What’s Up With Warcraft Now? Where To Start, What To Pay Attention To And How Much Time To Spend for a Novice Player

Up With Warcraft

It is unlikely that in the modern world you can meet a person who would not have heard anything about World of Warcraft. We are sure that if you are reading this, you probably know or want to know a lot more about World of Warcraft than the average person. Today we will talk about where to start, how much time to count and what to do for a novice player, we will learn everything about the modern game and the latest news. Let’s go!

How much time do you need to spend on the game?

There is a popular opinion that in order to achieve heights in the game, you need to spend most of your life at the computer. However, this is a myth. Well, or not a myth… actually it all depends on what you want to get from the game.

If you want to quickly get into high-level content from scratch, then pumping in Shadowlands from the 1st to the 60th level takes about 15-18 hours, but from the 48th level you will get into an adventure in the Dark Lands (the afterlife and concurrently a new zone where we will spend all our time). After getting level 60, you don’t have to play the game for 10 hours a day to enjoy the progress – in fact, 10 hours a week (or even less) is enough.

In Classic, pumping takes much more, but there is a significant difference – the whole game in Classic is one big adventure from the 1st to the 60th level and beyond. However, at the same time, the game will provide significantly fewer activities to choose from. If you expect that you, entering for an hour a day, will quickly reach the raid, then you are definitely not in Classic.

Is the game not losing its popularity?

Players note that they did not notice that the number of players in World of Warcraft was decreasing. This is largely due to the fact that the add-ons are sold very successfully. Rest assured, there are really a lot of players and their number is only growing every day, so you will definitely find like-minded people, whether it’s a guild or random guys from the search group.

What is happening in World of Warcraft now? In Shadowlands, the story told in Battle for Azeroth continues. Silvana, having made a deal with the Jailer, defeated the Lich King, broke the Crown of Domination and opened a portal between the world of the living and the world of the dead. That’s where we go to solve the problems of the inhabitants of the Dark Lands and save the world from another fatal threat.

How to earn and upgrade yourself?

In order to earn money, you can go harder and simpler ways. Let’s start with the simple ones. To get currency and pumping, you can use special Boosting and Coaching services, for example https://skycoach.gg/. To do this, you just need to invest and further develop your character, you will spend a minimum of time and get the maximum exhaust! If you want to earn in a different way, you can earn on daily tasks, work in extractive professions and producing professions, and even use the auction. There are a lot of options, everything is at your service!

What to do in the game?

Anyway, the main thing in the game is content, and there is really a lot of it in World of Warcraft. Starting with Shadowlands, even if you log into the game right now, 3 months after the release of the add-on, upon reaching level 60, three roads will open up before you how to improve the level of items (and there are still achievements, pet battles, ENT, old raids, etc.).

The first is the dungeons. There are 8 different options to go to. Here you will get useful items that will be much better than yours only after pumping. The stronger your character, the more difficult the task you will be able to put in front of him.

Epochal and Epochal+ dungeons are one of the most difficult. The keys to the already complex dungeon mechanics add 4 additional mechanics, 3 of which will change every week and 1 time in a major patch.

What else to do? Your covenant! This is a unique supplement system, your second home in the Dark Lands, your associates, mediums, etc. In the covenant, you can purchase and upgrade items for anima to a quite decent level to start plowing through the expanses of complex content, and in parallel with this you will find yourself in a difficult story in which you need to help your covenant with pressing problems and prepare for war with the Jailer – the main villain of the supplement. Each of the covenants has its own story with many important characters for the plot of the game.

Here is a small summary of the basic principles of the game based on players’ opinion. We believe it was useful and interesting for both beginners and continuing players!