Top 20 Torrent Websites Which You can Explore and Enjoy

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The Search for Torrent Sites

Are you looking for good torrent sites? Well, finding the perfect torrent site online can be a difficult task. That is why we have summed up the list of the top 20 best torrent sites which you can explore! So go ahead and download your favorite Movies, Tv Shows and much more!

1.The Pirate Bay

Named as the “Ruler of Torrents” the Pirate Bay is outstanding amongst other torrent websites for downloading torrents off the internet. The Pirate Bay gives simple access to sound, video, film, melodies, programming, games and significantly more. Users can without much of a stretch skim through a huge number of links identified with their search and locate the one that is most appropriate for them. The Pirate Bay is famous for sidestepping numerous shutdowns and blocks from the administration and is, in this manner, the best torrent site accessible on the internet.

Additionally, the VIP users or believed user identifications accessible on the website permit users to differentiate between authentic links and tricks. The website even offers help for magnet links, with a simple interface that isn’t just simple to utilize but on the other hand is anything but difficult to explore through.

2. YTS is another prevalently utilized torrenting site. The site is the unofficial successor to the now-outdated YTS and YIFY gathering. The website features a broad rundown of movies, including works of art and the latest discharges. Because of its moderate plan and well disposed user interface, the website is an ideal counterpart for users with constrained data transmission.

The site is the head out to put for film torrents. Indeed, even the film torrents downloaded from YTS are simple on the data transmission of the user, along these lines turning into a most loved of film aficionados. YTS has a huge user base, which enables the BitTorrent convention to work in a progressively compelling and effective way.

3. 1337x

The third most well known torrent website of 2018, as indicated by the TorrentFreak news blog, was 1337x. The website features a simple user interface with a sorted out way for every one of its registries. Crisp substance is uploaded to the website consistently, making the website one of the most utilized torrent download sites accessible. The site not just features a magnificent assortment of movies, network shows, sound, video, games, programming, and tunes, however it can likewise enable the user to discover what they’re searching for.

1337x experienced huge changes to help improve a portion of the security features for the simple entry of the users, which additionally improved the interface. Consequently, it is our third pick for discovering torrents on the internet while being a decent blend of a sorted out interface with an assortment of torrents.


Found in 2008, RARBG is another torrent download site, which began as a Bulgarian tracker, presently encouraging users with distributed file sharing by means of BitTorrent convention. The website gives torrent file downloads, with help for magnet links, too. It has a large number of dynamic users and gives a great deal of seeds. You can discover both, old and new, torrents making RARBG one of the most favored torrent websites for melodies, games, programming, movies, videos, and sound files.

RARBG continually updates and includes new torrents its website. The high traffic on the website has helped the website gain a situation on the square rundown of numerous countries, for example, Bulgaria, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Portugal. In this manner to utilize RARBG, you should utilize a VPN first.


Nyaa is a Chinese restoration of the anime beforehand infamous anime torrent site Nyaa. Nyaa shut down in 2017, opening a pathway for Nyaa. The site features a wide range of anime videos and sounds that can be handily gotten to through the user-accommodating interface of the website. The website features support for the two its Chinese and English talking users.

6. Torrentz2 is a free, quick and amazing meta-search engine that joins the results from many search engines. It features a simple and simple to utilize interface with a broad torrent library of in excess of 61 million torrents. Torrentz2 was propelled as a sub for the first Torrentz.EU website. The website currently keeps up a position of safety.

It despite everything incorporates a portion of the features of the first Torrentz website. Torrentz2 is truly outstanding and most solid trackers accessible on the internet.


In the event that you have invested some energy in the torrenting scene, you should have most likely previously known about EZTV. It is a torrent supplier that has been obvious on practically all the major torrenting sites. Presently, they have their own site.

EZTV is one of the rare torrent sites structured distinctly for the TV Shows. You will discover pretty much every TV show torrent accessible for download on this site. It bolsters both direct and magnet download.

Despite the fact that they have a decent assortment of shows, there aren’t a great deal of seeders, in any event, for the latest episodes. Additionally, they may not generally have the 1080p videos. The vast majority of their torrents are restricted to 720p.

8. LimeTorrents

In light of user audits this site has one of the biggest torrent databases on the internet. Users can undoubtedly decide whether a torrent merits downloading. LimeTorrents features a user-accommodating interface with torrents that originate from greater and better trackers. The website features a rundown of interior records that permit the user to take a gander at the date the torrent was included, its size, seeder, and the wellbeing meter for every torrent.

Users can gain admittance to a broad information page for every torrent to learn increasingly about the torrent file. Old torrents are for the most part inaccessible at this site, and along these lines the site can be utilized as a reinforcement option for downloading torrents. The administrator additionally runs the reserve for the torrent website iTorrents. This torrent store is utilized by different other torrent search engines.

9. Torrent Downloads

The enormous database and substance joined with the direct yet point by point interface, settle on Torrent Downloads a decent decision. The website features an assortment of classes to download from, in this manner settling on it a decent decision for downloading torrents. The website gives the option to remark and rate the torrent files. The remarks and appraisals help diminish the nearness of phony files on the website.

The search bar on Torrent Downloads even features an Advanced Search option. The Advanced Search feature permits users to limit the search results, based on class, supplier and status. You can discover insights regarding a particular torrent link including uploader name, upload date, wholesaler, size of the file, number of seeds, and the soundness of the link. This information permits you to decide the general validness of a torrent link.


