Top SEO Tips to Revamp Your Old Blog Site

revamp your old blog site

While many content creators or websites aim at creating newer content to boost the website’s traffic, what if you gain double the traffic by using newer content as well as older ones. Yes, you can revamp your old blog site, and yes, use it later to gain more traffic. Revamping the old blog site can also build a reader loyalty base that is by keeping your entire content up to date. This arouses a sense of satisfaction that the contents are made to guide the people. So, below are the tips on how to revamp your old blog site.

Improve your search intent match

Before updating old blog posts for SEO, you have to think about whether updating the old content would actually mean anything or it is simply revamping things with more or fewer keywords. See, according to Google’s new algorithm, Google concentrates more on valid and useful content. That is why the revamping you are thinking about should have quality content that serves the searcher’s intent. However, you can add images, videos, and other tools on your blog’s page to make it useful. If you want to know more about search intent and its match, you can reach out to any SEO Melbourne agency.

Consolidate mid-performing content

The website’s mid performing pages, if combined, can also gain a considerable amount of traffic. Combining blogs will not only make your website look cleaner but will also help in easier and faster user interaction. You must look for a blog post that has dealt with similar topics, concepts and later pull in content from lower-performing content to strengthen the high-performing post more. This helps in three things; first, through this, you can lengthen the content of the old and mid-performing content, which isn’t hollow and rich in content, and search engines prefer that more. Second, it eradicates identical content from your blog that is possibly opposing itself for a precise keyword. Moreover, you can save your time by not creating similar content whilst thinking about something newer and unique.

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Update meta tags for content with low CTRs

Before updating any content, be sure to check Google Analytics as that will give a detailed statistic about the pages that have low CTR. You can update the metadata or title to make them look more tempting and alluring so that users instantly click on them. You can also gather knowledge by following the metadata and title from your competitors and further adding some layers into it.  To drive more traffic to your website, you can involve key modifiers in the title tag that can be hugely helpful in driving more traffic. But be sure the modification doesn’t result in a lowering of the current rankings and CTR.

Scan for (and remove) broken external links

It is a good practice to check old blog posts that are at least a year older or links are broken. This combines to create a negative user experience and makes the content look outdated. So, you need to update your research, and that should be evident in your modified content.  Also, check out that the external links aren’t broken or not. Many SEO experts have claimed that broken links or images reduce visitor satisfaction; this results in red-flagging a site for its quality in the eyes of search engines. So, you can use tools to check your links and see if they are yet relevant and working.  You must update your list with relevant and valid links. Yes, replace links to articles that don’t match with yours anymore, as that lays a negative impact on your website. Google is fond of newer content, and having current links in your post will indicate to Google that the content is new.

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Hence, if you follow these above steps and make correct tweaking, it is much assured that you will receive more traffic in those than before. However, check regularly if the change is working or not.


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