How to Wear Your Suit with Elevator Shoes

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Men have been really loving the elevator shoe trend due to its height enhancing concept. GuidoMaggi shoes that make you taller for men cast a wide net in terms of styling options especially when it comes to suits. It is amazing to see men tapping into their adventurous side when it comes to fashion because it gives them more options and more ideas on how to work their clothing items. Suits and men go way back in time and the somewhat monotony of suits requires a dazzling pair of shoes in order to add some sparkle to the outfit. Here are some of the ways to add pomp to your suits depending on the occasion and weather conditions.

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Dress shoes

Dress shoes are quite common among men who wear suits. The GuidoMaggi catalogue of dress shoes caters for several designs including formal wear shoes, Oxfords, monks, derbies, and loafers. Dress shoes are astoundingly versatile since they can be worn in formal settings such as the office, informal settings like weddings, and classy events such as balls and dances. The key is to identify the style that works with the particular event and the type of suit you are wearing.

Elevator dress shoes for men are ideal for anyone, more so short men that need to accentuate their height. The raised shoes will add a few inches to your normal hence making you appear taller than usual. You may wear pants that go past your ankles just enough to fall at the top of the shoes without covering them completely or you may wear ankle pants that reveal the entirety of the shoe.


Cold seasons and cold nights require boots that will cushion your feet from the harsh conditions. This calls for elevator boots for men that will go up a few inches on the shin to provide the much needed comfort against the cold.

Yes, you can wear boots with suits. GuidoMaggi has a line of clean-cut boots for men that are perfect for suits. The boots go past the ankles a little hence you can go for a rugged look whereby you fold the hem of your pants to ensure they fall just at the top of the boots. As such, your pants should fit you perfectly such that there is no excess fabric at the end. Alternatively, you may wear pants that come fitted for boots such that you need not fold them at the ends.

A casual pair of boots that entails laces will pair well with your suit if you are going for a casual look on a Friday.


Sneakers and suits may sound like a mismatch on paper but they are a match made in heaven in reality. You have probably seen celebrities wearing sneakers with suits to the red carpet and you too can pull off this look.

The most appreciated suit and sneakers look features a well-fitting suit, a t-shirt or turtle neck and a pair of white sneakers. White sneakers are gold when paired with suits because the two contrast well enough to complement each other.

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You may stick to the usual full suit and tie when wearing elevator sneakers and add an overcoat to make the look extra sexy. The best part about wearing sneakers with suits is that it allows you to comfortably wear suit colors that are far from the normal black and grey hence you add an edge to your outfit all the way.

Lest we forget, all these options require well-fitted suits to make the look work perfectly. Elevator shoes will boost your height and your confidence as you step out into the world in style.