope this article would be helpful in your micro level influencer journey. Your queries and suggestions are welcome!