Wall painting and decorating trends to try out in 2021

decorating trends to try

How to change the look of your interiors in one day? There is no easier way than using paint. This way, you save the space you’d use for adding new furniture while giving your room a fresh look. Check the leading wall painting and decorating trends for 2021.

You look around, and you feel tired and uninspired? The space around us has a strong influence on our mood. That’s why it’s essential to adjust it to your current needs. But you shouldn’t ignore your esthetical preferences that change with time. The room you find ugly won’t feel comfy – so once you start having ambivalent thoughts, it’s worth acting right away.

Home painting and decorating is the best way to carry out an instant metamorphosis of the space. The effect may be surprising. Sometimes we don’t even realize to what extent the wall color and decoration define the space. If you’re looking for some ideas for interior painting, we have prepared something for you! Check the latest trends in painting and decorating for 2021 to discuss with your painter and decorator or try out on your own.

#1 Modern paneling

Some associate the paneling with old-school interiors that would lack natural light and a sense of spaciousness. However, paneling can actually look modern and make the room look absolutely stunning. Whether it’s a living room or a bedroom, it’s worth trying out this idea.

If you want to introduce some warm natural tones to the space dominated with white, covering one wall with paneling is a perfect choice. You can choose a variant with spaces between the beams to let some light in. On the other hand, if you want to make your room look more classy, a perfect choice will be to apply English paneling. This one looks beautiful when painted in green and grayish shades.

#2 Vivid colors put together

For a long time, white wall was a must in any modern space. But a hegemony of neutral walls is coming to an end. We’re less and less afraid to use vivid colors while painting and decorating. In other words, no more pastels – it’s time for bold shades! Walls that look like taken straight out of Pedro Almodovar’s movie are the hottest trend now. 

Classic yellow is on the top – it was even named a Pantone’s color of 2021. Blues are also becoming trendy again, but remember to combine them with warm shades as well as wood to avoid an overwhelming effect. You can search for surprising but harmonious combinations by using the color wheel. Also, when choosing vivid colors for your walls, remember to be careful with reds. They have an energizing effect, but can also stimulate anxiety. Read more about the psychology of colors to ensure the arrangement of your space will have a good influence on your mood.

#3 Granny-chick wallpaper

Modern and minimalistic interiors are no longer strong trends. The designers fell in love with eclectics and playing with different textures and patterns. An old-school floral wallpaper is a perfect finishing for a room filled with vintage furniture and eclectic decorations. To ensure the wallpaper is applied in the right way, it’s worth hiring a verified painting and decorating company London.