Predict winners of the UFC matches together with 1xBet th

the UFC matches

As part of UFC 247, which took place on February 9, a total of 12 fights were held, each of which you can bet on using the 1xBet th and try to predict the outcome and the winner. In this blog, you will know how to Predict winners of the UFC matches together with 1xBet th.

The central match of the event was a fight between John Jones and Dominic Reyes, in which two athletes fought for the Light Heavyweight title. According to the decision of the judges, the victory was given to Jones, who currently shows incredible statistics (26-1-0). Although the victory went to John, the opponent showed himself worthy throughout the match, demonstrating good counterattacks and managing to fend off the opponent’s attacks on time. 

  • Total hits: 170:263
  • Accent. hits 166:259
  • Takedowns 9:0
  • Attempts to surrender 0:0

Looking at Dominic’s performance, we can conclude that the fighter’s skills are at the proper level, and in subsequent matches he may well increase his number of career victories. So if you want to predict the results of upcoming UFC matches, it is best to use 1xbet th to place your bets.

Convenient betting with the 1xBet app

The next key match was the fight for the flyweight title between Valentina Shevchenko and Kathleen Chukagyan. Ever since the announcement of the match, it was clear to everyone that Valentina has a great chance of winning this fight, which was proved by the statistics, according to which Valentina delivered 70% of successful strikes (against less than 40% of the opponent). 

  • Total hits: 82:68
  • Accent. hits 65:56
  • Takedowns 3:0
  • Attempts to surrender 0:0
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If you are also confident in any of the athletes, you can easily place a bet on one of them in the 1xBet app.

In addition to the hits, statistics on takedowns is completely in favour of Valentina, who successfully implemented three of the three takedowns against her opponent.

The match itself ended already in the third round, when the 31-year-old athlete from Bishkek defeated her rival with the help of a technical knockout, while in a pre-match interview Valentina said that the rival’s style reminded her very much of the Holly Holm style, which she had fought against before, and was unshakably confident in her victory.

One of the surprises of the 247 tournaments was the defeat of veteran James Krause in a fight against Trevin Giles, the latter accounted for only 14 fights (12 wins, 2 losses). Throughout the match, both athletes competed “head to head,” maintaining the intrigue of the bookmakers in the 1xBet app to the very end. Although Krause was considered the favourite in this match, according to the jury’s decision, Giles won the fight, although the decision of the judges was far from unanimous.