A Diet That Will Help You Live to 120 Years


The Principles of Nutrition According to The Theory of Yin-Yang

In the Kashgar district of Xinjiang, in western China, it is easy to meet grandparents over 120 years old. This paradise is called the birthplace of centenarians. One of the secrets of their longevity, researchers consider a special diet called “Yin-Yang”.

Longevity Recipe: Yin-Yang Theory

Yin-Yang theory is the basis of Chinese culture and medicine. This is the concept of two principles – Yin (that is, female), and Yang (male). Together they make up the balance of the opposing forces.

To be healthy, strong, strong and live long, you need to not disturb this balance. That is, eat in such a way as to maintain this delicate balance.

In the body of each person there is an energy of both Yin and Yang. Some people have more than one, while others have more than one. Depending on the predominance of energy, people can be classified as a certain type of physical constitution.

People of the Yang type have a strong physique, a high level of energy, and an increased tone. They often sweat and have a reddish skin tone, especially in summer. They tolerate cold well, prefer cool drinks; hot weather can make them uncomfortable. It is useful for them to eat more fruits, vegetables and bitter greens – this will add Yin energy and help to find balance. But it destroys Yin – spicy, fried or spicy. This can cause health problems for these people.

Yin type people usually have a more delicate physique and pale skin. They are sensitive to cold and drafts and prefer hot food and warm drinks. Warming products from the Yang list are recommended for this type. But cold food and raw vegetables should be consumed in moderation.

In addition, supporters of the Yin-Yang diet distinguish between wet and dry body types.

The wet type is characterized by being overweight and prone to swelling and inflammation. These people often feel lethargic and heavy and have a hard time with thirst. They may have trouble losing weight due to their slow metabolism. Humidity and heat can make them uncomfortable. They are suitable products that contribute to the removal of fluid from the body – cruciferous vegetables, greens. But sugar, dairy products, a large amount of starch can provoke inflammatory processes in their body.

Dry type – people with a lean, relief body. They often experience dry skin, are more thirsty, and are more comfortable in humid climates. Dairy and soy products, oily fish are useful for them.

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Vitality: Where to Get Qi Energy

There are many theories about what kind of diet is most useful for a modern person. Let’s turn to the wise eastern culture, ancient Chinese philosophy. Nature exists in harmony, and all forces strive for balance.

The basis of Chinese traditional medicine lies in the concept of Qi energy – the life force that is present in the body from birth and is created from the food, water and air that we consume. The quality and quantity of this energy depends on a person’s lifestyle, including:

the quality of food and water;

physical activity;

the presence or absence of bad habits;

balance of emotions and psychological state.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition plays a key role in controlling Qi energy. One of the main functions of this energy is the processing of incoming food and liquid, which it divides into Yang and Yin energy. A person feels good when these energies are in balance. But if an imbalance occurs, ailments and diseases arise, and a person loses vigor and energy.

Products of Centenarians: How to Make a Diet

From the point of view of Eastern culture, each person is distinguished by a unique ratio of female and male energy in the body. When compiling a diet, you need to take into account which energy prevails – Yin or Yang, and eat more foods with the opposite energy, because it is it that allows you to achieve balance.

So, if Yin energy predominates in the body, there should be more products from the Yang list in the diet, and vice versa.

The Chinese include products that theoretically increase body temperature, energy levels and emotional tension to the Yang category. It includes alcohol, red meat, caffeine, red pepper (cayenne pepper), cinnamon, eggs, garlic, ginger, onion, peanut, salmon, sardines, shellfish, Wheat and fried foods.

In contrast to these products, food from the category of Yin, in theory, is able to lower body temperature and calm the nervous system. 

Apples, legumes, soya, cruciferous, celery, cucumbers,mushrooms, pears, seaweed, spinach, tofu, water, watermelon and cold dishes. 

At the same time, there are products that combine both principles – male and female. They are called neutral, they maintain the balance of energy in the body.

Rice, dates, raisins, peaches, carrot, duck, pork and rabbit meat. 

But that’s not all. Oriental medicine believes that the human body is a microcosm, that is, the world in miniature. Humans live in the macrocosm – the world around us. And since the microcosm and macrocosm constitute a single system – the Universe, then one’s way of life must be coordinated with the environment. And this is true for food as well. In winter and summer it should be different.

What to Eat At Different Times Of the Year

Doctors of Chinese medicine believe that optimal nutrition should correspond to the season. In summer, the diet should have more Yin foods that are cooling and soothing, and in winter, more warm and warming Yang foods. 

When we cook multi-component dishes, it can be difficult to determine what energy prevails in them. According to an ancient Eastern tradition, Yang energy dishes include flavor characteristics. Warm, salty, bitter, binders, irritating spices such as ginger, garlic, red pepper and salt. 

While Yin energy foods have different flavor notes. Sweet, wet and sour. 

In winter and autumn, in order to balance the cold of the external environment, you can increase the consumption of products with warming Yang energy. And in summer and spring – give preference to products and dishes with cooling Yin energy.

The Chinese strive for complete balance in their culture. According to their philosophy, human health depends on the balance of innate and incoming energies. Therefore, with the onset of summer, which corresponds in Chinese medicine to the organs of the heart and small intestine, one should eat cool and watery foods such as tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and fresh herbs. They are designed to extinguish the heat of the summer heat – that is, to balance the energy of fire.

Dairy products have similar properties – they bring the energy of moisture and cold into the body. That is why ice cream and milkshakes are great for cooling in the heat and at the same time cause hypothermia in the cold season

Interestingly, as the human body gets older, the yin and yang in the body weaken. Therefore, people of mature age in matters of nutrition should mostly focus on the time of year and the weather outside the window.

Who Is The Yin-Yang System For?

An unusual nutrition system is suitable for all healthy people who want to look at their diet from an unusual angle. But at the same time, it should be noted that evidence-based nutrition recommends adhering to other balances in the diet: energy and macronutrients.  Simply put, the calorie content of the diet should correspond to the activity of a person, and the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates from food should optimally satisfy the individual needs of the body.

As for filling the food basket, what is more important is not the typing of products, but their maximum variety and rotation.