Who is Veronica Perasso? Get all the important details about the Instagram Fitness model and actress.

Veronica Perasso

Are you looking for inspiration to get fit for a summer body? Well! There is no better ideal than Veronica Perasso, an Instagram fitness model and actress who took over 4.4 Million followers and inspired them endlessly.

That’s right! Fans are eager to learn many things about the beauty of Miami-based model Veronica, such as what she does for a living? How much does she earn? And more. Presuming that you today have landed on this page for the same, let’s begin to know all the things you need to know about Miss. Perasso. 


Full NameVeronica Perasso
Instagram Handle@veronicaperasso
Twitter Handle@veronicaperasso
TikTok Handle@veronicaperasso
OnlyFans handle@veronicaperasso
Born in7th August, 1998
BirthplaceScottsdale, Arizona, USA (originally from — Venezuela, South America).
Lives in Miami, Florida
EthnicityLatin (South American) 
Age24 (to be, in 2022)
Height5’5’’ (average)
Weight55 kilograms (121 lbs)
Body measurements34 – 27 – 39 inches
Special featuresPixie hair cut, curvy and fit body, abs.
Fanbase4.4 million on Instagram
Net Worth$5 Million
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Fashion & Modeling, Magazines cover model, brand promoter, OnlyFans poser. 


Marital statusNot Married
Relationship status Single
Ex-boyfriendNot known 
ParentsNot known

Who is Veronica Perasso?

Born in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, on the 7th of August 1998, Veronica Perasso is 23 years old, a very successful social media personality. According to the inside details, Veronica’s family (parents) are from Venezuela, which is a less populated country in South America. for more details visit here.

Her major professional interests lie in Fashion and Modeling shoots. Veronica’s sexy body is not the only reason for her successful attainment of 4.4Million followers on Instagram. Indeed, her fit body and daily fitness lifestyle are also a couple of major factors. 

Veronica is an LEO by the birth sign to the reader’s surprise, which reflects her fierceness in every aspect of her life. This sizzling model on Instagram is reaching great heights. However, Veronica Perasso’s video on her Instagram talking about being “drugged and raped” in Miami terrified and raged many of her fans. But, let’s talk about it later. 

Currently, soon-to-be-turned 24 years old Veronica, on August 7th, is healthy and has an immensely seductive Instagram feed you can check out. Click here to check

How old is Veronica Perasso @veronicaperasso?

As mentioned above, born in 1998, Veronica Perasso is currently 23 years old. In the next two months, she will turn 24 years old. According to the details, Veronica was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her parents. She is a well-educated woman with a big-time Instagram and Twitter audience. She is quite well-known in Miami, the USA, where she currently lives, away from her family. 

For the most part, Veronica also runs a YouTube channel which currently has only 5K subscribers approximately. On her channel, she often shares fitness tips, bikini & sportswear youtube shorts, and fitness tips/tutorials as well. Without a doubt, Veronica Perasso has a far-fetching career approach in the modeling industry. According to her bio desk on her Instagram profile, she is also an actress. 

What is Veronica Perasso’s educational background? 

To begin with, not much information about Veronica Perasso’s educational background is known. For the most part, in many fans’ view, Veronica seems quite private when spilling details about her family members, boyfriend, or childhood, for that matter. We can only assume that she has completed intermediate from Scottsdale local high school. 

Veronica Perasso had a hardcore interest in fashion, makeup, modeling, etc. As soon as she graduated college, she returned toward her passion in a professional way. It landed her where she is today. 

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How did Veronica Perasso begin her career in modeling? 

Modeling for multiple brands as a fashion model was just the first step toward Veronica’s big-time career in the fashion & fitness industry. Today, she is much known as one of the most widespread social media influencers at the global level. She has mainly shot for bikini clothing brands and exotic wear. She created an official Instagram profile in 2021, where she has shared multiple reels and photos showcasing her abs and fit body. However, what fans most like about Veronica is her style and her smile. 

Veronica Perasso obtained more than 2 million followers on social media in just a few months. Currently, she is entertaining 4.4 Million fans. Surprisingly enough, she is also working with several magazine brands as a monthly model. Apart from this, she also professionally collaborates with Fozzy girls, which is a marketing and modeling co. 

You will also be astonished to prevail that Veronica Perasso, unlike many sexy & sizzling models on Instagram, has a humorous side. She is always smiling and laughing with her fans virtually. 

Before becoming a sizzling model on Instagram, Veronica had a huge fanbase on TikTok. 

How tall is Veronica Perasso?

Veronica Perasso’s height is 5’5″, the average female height. She is quite fit. Her body weight is only 55 kilograms. She has a hardcore curvy body. Her proper body measurements are 34 – 27 – 39 inches. She has a robust booty, pixie haircut, black hair, dark brown eyes, and a sexy body. 

In May 2021, Veronica also appeared in a rap music video by Joyner Lucas and Lil baby (WHAM), who have 19 Million followers on Instagram. She was one of the many models in the music video. 

Does Veronica Perasso have an OnlyFans account? 

When it comes to a sizzling model on Instagram, fans are eager to find out if they have an OnlyFans account where they share private & premium stuff? Well! Fortunately, the answer to this question is yes. Veronica Perasso does own an OnlyFans account. She is quite active on this platform. On the OnlyFans account of Veronica Perasso, she has uploaded more than 350 videos and 600 pictures in the feed. 

