Best GoGoAnime Alternatives That Will Surprise You!

Best GoGoAnime Website Alternatives
Best GoGoAnime Website Alternatives

In this day and age, people no longer wait in front of their TVs to watch their favorite animes. Instead, they can watch them all on the Internet within a few clicks if they know the names of the animes. 

One of the websites that people often turn to is GoGoAnime. However, there are some problems in accessing this anime watching platform. Therefore, fans need to take into consideration whether or not to continue surfing this website and downloading their favorite animes from here. Also, a list of GogoAnime website alternatives is recommended.

Is GoGoAnime Legal?

Gogoanime is a popular choice for those who love anime. One thing people are not aware of is it has no licenses at all. The contents on the website offer you are illegal. The anime industry consequently heavily suffers from the act of content piracy from such sites. 

Gogoanime does not charge you any subscription fees. It means that they are not paying a single penny to the production house that produced the best content for you to enjoy and relax after a hard-working day.

Is It Safe to Download from GoGoAnime?

For those anime-lovers, they would like nothing more than to download anime to their computers so they can conveniently watch whenever they want. But, Gogoanime sometimes can be a risk to your devices.

It contains lots of ads and these un-moderated ads can entail malware, which is very dangerous, once the users take any actions of downloading. 

Who can save you one day while you are watching your favorite anime and your computer simply shuts down and loses every single important file?

Best GoGoAnime Website Alternatives

Since that website has those problems as mentioned above, anime-watchers might think of other best alternative websites to Gogoanime. If you are one of those, scroll down and have a glance at the list of best Gogoanime website alternatives:

Chia Anime

A huge platform to watch anime online, Chia Anime provides all the anime for free. It is excellently managed, so you can easily find all your anime there. Whether new or old, the website gives you access to every anime that you want to see.

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The Chia-anime is equipped with the search box where you can seek for your favorite anime. Even you would be served with many other similar options apart from your favorite one. provides a huge genre of the anime. The website also has the English dubbed anime, which makes it different from Gogoanime.

It also offers good quality of anime with different options on picture quality for you to choose.


One outstanding feature of this website is its large bandwidth. The benefit of this feature is that the viewers do not have to suffer from slow speed issues. Log on to the Animestreams and enjoy your favorite TV shows.


It has alphabetical categorization for better user experience. This one creates a whole new level of simplicity to the website. You can search for the name in seconds.


The speed of the dubbed anime on the website is quite good. You can watch videos with no issue of lagging. The site also has a variety of categories from which you can select your favorite show.

Another thing with the FUNimation is that you have to pay for the subscription. So, you no longer have to worry about copyright things.


It has acceptable quality content with more than 25,000 anime episodes, which is diverse enough for you to enjoy.


Do you want a brilliant quality of picture and high streaming speed? Here comes ZonaWibu, a perfect option for what you have asked.


It brings you anime of all genres with no limitation. A user account is highly recommended for a better experience. You can receive notifications from the latest episodes and get access to the Discord channel. This is just like a forum for you and other users to share your thoughts and recommendations.

Nyaa Torrents

A variety of anime and Japanese TV shows. Many anime shows are in Japanese but there is a category for subbed anime.

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Anime Planet

While most of the anime sites are free but illegal, this website stands out as it boasts more than 40,000 legal anime videos whether it is old or new. Since the website has been in operation for a decade, there is a vast community of million users.


The website has fantastic quality and simple-to-use design. All the videos are available in HD. 

Another merit of this site is its displaying no ads. Users can also view the latest and current episodes of anime series. It also notifies you when the next chapter will be broadcast and downloaded. 

Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy has remarkable characteristics. The most vital feature is the online chat function. It allows users to chat with other users easily. The site is ad-free but it depends on donations from its users.

One more feature that most watchers love is its ability to display content on the main screen in a grid or list.


Kuroani is a wise choice for those who want to watch anime on their mobiles. You can see an outstanding navigation bar featured with almost all options. You are easy to search, filter and choose the content you like the most. It also provides a chat function where you can share your opinions.

The most remarkable aspect is each anime has a brief but elaborate description so you can easily make a suitable choice.


 Kawaiifu is a popular streaming website with full HD quality, with some whose quality is up to 1080p. Hundreds of videos on the site are dubbed into English and thousands undubbed. There are multiple servers to fix the lagging problem while playing the videos. 

Also, you can change the speed of the playback. One more thing, you can also watch anime music on this website.


Animes are undisputedly widely loved by both kids and adults. Because everyone wants to watch anime with the best quality and content, people turn to Gogoanime. Unfortunately, many countries have blocked this site due to privacy issues. 

Don’t worry! The good news for all anime enthusiasts is that there are several Gogoanime website alternatives to the site. With these options above, you don’t have to worry anymore. Try out other options and find what you suits your needs best.


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