YIFY- Best Torrent Alternatives Which You Can Explore


YIFY Alternative Torrent Websites in 2020

Do you love watching movies? These days, viewing a film is a simple activity since you can download it on the web. YIFY is, as of now, the most popular torrent film download site on the planet. It gives plenty of film assortments, and it generally gets new updates each day. You can download recently discharged movies on this website.

Be that as it may, YIFY isn’t the main torrent film download that you may visit. You can likewise discover other YIFY alternative sites to download movies in HD. What are the best YIFY alternative sites? You may consider these following top YIFY alternative sites to download new popular film as you wish for free.

Below is the rundown of best YIFY alternative websites you may consider to visit in 2020:

The Pirate Bay

Maybe the most celebrated of all. The Pirate Bay has been the subject of news and quarrels in court. The way that this site despite everything, works, is a phenomenal thing. In recent years, The Pirate Bay has gotten away from different claims and takedown (closure) endeavors to keep up its situation as the best accessible torrent site. Users can utilize The Pirate Bay, to discover different media files, including movies, TV shows, software, etc.

It is prescribed to download the Torrent by tapping the magnet connection or opening the link to see the seeders/leechers, the remarks segment itself, and a lot other valuable data. The Pirate Bay likewise allows for live streaming through a help called Bitlord, which requires the establishment of extra software.


On the off chance that you need to download TV shows, then EZTV is a torrent website that must be visited. This site makes it simple for you to locate the most recent shows by sharing them on the day they are transferred. There is likewise an area that tells you what plays ought to be on sure days. This site has some incredible channels that allow you to see impressions in 480p or 720p or enter/issue everyday impressions.

On the off chance that you need to re-watch a show or see a show that you missed, you can utilize the search bar and discover all the episodes on this site. We don’t care about EZTV because on the off chance that you need to download the whole season, you, despite everything, need to tap on every scene. Rather than The Pirate Bay, which allows you to download the entire survey season in one file.


TorrentDownloads is another popular torrent site, fundamentally because this torrent site keeps everything perfect. In the event that every single other tracker comes up short, then this one is doubtlessly your most obvious opportunity with regards to finding the old and infrequently utilized software that you are searching for, movies, and even ebooks that are less notable however that you are keen on rereading it.

For your data, since TorrentDownloads isn’t a site that keeps itself honest, this site may be hindered in your nation. Be that as it may, you can utilize VPN to get to this site if it’s blocked. You can download different files through this site, including the most recent movies that you can download for free.


Propelled in 2008, RARBG allows users to get to movies, music, and software using torrent files and magnet links. RARBG has some expertise in high-quality recordings and allows you to handily search their list or peruse the main ten torrents in every class. This site will empower you to see famous film trailers when you choose what intrigues you. This site once allowed users to enroll to get a record. Be that as it may, this training appears to have been halted.

More Details

The downloads at RARBG run quickly and run efficiently, and the remarks segment, even though underutilized, is highly esteemed. Notwithstanding, this site appears to be hindered by heaps of spring up windows that require route before you can open the page you need. Moreover, magnet links are accessible after merely clicking. Despite every one of these issues, RARBG is a quality torrent site that can rapidly rank among the users’ top picks.

Kickass Torrents

Devotees of the old Kickass Torrents (KAT), will be glad to realize that this site is resuscitating. After the US government seized the space in 2016, previous workers have structured another website. We found a few phony Kickass sites, which were not refreshed and are loaded with spam links. Until further notification, the best URL for KAT is kat.sx

With an appearance like the old website, KAT by and by offers torrents and magnets to users who need it. We like that we can rapidly observe the top torrents in every class, from music to movies and games. This is extraordinary in the event that you are searching for something you don’t think about.


LimeTorrent.cc is an OK Yify alternative if your preferred torrent site isn’t active. Yet this site has a few disadvantages. This tracker’s main advantage is that the user experience is incredible with the accessibility of a normal and straightforward display. Widespread new discharges additionally have heaps of seeders and high speed. Be that as it may, more established torrents are frequently overlooked.


1337x can help you find a torrent that you might want regardless of whether you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re searching for. All as a result of its simple, composed interface. As of late, its website has gotten a huge change to improve its appearance and disposed of some genuine security risks.

This torrent site is currently one of the most popular torrent trackers on the planet until at last, Google concealed it from search results. This is the ideal decision site for torrent movies, TV shows, games, and music. It likewise has an extremely helpful perusing feature – Oscar selections, new episodes, libraries, and an improved interface that improves the tracker much.


Another Yify alternative Site goest to Torlock. TorLock joins an exceptionally enormous torrent list with awesome user experience, particularly on the off chance that you are searching for high-quality anime episodes or reading material.