On the account, she has over 823, 000 likes by subscribers. According to the description of the account, she shares solo/fetish videos for her fans. Not only this, but she is also available for paid chats. For starters, you can get premium access to her only fans’ feed for just 3.50 USD for 31 days. There is a 65% discount validated currently on her account for a limited time. 

Is Veronica Perassso a pornstar? 

The response to this question is not available. Veronica Perasso shares G/G adult films on her OnlyFans account as well as numerous top onlyfans creators. She also indulges in sharing nude content with her exclusive subscribers. There are multiple videos of Veronica Perasso available on pornographic sources on the web. However, since her account’s private content is not disclosed to anyone out of subscribers due to copyright issues, we cannot know for sure.

What is Veronica Perasso Net Worth? 

Is Veronica Perasso rich? The answer is yes. According to the latest estimation of Instagram celebrity net worth, Veronica Perasso’s Net Worth stands at $5 Million. Most of her net worth comes from modeling projects. She coordinates with magazine brands, clothing brands, and other exotic wear brands for modeling photo shoots. Apart from this, her second portion of income comes from her OnlyFans account, which we assume has more than 100K subscribers in total. We are not sure! She charges each subscriber 9.99$ per month. That makes her onlyFans annual income around $1M. 

Apart from this, she also engages as a model in music videos such as Ramen & OJ songs. She is also often active on TikTok. Last but not least, she also exchanges chat and media content with exclusive subscribers on OnlyFans. 

Hence, you can say that her net worth is $5 Million, based on her 3 years of hustle in the fashion & modeling industry. She is an exclusive American model. According to Veronica Perasso, she is now ready to land in Hollywood and looking forward to her career as an actress. 

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Is Veronica Perasso single? 

Veronica Perasso has always maintained boundaries when it comes to her professional, personal, and virtual life. She has rarely shared any pictures with friends, family, or potential boyfriend/husband on Instagram. Well! One thing is for sure; Veronica is not married. Neither on OnlyFans nor on TikTok she has shown any form of intimacy with anyone except herself. Who can blame her? She is that beautiful!

Henceforth, we can only assume that Veronica Perasso is single, living a luxurious life in Miami, Florida. Even in public, fans have not spotted her with any male companion who can suggest an intimate relationship. It seems like, Miss. Perasso is quite focused on her career right now. 

Is Veronica Perasso a female? 

Yes! Many people or fans have been questioning Veronica’s sexuality and her gender. Well! We have the answer for you. Veronica Perasso is a female. On her OnlyFans account, she often shares G on G adult films which has confused fans, and they are eager to ask — What is Veronica’s sexuality? We can say that Veronica is bisexual. Her OnlyFans account suggests so. She has been seen enjoying sex both with men and women in videos. However, once again, it could all be only a part of content creation. Thus, we can never know for sure. 


Veronica Perasso’s leaked video

Recently in March 2022, Veronica Perasso’s adult film, initially shared on the OnlyFans account, leaked on the web. It is now available on several illegal pornographic platforms online. In the video, Veronica seems to be enjoying her pleasure-filled time with sex toys. Once again, this questions her sexuality, but fans are happy with what they are seeing. 

Veronica Perasso was drugged and raped … Police said, “You should have fought back.” 

In 2020, Veronica Perasso uploaded a video speaking to her fans about the horrible experience she encountered in Miami, Florida, back in 2018. After two years, Veronica finally came out and told how Miami’s Police department did not help her when she complained about being “Drugged and raped” during a party. 

According to the inside details, she disclosed that her female roommate fixed her for such a terrifying thing. Not only this, but Miss. Perasso also called out the Police of Miami for being racist as she is Latina and originally comes from Venezuela, a South American country. It is 5.5K miles away from Miami, Florida, where Veronica currently resides. 

On 2nd July 2018, Veronica’s roommate and female companion set her up for a “drug and rape” incident. She revealed that she was unconscious at the time. However, when she woke up the next morning in her bed, she recognized slight details of the sexual assault prior night. She disclosed that someone was raping her without protection. As she recognized what had happened, she went to the hospital and got a rape kit. 

Then, she took a straight ride to the nearest police department. However, the cops called her out for not fighting back. In Veronica’s defense, she was unconscious at the time. Police suggested she could report if her roommate or female companion confessed. 

Now, the case is ongoing. 

2018 Incident changed Veronica. She is still waiting for justice!

Sexual assault that happened to Miss. Perasso, in 2018, in her words, changed her completely. According to Veronica, in 2018, she was only 20 years old and did not know any better. After such horrifying incidents and encounters with the Miami Police department, she was highly disappointed. She began to indulge and contribute to her body with boobs enhancement surgery, tattoos, extensions, and several haircuts. 

In 2022, Veronica says that she has completely changed four years after the incident. From her outlook to her personality, she is no longer the same person. 


In Conclusion, Veronica Perasso is one of the top forthcoming models and actresses in Hollywood. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this amazing and strong woman. Veronica’s lawsuit against her female companion in 2018 during a sexual assault is ongoing. For privacy purposes, the name of the female companion is unknown. 

Suppose you want to know more about Miss. Perasso and what she is up to nowadays or in the future, bookmark this reading. Get regular updates on Veronica Perasso’s photos and videos. Thank you for having this journey with us. We wish you Good luck. 

Disclaimer: All information available in this reading is acquired from Veronica’s Instagram page, the Youtube channel, and other credible sources. You can drop it in the comments if you have anything to add. 


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