KATCR is the official site for kickass torrent download. The website features an assortment of torrents accessible for downloading movies, TV, games, music, and substantially more. The latest torrents are updated into the database all the time. Numerous reflections of the website exist, nonetheless, this is the official site, which gives simple and simple access to all your torrenting needs.

The website KATCR features a simple interface with a solitary search bar and the classifications that you might want to choose from. It is a straight forward, simple to utilize site.  Where users can without much of a stretch discover the torrents that they are searching for. The website even features a marking in option on the first page.

11. Zooqle

Zooqle features a great database made out of more than 3.5 million torrents. The website features an assortment of sound, video, games, and programming torrents. The website has picked up ubiquity as of late, because of its database of between 37, 000 movies and 600+ TV programs.

The interface of the website is simple yet simple to utilize. The site has a steadfast fan base that utilizes the torrent website for a persistent download of torrents. The website has stayed under the radar for a serious long time. Be that as it may, with the development of the user base on the website, Zooqle is relied upon to become much further.


In spite of the accessibility of thousands of different torrent websites on the internet,, delighted in an enormous shoot in traffic, as users visited the site for downloading a large number of torrents. The website features a gigantic database of torrents that can be effectively downloading by means of the site’s simple user interface. is a meta-search engine that can link torrent files and magnet links from other torrent sites.

You can discover insights concerning a particular torrent link including uploader name, upload date, merchant, size of the file, number of seeds, and the soundness of the link. This information permits you to decide the general legitimacy of a torrent link.

13. Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy is another torrent downloading website that can assist you with searching for the torrent you are searching for. Including a quick and differed database, Torrent Galaxy has an assortment of classes you can download from. The website features anime, books, games, movies, tunes, applications, movies, narratives, network shows, sports shows, and significantly more. The user interface is a spotless user-accommodating design that enables the user to download the best accessible torrent.

14. ETTV Torrents

ETTV Torrents is one of only a handful few torrenting sites that has a gigantic database of TV episodes. Users can without much of a stretch locate the latest TV programs on ETTV Torrents and download them. ETTV Torrents is likewise the best torrent site for downloading movies, books, programming, and sound.

The site has a simple to utilize interface which is truly direct. Users can undoubtedly search for the torrent they need and the website effectively skims through their immense database. The website features an assortment of shows in different languages, in this way speaking to a far bigger crowd than other torrenting websites.

15. Torlock

One of the rare websites, however one of the top torrenting sites on the internet is Torlock. The website features a tremendous database of confirmed torrents. The website for the most part features torrents for music, anime, and digital books among numerous different files. The interface for the website is perfect, user-accommodating and is updated for each new torrent discharge. Other than being an enormous database of checked torrents, Torlock pays its users for finding any phony torrent link.

The website professes to have in excess of 5,000,000 checked torrents. The website even features a Top 100 rundown, indicating all the mainstream torrent downloads. The vast majority of the substance on Torlock is elusive on some other torrent website, and along these lines, makes Torlock the go-to stop for any sort of torrent.

16. Torrentfunk

Another well-known website for downloading torrents is Torrentfunk. The website not just features a sizeable database of torrents from the whole way across the internet, however it likewise features a confirmation status marker. The confirmation status permits users to filter through phony links and select the one that is most appropriate for their utilization. Other than the confirmation status, Torrentfunk even features one of the most exceptional user audits segments. The segment permits users to peruse and post a remark on their preferred links.

The website even features the date on which the torrent link was included, the name of the uploader, the quantity of seeds and the wellbeing of the seed. By and large, the website is a bundle for any individual who is searching for a solitary spot to discover all their preferred music, movies, programming or games.

17. ETTV Torrents

This is another torrent site committed to TV Shows. On the off chance that you are hoping to download movies, you should give one of different options a shot this rundown of best Torrent sites.

You will discover a ton of well known TV shows and episodes on this website. In any case, it might not have as of late discharged episodes. It generally takes half a month prior to the episodes are accessible after their discharge.

ETTV has additionally been a known name in the realm of torrenting. Their torrents are accessible on other torrent sites as well.

Tragically, they likewise don’t offer numerous 1080p downloads. Fortunately, magnet download is accessible, which makes things somewhat simpler.

18. BTDigg

Propelled in January 2011, BTDigg is the first BitTorrent DHT search engine. BTDigg doesn’t depend on any torrent files, yet rather depends on the utilization of BitTorrent’s DHT for searching new files. The website features a simple retro interface that provides users with the full-text search over dynamic torrents by means of the web interface. BTDigg gathers torrent metadata and investigations the DHT arrange. The main preferred position of utilizing BTDigg is that there are no torrents included and no substance is put away. BTDigg’s web search bolsters inquiries in different Asian and European languages. All you find a workable pace its homepage is a search box. The search results of BTDigg display nitty gritty information on the torrents.

19. iDope

iDope is a better than average option to gain admittance to the two Movies and Shows torrents. In spite of the fact that the site doesn’t have the same number of seeders as the top torrent sites on this rundown, it despite everything downloads acceptably quick. It lines up the download options from many confided in torrenters.

The magnet download ensures you could begin downloading the substance straightforwardly without downloading the torrent file first.

You may not discover numerous 1080p quality videos here. In any case, in the event that you are searching for little sized videos in 720p, there are a lot of options.

20. Monova

An incredible torrenting site, Monovo features a perfect and decent interface, while permitting users to get to a huge number of torrents on the internet. Be that as it may, the website features a great deal of commercials, that can cause issues. However, this website is a decent spot for downloading torrents. Users can even enlist on the website and upload their own torrent files. The website features a wide scope of classifications to browse, along these lines making the site a decent torrenting option.