Some substance on TorLock is elusive in other trackers. Yet you will in all probability, likewise locate the most popular Torrent here because there are more than 4.8 million decisions.


Torrentz2 is another manifestation of the popular Torrentz website. This website keeps up a moderate interface from the first site and is exclusively centered around music – it’s normal to see ten years old torrent site with 20+ seeders.

Although there have been a few changes to the manner in which attractive links work, Torrentz2 remains the best decision for audiophiles and is one of the more solid trackers than others.


It has a treasury of in excess of 37,000 movies and 600 TV shows, noteworthy for a site that is still genuinely new on the torrent scene. In general, the interface is durable yet requires a couple of minor upgrades to a great extent. Be that as it may, this torrent site is anything but difficult to utilize and has bookmarks to help you find whatever you are searching for.

Numerous reliable users love the bearing of improvement that Zooqle has taken. So there is no uncertainty that this Torrent will turn out to be significantly more significant and better later on.


YTS solely centers around films. It looks incredible, and an enormous assortment of titles makes it a perfect torrent site for film fans. Torrent is also light on your data transfer capacity, which is one of its fundamental advantages. Generally speaking, YTS is a most loved torrent site for movies, but since it doesn’t offer some other classes, you should pick another site from the rundown for torrent games, music, or TV shows.


Torrent Project is a torrent search engine. TorrentProject does likewise work as the torrent site Torrentz.eu, which files other sites, for example, The Pirate Bay and the record torrents on this site.

The Torrent Project has gotten a great deal of consideration in the previous ten months, which made it arrive at the Alexa 797 ranking expanded from 4500 in April a year ago.


It is irrefutable that IsoHunt invites pirated content with incredible warmth. Around 2012, IsoHunt circulated 14 petabytes of pirated content. This prompted the closure of IsoHunt in 2013.

It doesn’t take a month to get back on the web. The IsoHunt.to space is presently viewed as a trade for the first IsoHunt.


Next, you can visit Seedpeer, a colossal torrent file database, then The Pirate Bay. Seedpeer is the privilege Yify Alternative that you should attempt to see on the off chance that you need to download such a significant number of movies. It is additionally structured with a more user-friendly UI with a wellbeing pointer interface so you can get steady downloads. Rather than film, you can likewise download ebook, collection, game files, and substantially more.


The following Yify alternative Site is ExtraTorrent that has a place with the most generous BitTorrent entrance that allows you to get to coordinate file indexes in a wide assortment of classes. You may download the most recent moves, melodies, software, and photographs virtually on this website. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to get to ExtraTorrent, you should utilize a VPN or Proxy. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. We have recorded Top 10 best VPN benefits in 2020 for Mobile, Mac, and Windows PC.


iDope is a site made to honor the unbelievable Kickass Torrent. Although you may discover copies of Kickass Torrents, the greater part of them are slow, not refreshed, and loaded with Popups. iDope presents search brings about a slick path with insignificant promoting. This is most likely the primary Torrent site with its Android Application that allows you to search straightforwardly from the Application.


While the Torrent site is as the day progressed, Torrentfunk has improved its foundation to build user certainty and spare time. This is one of the most active Torrent websites with Verification and remarks on every Torrent.

Btscene Torrents

This is the Best Torrent website that is correctly structured with great arranging and searches design alternatives. Alongside this, BtScene Torrents has a truly cool alternative to check Popular uploads from any file type and check what the most recent uploads are. These choices keep the Torrent alive and new.


Another Torrent search engine however, with an enormous and confirmed torrent database. SkyTorrents is a perfect torrent search engine that centers around protection. This undertaking is still under significant advancement, which is still in the beta stage. The best part about SkyTorrents is, they don’t follow users in any structure, and thus, they don’t utilize treats or offer any information to anybody. 


It is another best Yify alternative Site with magnificent outcomes and a slick interface. P2PDL has not very many popups and irritating notices on its website. It has one of the most significant confirmed Torrent databases with the vast majority of the first files to offer.

In this way, these are the absolute best torrent sites that may help BitTorrent users in 2019.


YourBitTorrent holds the most significant number of torrents on the planet. Discovering counterfeit torrent files is troublesome on this site, although this site is the same. This site is increasingly active and offers an exceptionally decent interface. They don’t have an arranging alternative, which some of you probably won’t care for.


Pirateiro is another lesser-known Best Torrent website with a slick interface and fewer Ads. Although this Torrent has fewer files, it offers fair outcomes. Simple to utilize and has numerous alternatives for various checkout segments and take care of issues.

Worldwide Torrents

Worldwide Torrents turns into the best Torrent search engine until further notice. It has fewer Ads, more choices to play, and a genuinely active user base. It likewise has barely any phony torrents as a result of the dynamic network that confirms everything uploaded.