Best KissAnime Alternatives You Will Fall In Love With!

Best KissAnime Alternatives You Will Fall In Love With
Best KissAnime Alternatives You Will Fall In Love With

An anime enthusiast would love nothing more than a website with high quality content and impressive streaming speed. KissAnime, to many in the anime fandom, is a number one nominee satisfying those criteria. 

On using KissAnime, users still need to thoroughly consider some negative aspects of the site. In this writing, those “dark sides” of this famous platform will come to light. Also, a backup list full of qualified KissAnime alternative websites is recommended for anime watchers.

Is KissAnime safe in 2019?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. This website is riddled with viruses and malware. They mainly come from the popup ads all over the screen. They will immediately infect your devices once you click on the popup ads, accidentally or not. Websites like KissAnime have their source of revenues from the ads. Therefore, it is hard to control the contents of those disturbing advertisements and the risks involved. 

So, anime lovers should turn to other options as you may dread the thought of having your personal information thieved or worse, losing every single file on your devices.

Is KissAnime shut down?

The official site KissAnime has already been taken down. However, when you do Google search, there are still some other KissAnime available on the Internet. These are called mirror websites, also known as replicas of the official ones. If you surf these sites, you may stand a high chance of getting malware on your gadgets.

What is more, many countries around the world have decided to ban this site for reason of copyright violation. This is understandable as the platform do not require subscription. It means no money would be paid to the producers of your favorite anime.

Where can you watch anime besides KissAnime?

If you feel let down because of those facts about KissAnime, chin up! Do not let your source of entertainment – anime watching – be interrupted. Here is a list of KissAnime replacement websites for you.

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9Anime (

9Anime is the best alternative as it not only allows you to watch any videos you want online for free, you can also download it. So, you can conveniently watch your favorite anime at anytime you like. 

The interface of the site is quite user-friendly. All the videos are categorized into various genres, keeping you updated with the latest release. 

Beside, the speed and the video quality are really impressive.

Anime Season (

The website design is simple for you to have a look through. All the videos and the shows are well categorized as Ongoing series, Full Series, Most recent series, etc for your utmost convenience.

Also, the admins try their best to have as least ads as possible.

AnimeLab (

AnimeLab is a legal site and it allows you to watch all videos for free. Surfing this website, you no longer have to worry about ethics and copyright things.

Another feature is it supports most of the gadgets run on iOS, Android, PlayStation, XBox.

Moreover, it is a grand hub for anime lovers to stop by with all the videos available.

Chia-Anime (

A huge platform to watch anime online, Chia Anime provides all the anime for free. It is excellently managed, so you can easily find all your anime. Whether new or old, the website gives you access to every anime that you want to see.

One more thing, Chia-Anime allows users to stream and download videos for later use. You might worry about your Japanese but Chia-Anime solves the problem excellently for you. All the videos are subbed and dubbed to serve your best experience. (

The site is equipped with every feature needed to have the best streaming quality.

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Accessing the videos here is all free. The only requirement is you get your flash player on your devices up-to-dated.

Easy-to-use interface with clear categorisation and a schedule of the upcoming releasements.

Animestreams (

The website boasts a wide array of videos, anime series, and movies for you to choose. About the quality, all videos are available in HD so you can enjoy every moment of watching.

What is so special about this website is you can request for your favorite anime if you do not see it in any categories.


Crunchyroll (

Crunchyroll has its reputation for not only anime but all other shows and movies. All the contents are available not only in Japanese and English but also in various languages.

It offers both free and charged content. No need to worry as it is a legal website. If you are an anime freak, do not hesitate to sign up for premium.


It is a heaven for anime enthusiasts to watch all the videos in high definition. The watching choices have no limit to only anime but they extend to other TV shows and cartoons. You can choose your favorite one and get notifications for the latest updates.

Anilinkz (

This site offers a big collection of anime videos for anime freaks. It provides both subbed and dubbed videos and you can opt for what suits you best.

Its interface is user-friendly with neat and clear categorisation. You can easily look for the movies you like.


This is a fansub anime site where people of anime community contribute and share anime. There is an option in the comments for other users to request for their favorite anime that are missing on the site. The community focuses on the environment and appropriate contents. 


All in all, KissAnime is shut down but that should not be the reason for you to stop watching your favorite anime episodes. Do not procrastinate on finding other KissAnime alternative websites.

With the list as mentioned above, you will absolutely enjoy to every bit of the moment. Settle down on your comfortable chair and surf to discover your new anime hub!



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